Told her to leave me aloooooone!
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  1. Told her to leave me aloooooone!

    Wassup I told my ex girlfriend today to stop texting/calling for a while...until all the emotions died off. Primary reason on my part was that the 1 year that we split..she talked to a guy and has/had feelings for him and still stays in touch and through out the year I've talked to a few females to just have fun...something to do. Well we started talking more frequent but keep in mind..the other guy. Off course we still have feelings for each other but to protect myself, I told her today for NC. She's pissed and honestly it's for my own good. To be honest, I just want to live life now and maybe come back later when everything is simple between us and not a 3rd wheel. I'm not putting high hopes but it's cool. So you think I made the right choice?

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    Did she leave you for another guy?

    It's a good thing you realize that you need your space although I'm not sure I would have taken the time to tell her to piss off. That said, you definitely made the right choice. If you still have feelings for you ex or just don't feel like talking to her, then you should absolutely go NC.

    TBH, you could have simply removed all her contact information and not contacted her after the break up until you were certain you had gotten over her (or not at all). In any case, if she keeps bothering you, delete her from facebook and block her number so you can sort out your life and move on.

    Do you want to get back with her?
    If you do, then you need to figure out what caused the breakup (if it was another dude, I would seriously reconsider getting back with her due to self-respect). Giving a relationship a second chance is pointless until both of you have taken steps (individually) to sort out your issues and resolve the problems.

    Once you're certain that you're over her and no longer give a shit one way or the other, feel free to contact her and have a friendly but somewhat detached relation.

    Given the fact that it's been a year and you're still not over her, you should figure out what makes her special, then realize that it's all bullshit! Every good quality she has can be found in other girls. Spend about 6 months in NC. This time should be devoted to you cause you're your number one priority.

  3. No she didn't leave me for another guy, when we were dating..she never did anything that caused trouble. (honestly...we hung out wayyy to much...almost everyday for like 2 years...smh young couple mistake)

    Right now..we are far from each other, distance wise until August when school starts back up again. we are neighbors as well, a few buildings over..WHHHHHY!

    Honestly I would like to hang out with her when school starts up, a lot of mutual friends so I know I'll be seeing her around. I just don't like being a third wheel or an option ya know. That's why I de-attached myself from the situation.

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    I see. Sounds like an amicable, perhaps mutual, breakup.

    Cut contact like you said and carry on with NC. Work on yourself, enjoy your summer, talk to girls, etc. You don't have to be a third wheel unless you want to. If she's going out with her new man, go out with friends. You don't need to go out with her. The only way to be a third wheel is to accept the invitation. If the group of friends go out and she's there with her bf, whatever. Have fun, be cool with him, let them enjoy their relationship (or whatever), and go talk to other people.

    She's moved on and so should you. Talk to girls, go on dates, go out, be fun, and enjoy yourself. Don't do any of this to make her jealous or to put up a facade. Do it because you enjoy it and it's rewarding (in terms of making friends and more importantly, getting laid).

    If you have a girl(s) you're seeing, this won't be a problem.

    Look at it this way.
    She's found a new dude and has moved on. You can either move on and get yourself a couple of fine girls to bang or you can TAG along with her and her new bf for dinner dates.
    You see how depressing that is? It literally sucked the fun out of the atmosphere to write that.

    You could be the guy who thinks that way or you could be the guy who has this conversation:
    her: I went on a date yesterday.
    you: Really? That's cool.
    her: I wanted to invite you if you were interested.
    you: That's thoughtful but I was busy.
    her: you're always busy.
    you: *fuck yeah* (said in your head, not out loud).

    That's the dude you need to be. Don't pay attention to her personal life cause it's no longer your problem and won't do you any good.

  5. lmaoooooo thanks for the post bro, it really is helpful.

    She is still single lol, never made it official with the dude. I know she hasn't moved on because we still had sex a few times and a lot of stuff people do that are still interested in each other. But yeah, I catch your drift bro. I gamed other girls and just doing my thing...but theres a small voice in my head lol to see what I can still do.

    But being in a limbo obviously hasn't done much for me, that is why I did NC...keep my value. I tried keeping my cool for the most part, and no show much emotion but I can't just be that guy.

    D_down is the maaaaan!

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