Gil Rio Mini-Seminar - Philadelphia - June 2012
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  1. Gil Rio Mini-Seminar - Philadelphia - June 2012

    This past Sunday I attended a mini-Seminar hosted by Gil Rio and another Love Systems instructor in training. Gil Rio was a class act the entire time and even purchased everyone dinner and picked up our drink tabs for arriving three minutes late.

    There were about 10 guys in attendance at the seminar, three of whom (including myself) had already taken live training with Love Systems. Two of the attendees actually had driven from over two hours away just to attend the seminar.

    Gil Rio began the seminar by going over the emotional progressional model in detail for those who were unfamiliar with it, but more importantly he discussed the importance of blending the phases together organically for those of us who were more advanced. (i.e., instead of just running attraction material, stopping, then just running qualifcation material, then stopping, the just running comfort material, it's more important to seamlessly blend all three together at once).

    Gil also led us through a teasing exercise (which I failed miserably, my bad) and then discussed several means of amping both verbal seducation and physical escalation. Finally Gil and his colleague concluded the instructional portion of the seminar by discussing the importance of inner game, after which he opened up the floor to student questions.

    I have to admit that I truly got my money's worth and then some out of this seminar for two reasons: (a) even after a ton of readin I never understood the difference between (nor the importance of) state-based versus intrugue-based attraction, and (b) Gil answered six very lengthy questions I had prepared that I had saved aside for years hoping a Love Systems instructor could answer them the next time I purchased training. Problem Solved!

    What impressed me the most about the whole thing was what normal, laid-back dudes Gil and his colleague were. They didn't drive BMW S7s or wear $4,000 suits or walk on water - they had experienced their own share of hardships with women in the past and simply genuinely wanted to help other guys reach their own potential as well.

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    Man, I could not agree more! I came to the seminar just looking to get a little refresher and poke around as I’ve taken a full program. I actually got a lot of good take aways from it though: I’d not heard of Gil Rio before the seminar but it was pretty obvious why he's a "Love Systems rising star". Like Adam said, he customized our seminar with guys completely new to Love Systems as well as post bootcamp-ees. Just a really good experience, the seminar came with bonuses (LS seems to be really good about), Gil (and Mike who's in training but also really good) conveyed the material succinctly, ran us through some exercises, and fielded all of our questions quite thoroughly. I thought it was kind of a steal.

    To depart from Adam a bit, I think I did see them walk on water. I didn't think it was weird at all, I thought it was beautiful. My opinion could by skewed by the furry convention currently in my town.

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    Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it! Philly was great and the seminar was a blast.

    keep in touch!!

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