GF says she doesn't love me but want to marry me - HELP

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    GF says she doesn't love me but want to marry me - HELP

    Blame me for not building enough attraction and running games early on in the pick up... I was way too focused on my career and was acting somewhat wussy in the past 1.5 years, the time i dated this HB9.

    She is a pageant, smart and beautiful, we dated because we know each other for a long time and had things in common. She is now 24 and she told me she sees me as a potential husband, wants to marry me and have future etc etc... but she said she doesn't feel that she love me... everything is too logical here: i am a good man and she is a good girl... we are a good "match"...!!

    I need some advice over here... I am 32 and also looking to a longer term relationship and quit the gaming ... i really like her but want to do something to fix our relationship before taking the next step in our lifes... any body can give me some valuable comments or suggestions?? thx.

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    Be a lover not a provider. She may want to marry you because it makes sense to her, but if you end up marrying her without getting out of your beta state and building passion, it's like admitting defeat and taking whatever you can get.

    Look around, there are plenty of ideas to spice things up. Start with not being a pussy anymore. Even if you were busy with your career, be alpha about it. Tell her you're busy with work and you'll call her when you got time. Don't apoligize for following your dreams. Men do this with their wussy behaviour. Show her that you have more important things to do and if she doesn't like it then it's her loss. ..Next, take her out and do exciting things together. Try out new activities, go somewhere for the weekend, tease her, make love to her some days and fuck her hard on others. Get to know each other well and share experiences. After that you will know if she's for you.

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