First Post and FR

Im new here and to the PUA community as a whole so I figured Id start off w a FR.

Last night in between bar hopping I pass 2 HBs8 on the street. They are just visiting for the weekend but I make eye contact and they open to me asking for directions. I tell them that they are going the complete opposite direction of where they need to be going (which is true) but convince them that where I am going will be much more fun. They agree to follow me

As we are walking into the bar this random HB9 stares me me down and I talk to her. I end up getting HB9 to buy drinks for my 2 HBs8.

At this point Im txting my wing to get his ass over here because I am new at this and I am not sure how long I can keep 3 HBs entertained. Not too long after this HB9 gets pick up by someone else leaving me with the original 2 HBs8. No big deal

At this point the two chicks are really into me. I have already started kino on my target and she is responding well. I have her friend take pictures of us while I run styles? 3 picture routine. I tell her we make a great couple. She responds by telling her friend she thinks I am awesome.

Now my wing shows up to work on her friend and she is responding positively to him as well. We end up getting a few more drinks.

At this point I realize that I should be trying to isolate phase shift and kiss her. But before I get the chance she is saying that her and her friend want to go to other bars (because they are visiting and want to see the city)

Not wanting to invite ourselves we tell them that there will be an after party at my wings place, a few blocks away. Both me and my wing #close and I get a kiss on the cheek goodbye from both girls and they seem really enthusiastic about hanging out later.

2am rolls around the bars close I txt my HB8 and 40 min later I get a response like they are backing out...long story short they dont come.

I'm trying to think about what went wrong. After analyzing it the only conclusions I can draw are.

1. I should have worked better on my isolation of target and gone for the kiss right after my wing showed up. Because after you get the kiss in they would have been less likely to leave


2. I should never lost control of the situation and offered to go back to my wings place well before they decided to leave for the next bar. It was around 1:30am when they left us. It would have been an easy sell to say "The bars are closing in a few minutes anyways and we are heading back to have some more drinks/go in the pool/hangout/whatever why dont you come with us?" Then if they refused I would still feel better about having kept control vs giving over to them and hoping that they would show up (rookie mistake I know)

Thoughts or opinions on what I should have done differently?