International Lair (for club game)?

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    International Lair (for club game)?

    Hey folks!

    Since we got some posts here recently for the Brussels area, I just wanted to throw out the idea of founding a new lair in Brussels. I have been living here now for a while and the club/party scene is great and highly organized via Facebook (and I'm sure on other social platforms as well). I had a lot of fun, made friends and met a lot of great people - and it's easy here!

    However, I'm somewhat missing the atmosphere of a real lair, being in the midst of like-minded people who want to actively widen their social circle. I want to regularily go out and hit the club scene, have fun and mingle with new people.

    If you are outgoing and open-minded, 18+, male or female (what else? *g*) and like to enjoy Brussel's nightlife, let's meet up on Saturday, the 14th at 21h. Inbox me your first name + mobile and (if you have one) Facebookcontact. I'll pick a venue in the center/Etterbeek depending on the received feedback. I'll keep all of you uptodate.

    Don't hesitate because you think that you might not get along with other people responding well because they might be too old, to serious about PU or whatever. Once there is a group the momentum will get you into contact with the people you need.

    See you in a month!

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    Just checking this forum i like your idee even in the netherlands its difficult to start something like this

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