Fadar Bootcamp - Dallas, June 2012
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  1. Fadar Bootcamp - Dallas, June 2012

    Attending a boot camp with Fadar was a life changing experience for me. If you are thinking about attending a boot camp you should make every effort to attend a boot camp led by him. He taught me so much about pickup, and most importantly, about life. Fadar is very motivated to help his students, and he is very knowledgeable in all areas of pickup and then some.

    Fadar is, without a doubt, one of the best teachers I ever had. First, he truly cares about the success of his students. He had an answer for every question our group had and gave examples. He is a master at reading people. He could tell when I was getting confused during the lecture, so he would stop and ask me what I needed help on.

    He is amazing when interacting with people especially with women. Our first night out he interacted with a woman in front of our group, and during the interaction and with her listening he would stop and tell us what he was doing. “This is how you transition… now I’m in attraction… now I’m qualifying her” it was amazing, and the woman was enjoying the interaction.

    My first night out was a little rough. I interacted with seven different groups that night and things didn’t go all that well for me. I was focusing on the negative things that occurred during the interactions, so I was having negative emotions. Fadar saw this, and he got me to focus on what went well during the interactions. He had seen this pattern before, and he pushed the right buttons. The interactions I had the second night went so much better, as they were more fun and playful.

    Fadar only works with small groups, so he was able to spend individual time with each one of us throughout the weekend. He helped us all with our individual sticking points, and this made the boot camp worth every penny. Fadar gave me the tools to live an amazing life, and for that I cannot thank him enough. Thanks buddy; you’re awesome! Play2win!!!

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    Boot Camp 2012 Fader Dallas, Texas

    This boot camp showed me how to approach girls, how to interact with girls, and there is just not one girl in this world for me. Fader understood that I can't be still for to long thanks to ADHD and worked with me on this and could read my body language when I was confused. The advice given to me was "not to be what someone else wants you to be, but this is your own life make your own decisions on what to be!" Since I have taken this boot camp I am a better person with women and can see there is just not one girl in this world for me.

    As I was out approaching the first girl I froze up then fader showed me what I did wrong with this approach. He would have a girl of to the side talking to her and show us how to interact or play the girl. He would watch us and tell us what we did wrong with each set.

    This is all I can pull on my brain from this boot camp. This might be a little jumbled up but here it is.


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    Great workshop. Still in touch with all the students and hope to see a couple when I pass through for the final one.
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