Leave it or try again?

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    Leave it or try again?

    Met a pretty awesome girl at the weekend-and was pretty sure we got on really well-she kept eyeing me up and we had some good long conversations, plus I went to take a sip of her drink at one point and she just took my hand and started dancing with me. I must say at this point though that we were both pretty hammered. Anyway, she left the club early with a friend so I added her on fb the evening after and then sent a message the next day asking her if she'd recovered and giving her a little bit of a tease about leaving early. She hasn't replied and she's been online as she's added photos from the night in question.
    Do I send another message in a few days or just move on? She's in my social circle but it was the first time I met her properly and I probably won't see her again for a while. Would ask friends about it but I know that if I do it will get back to her.

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    Sounds like a missed opportunity to hook up at the party, or at least get her number. I personally don't add girls on facebook (especially right after meeting her), because it turns you into the pursuer immediately. A solid number close is all you need and if she ends up adding you as a friend (makes her the pursuer), that's great.

    Try not to kick yourself over it and move on to the next opportunity. And if you do see her again, make it happen. Whatever you do, DO NOT send her another message. If she's in your social circle, the word of your neediness could spread.

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    Absolutely do NOT send another message, take this as an opportunity where you got on her radar then next time you see her you can continue.

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