Girlfriend Help - Can't tell if its LMR

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  1. Girlfriend Help - Can't tell if its LMR

    I'm gonna try and keep this short. It's my senior year of highschool. First half of year I just hooked up and had multiple FB's. Started getting feelings for HB9 in one of classes(she knows about my past with girls. Ended up asking her to be my gf.
    -1 previous boyfriend: he ended up abandoning her when she needed him most.
    -She did everything but sex with him

    We've been dating for 2 months. So last time she came over we hooked up. I was rubbing her over her leggings(spandex pants), and i could feel she was super wet. I then put her on top and tried to go into her pants and she pushed my arm away. I can't tell if this is LMR, or if shes afraid I'll do the same thing her ex did, or cus I just hooked up with a ton of girls earlier that year, or if shes just not ready yet. I could really use some insight on this.

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    Just ask her. Communication is crucial when you are in a relationship.

    I understand not asking if you are just FB or FWB and arent in a relationship, that you dont want to appear needy or anything, but sex is a big part of a LTR.

    If you cant express yourselves physically, what does that mean for your relationship?

    Figure out where she is at with sex.

    It may be completely off the table because of her religious beliefs?

    There could be heaps of things ranging from her just waiting untill she knows you are really committed and not just trying to get into her pants, religious beliefs, virginity, wrong time of the month, anything.

    Point is, if you dont communicate with her, and you both arent honest and expressive about where you stand, this will turn into a bigger issue that it needs to be. Just let her know how you feel, and be open and understanding of how she feels, with no judgement or expectations.

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    I don't think this is just LMR. Seeing how she's Mormon (they tend to take their religion VERY seriously), and still a virgin, it's doubtful she'll have sex with you anytime soon. What are your intentions with this girl? If she kept her ex waiting for a year, and he screwed her over, she may just hang on to her virginity until marriage. Not that it's impossible to lay her, but how long are you willing to wait?

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  4. Thanks portrait I'll start thinking of how I'll bring it up.
    Honestly, I feel as though I could eventually get her to have sex with me, and my friends think so too. My concern right now is that I can't even get to third base and its been 2 months. I hang out with her a few times a week, and I'll usually only bring her over and do things with her once a week, once every other week because I don't feel like hovering around second base, maybe this is my issue?

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    be open and talk to her about it.

    And continue the escalation - keep it going every time you meet her and keep the sexual tension up

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