How do you just practice without a wing :/
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  1. How do you just practice without a wing :/

    Seriously, no one around here seems to be interested in active pickup as in they think its no use/arent interested/ think its waste of time. So im stuck here without anyone to encourage me or go sarge with, and the thing is I cant get into anywhere at ngiht too as I just cant drag a female friend there and then just game there on my own. Gaming alone at night on cold approach is another issue without a wing :/

    how do you guys just even motivate yourselves if youre alone ? Im pretty much pickup scientist here with little or no practice at all because of this...

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    how do you guys just even motivate yourselves if youre alone ? Im pretty much pickup scientist here with little or no practice at all because of this...

    If you want something bad enough you go get it....... I've been going out solo for 2 years, I enjoy it because it forces you to grow some balls

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    I tell my mind to go F*** itself and dive into short setting. Then when I feel comfortable talking to strangers I open a set and let myself sink or swim. ALWAYS walk away from a blowout like you're one bad mother. Laughing at myself helps me but everyones different.

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    go out and be sociable

    start talking to people and you'll meet new people extremely easily

    learn to be assertive and motivated

    dont rely on a wing - wings come and go all the time. If you lose your wing you're back at square one...better to develop your game without one for the long run

    wings can certainly help your game but theres a point where you evolve beyond it

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    It's hard as fuck. No lie though. It really is. You just gotta do it. Throw on some trance, get your redbull going, pump up and go out in the blaze. Don't be a pussy. Like literally all your doing is "talking" not "going to war". Seriously, remember that. Tattoo it. Your not the only one doing alone cold approaches. Just go out and do it. And come back here when your finished

    "Champions are made when no one is watching. How Bad Do You Want It?"..."Success is a LONELY road. Don't Depend On Your Wingman for YOUR progress".

  6. always getting the twitter plug in there, and considering you got a few guys that are regular, solid advice users on there....
    if you reach a slump or need a quick boost, fire off a tweet and get some fun ones back...

    "fuck this up and i'll throw you under a bus" is my alltime favourite so far

  7. I go to the club alone every now and then. It's only weird if you think it is. When I go to the club with a group of people I end up wandering around alone anyway.

    When you're talking to a girl they usually will ask who you're there with. I find it best to just lie and say that my friends are around.

    Oh, and another thing I do while scoping out the place is I sometimes stand near a group. It looks like I'm part of it lol.

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