What is going on with this girl??
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    What is going on with this girl??

    So me and this girl are both 19 and we work together. 4 weeks ago she drunk dialed me and we talked for a bit(Nothing special). Then 3 weeks ago, me, her and a bunch of people from work decided to hit up a pub and drink. Everyone decided to cab but I decided to drive home so she decided she wanted to come along with me (because she likes my car lol). We ended up hanging out for couple of hours and somehow ended up holding hands after she fell down. When we arrived at her house and before she left the car, she gave me a long hug and kissed me on the cheek. I didnt know what to say at this point but said "Love you too"
    Anyways 2 weeks ago, she drunk dialed me again and told me to go hang out with her at the pub. I decided I didnt want to hit up a pub so we hung out at the park and held hands again(She initiated). After dropping her home, I got a kiss on the cheek and on my way driving home, I recieved a text message from her saying " I think I really like you".
    My reply" I like you too"
    Her reply:
    Next day I message her: Do you want to go out for dinner tmr night
    Her reply: t I cant tmr night. We can go sometime this week.
    I reply back and she stops replying.
    2 days later I msg her just to say hi and she completly ignored it.
    4 days later she messages me asking when I work next and I msged her back and got no reply again. ( I wasnt scheduled for work for a week)

    Im not sure whats going on with her but do you guys think shes just playing with me or she decided she doesnt like me anymore? Sorry If my post isnt so clear, its 4am in the morning .

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    The problems seems to here

    "I think I really like you"

    "I like you too"

    You made it too easy. She could have been drunk while texting that. Next time that kind of situation comes up, depending on how you interact with her, you can try

    "I like me too " or avoid answering that question over text; you're going off on too little info without the advantage of face contact.

    Currently, try interacting with her normally and act as though those texts never happened. Bring up plans that you have going on for you with other people while leaving it vague as to who they are with. Don't talk about what happened until she brings it up (and if she really does like you, then she will).

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    It was a shit test, and you failed. I think she probably genuinely ment it... But once the chase was over, the thrill was gone for her, as GGmesh said.

    If this chick is holding your hand, and giving you lots of IOIs why didnt you go in for the K-Close?

    Start focusing your attention on other women, and gaming other women. She has become a priority in your life, and you are clearly emotionally invested with her. Step back - Remove yourself emotionally from the situation. This will help you focus, and game her significantly better.

    Why did you send her a message saying 'Hi'? What was the point of that? Each text should have a purpose. I.E. Get her out on a date, or get her on the phone.

    Dont message her again, wait till she initiates contact. Take a few hours to reply, afterall you are a busy guy. If you are going to see her at work again, then dont fret to much. Just be funny, witty, and alpha. Keep doing what you have done, as she is obviously attracted to you.

    Girls enjoy the chase... Girls want to be chased by guys who arent interested (vice versa as well... cruel world, haha). If you dont make her work for you, then you are not a rare commodity.

    Anything thats easy to get, probably isnt worth having. Things that are hard to get, are usually worth the work.

    Keep us updated.

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    Great advice guys. I saw her a couple of days at the club and she said hi (she was also drunk lol) and walked away to hang out with some other guy she met there.
    Maybe shes not interested into me anymore? But I will follow your guys advice and see what happens. Will keep you guys updated!

  5. LOL, not sure what happened (and it doesn't really matter) but it had nothing to do with one text reply of "I like you to" These guys are just repeating what they read etc.

    Here's the deal you really have no way of knowing and it should be obvious that no one on this forum can know for sure. Think about clearly you didn't go all nuts or whatever so whatever "mistakes" were made were very very minor and with most girls wouldn't even register. So what can you do? Well not worry about it, she flaked but you have an abundance of women or prospective women in your life (at least that's what you should be working towards) so you can't really be bothered to think about it

  6. also I would work on escalation physically. Because you're 19 I doubt that was an issue (who knows) but still you had an opportunity so why not work on plugging the leak now

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    Quote Originally Posted by GGmesh View Post

    "I like me too " or avoid answering that question over text
    Wrong, and come on you know it

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