Close but no epic fail

I hate to be a flatliner, but I would really like your opinion on this one.

Last night at around midnight, I head into my local neighborhood pub by myself for a drink. There is a bad playing, and I see this gorgeous brunette sitting all by herself (she is 39 but looked at least 10 years younger). "Talented band" I said to her. We began talking and things seemed to be going my way. She was a little drunk and mentioned she just returned from a baby shower, and that she was at the bar by herself and lives just a block away. After an hour, she was all over me, kissing me, rubbing my balls...I was feeling her ass and belly with no resistance. We kept and drinking and escalating physically. At 3 AM we exit the bar and she wanted to go to my place. Stupid me (also being too drunk to think clearly), insisted we go to her place instead since it's closer (by only 2 short blocks). On the way we are making out we are about to enter her building, I start kissing her neck...and she goes something like "you only kissed me twice"... Then she looks at her watch "it's 3:30...I gotta go to bed"...She walks into her building (refuses to give me her number), leaving me broken and horny on the street. This has never happened to me before, I mean I would rather be rejected right away than waste my entire evening just be be left out in the cold.

What are your thoughts, guys? Where did I fuck up? Ever had a similar experience?

PS. I'm not 67, it's an error. I am 28