Has anybody heard any good programs for voice improvement?
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    Has anybody heard any good programs for voice improvement?

    I pushed my voice down very low without knowledge of how it works and my modal pitch is too low for appropriate clarity now. I can't speak louder as my muscles are too strained from a lower throat pitch range. I've worked with a speech pathologist over Skype and she's very skilled, though charges a lot. Does anybody know of any audio downloads with regards to training the voice?


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    Check out Nancy Daniel's Voicing It program. This program had profound results on my tonality and projection -- so much so that I went from a high pitched nerd to a guy that girls love to have phone sex with and tell me I have a sexy voice regularly. We taught it on Project Rockstar this year and had great results with them too.

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    Nope, never seen or heard of anything worth mentioning.

  4. Hey this might help - http://www.toastmasters.org/199-YourSpeakingVoice ... If something is really bothering you it's probably best to go talk with a pro coach even if it's expensive.

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    I think you should try to notice how you sound around a 4 and a 10. Right there is 90% of how you sound.
    If you stutter due to social anxiety then practice in comfortable environments at first then in the real world second.
    Have you tried singing out aloud ???


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    Impressed with how you really try hard to work on your voice improvement.

    There are a lot of exercises online that would help you.

    Though you really need to spend money for it, just think that its for you own good.

    But I guess you must practice a lot and be patient.

    Progress is not an overnight process.

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    Hey Man,

    Vercetti's IVS on "Voice and Tonality" is absolute gold. I highly recommend that, it is an absolute steal at $49 (someone correct me if the price is wrong).

  9. No joke, I've noticed working on my death metal vocals has helped me project a bit more + made my voice a bit deeper.

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