What do you think that I should do ? expert insight needed !!! :D
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    What do you think that I should do ? expert insight needed !!! :D

    Hey Guys Can You Help Me With This , I Have No Idea What To Do ...

    Me : 26 years old
    University Student
    Handsome enough

    she : 19-20 years old
    Works at uni bar / part time Model
    if she had more boobies she was a 9-9.25

    So how it goes : starting 8 months ago each time I go to caffeteria to order my usual espresso coffee we have a super small conversation with some smiles... it's not that I just order and that's that, unlike other students there that they just order and turn around or go away ( I'm nice with all of our bartenders and I think they kinda like me ).
    Im very friendly with everybody there but I talk way more to others than her because I always thought I have no shot with her and she had a boyfriend ...
    so during last days of second semester we were talking like 10-15 minutes and I said something like " oh wow I can't wait for summer so I can go to Montreal or toronto so I can go out and god forbid maybe go on some dates hahaha " she agreed and said : " yeah yeah this city ( where the school is) is small and there is nothing going on here , im also away from dating life like forever " ...
    now after a while like 20 days after the summer begun, I facebooked her and she immidiately responded to my friend request and we sent s4 0r 5 msg/s back and forth... and that's it now I wanted to know what should I do during summer, somehow I want her to be kinda attracted to me and ready for dating when I go back there ..
    so what do you recommend me to do ... what kind of msg I should send her or generally what to do ... my facebook profile is not that fun but she kinda knows that im not boring but still...
    thanks everyone

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    In all those convos that you had you must have had some sort of callback humor. I would use a good callback and then try to maintain/gain some long term attraction via push-pulls over facebook. Try not to say anything that sounds to cheesy that she would remove or feel embarrased to have on the book. BE FORWARNED though, this can be extremely difficult. I'd keep her on the backburner and go sargin for more local hunnies.

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    Hey Windshear
    Thanks for your reply, we might have some inside jokes and stuff as you mentioned, but they are usually took place in caffeteria setting and it doesn't work out of that particular context...
    For now all I did was msg.ing her back and forth ... I usually don't write on their wall so I will be sending inboxes, or you think that is a little bit creepy ?
    Thanks though

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