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    MiikusMaximus Journal

    The following took place and was written on the night of Friday June 1st 2012:

    Wow! Tonight was my first night out sarging in a club/bar atmosphere. More importantly it was the first time I opened sets of 9s! In fact my very first set was a pair of absolutely gorgeous nines from Australia. More on that later. Usually I'm not that much into bars and clubs but sometimes go when friends drag me along. Tonight though, tonight is different. I'm excited and nervous and have been listening to pickup advice every free moment I had today. My clothes are pressed and I'm rocking a fedora, another unusual thing for me to do. I text K, whom I met on the forum and we meet on the street. K introduces another PUA in training C. We do some small talk and head over to the W hotel in Hollywood.
    My wings and I stroll into the lounge at the W and start warming up with some “Hey” and simple compliment greetings. Then it happened, like a switch in my head and my game was on. I saw two beautiful women eating dessert at one of the couches and instead of walking by I walked over into their space and said “Hey.” Once they acknowledged my presence and the brunette was making eye contact with me I asked “What are you eating, it looks delicious.” She told me about her vanilla and rum dessert with a sexy accent so I asked “That's an awesome accent, where are you from?”
    “Australia” the Brunette replied.
    “Ohhh, Australia is beautiful, I have always wanted to go there.” They said something back I couldn't really hear so I said “How long are you in town for?”
    “We leave this weekend”
    “Good thing you met me first!” I smile, they giggle. “So you're on holiday? Oh I forgot the accent, 'So you're on holiday?'” I said in a parody of an Australian accent, they giggle and answer in the affirmative. “We call it vacation over here but I think holiday sounds like more fun!” I tease.
    “Totally!” They agree.
    Let me pause for a moment and talk about my primary goal for tonight. All I'm really focusing on is opening and holding a conversation for a few minutes. I'm not really worried about doing anything but getting comfortable talking and listening. Yes I want to build rapport and make eye contact and flirt, but mostly conversing has been a sticking point for me so I am blasting through it.
    “So what do you do over there?” I ask the Blonde.
    “I'm an Environmental Scientist.” She tells me.
    “That's awesome!” I exclaim. “I'm really getting into sustainable design right now, don't even get me started or I'll talk all night. I'm so passionate about it!”
    “Cool! There is a lot of that going on now.” She says more but I can't hear everything.
    We talk for another five minutes or so and even though at first I was into the Brunette now I'm totally vibing with this gorgeous Blonde and am even feeling a little sexual tension between us despite my nervousness. I couldn't believe it, here I am talking to a beautiful, intelligent, sexy scientist and even though I'm nervous and barely know what I'm doing, she is starting to like me. This demi-goddess finds me attractive. Just when I'm starting to feel pretty good about this, the Brunette whom I have not been paying enough attention to ejects me from the set saying “This is our last night together, blah blah blah, girls night, blah blah blah.” Whatever, I approached and had a good conversation with the hottest girls I have EVER done so with. I feel fantastic!

    Through the night I open a few more sets with some 5-7s including one pretty good set with a 6 who number closed me! I give her my number but I'm not really into her after realizing that 9s are potentially within my reach. For me this is a paradigm shift. After leaving her at the Pig and Whistle I head back to the W to rejoin my wings, half hoping the Aussiettes are still around. Alas they have gone and I'm am left wondering “what if”. A little disappointed I'm thinking about work in the morning so I bid farewell to my new friends and head to my car. While waiting for the Valet, I open four more sets, the last one being an 8 Blonde from Vegas who was practically begging for me to talk with her. THIS IS AWESOME!

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    Super Sunday!

    The following took place on Sunday the 3rd of June 2012 and was written on Thursday the 7th of June:

    Super Sunday had three parts and one goal. The goal was to move at least one step forward and preferably two. The three parts were; 1. Mini-Workshop, 2. Day Game, 3. Night Game

    It all started with the Mini-Workshop at three. LuckyGold, DexterSka and I watched some video clips about conversational skills and practiced each technique with each other. First we practiced holding eye contact and not fidgeting or saying um while thinking of things to say. Next we practiced making statements instead of just asking questions (while holding eye contact, not fidgeting or saying um). Then we learned about conversational structure – eliciting values with a question, transferring conversation pressure using nonverbal probing (not that kind of probing), mirroring/relating values to yourself, sharing your similar values, asking a deeper question or moving on to a new topic. We practiced that as well. We are all now much better at small talk. Finally we did a little opening as Dex had never before opened a set. Lucky and I showed him our approach style and then coached him a bit on his.

    Feeling pretty confident after the workshop we headed down to 2nd street in Long Beach for some day game. We each opened some sets of girls walking down the street and some hired guns or girls working in stores, waitresses and the like. There weren't a ton of sets but we were still having fun. After walking around for about an hour we went for lunch at TacoSurf. Our waitress was cute so I opened her. On the menu it said something like “TacoSurf takes responsibility for entertaining our customers.” I pointed this out to the waitress and told her we have pretty high expectations then asked her how she was going to entertain us. She floundered for a moment so I said something about her having to tell us a joke at the very least. Unfortunately she did not think this was funny and said “I don't know any jokes. I'm just here to take your order and bring your food.” A little bit later another waitress was standing nearby and she smiled at me so I opened her with something like “You really need to help out your friend, she owes us a joke but doesn't know any.”
    “I know a joke!” She exclaims, thinks for a minute then tells us a pretty corny joke.
    “Ah, much better! That was funny.” I tell her. “Great now go help your friend and we'll see you in a bit. She came back later and I told her a corny science joke, so she told me an old bar joke, I tease her a bit, we gently make fun of her co-worker and there is obviously a connection. So I start qualifying her with “You're from around here?” and “Are you at Long Beach State?” Turns out she is graduating high school (she seemed much more 22 than 18 I assure you) so I don't number close but it was still a fun interaction.
    So the day game session was good practice even if we didn't pull any closes, the night game is a whole other story.

    Lucky had to bounce but Dexter and I headed over to Hollywood for a PUA in training meetup. We show up, follow the convoluted directions to find the guys inside the Hollywood & Highland Center, and see three dudes sitting around talking quietly and not smiling. As soon as we sit down I get the part started with a snarky comment and the rest of the time we are laughing and talking about game. After about half an hour everyone JV, RP, AL, MK, Dex and I have had our fill of talk. It's time to game. Even though JV says he has to go home, everyone else is down.
    As we are walking towards the street we pass the double glass doors of the cinema and there are two sets of couples in dress clothes walking out...the girls are gorgeous. I look down the hallway to see more people dressed the same for some kind of event going on, so I say “We're going in here!” and walk inside. There are a few sets inside. JV, the most experienced of us opens right away. I push AL and RP into sets then try to open a girl who is basically staring and smiling at me as she walks by. She is glad that I notice her but doesn't stop to chat. Whatever, it's still a good warm up. We leave the cinema and JV takes off.

    Our second stop is Cantina, and it is rocking! As we walk in the door I immediately open a four set of decent looking girls. “Hey girls. This place is rocking! Are you having fun?” It turns out that the hottest one is a waitress and we share some witty banter but then a midget comes over and blows out my set. Yeah, I got amogged by a midget, dude was cocky, he walks behind the hot waitress I am talking with and taps her shoulder, but moves to the other side. She looks over her shoulder then turns to reengage me so the midget taps her other shoulder and she looks that way. Only then does he say something and the waitress turns from me to give him a hug and they start a conversation. I eject.

    It's happy hour and drinks are two for one so we each grab a beer and I open a single girl walking anxiously at the bar. She is upset that her friend is outside talking on the phone. I empathize and tease her but it doesn't quite crack her mood. After some comfort building and a couple more teases this convo has been going on for like 15 minutes so I number close and eject from this energy vampire. RP and AL both opened a set or two while I was in that nowhere place but Dex was listening to me chat up my set. He still hasn't opened.

    We are headed towards the W but are hitting anything that's happening on the way there and take a detour down Cahuenga to see if there is anything going off. AL or RP opens a mixed set mmmffff, and this drunk Asian girl moves to 'protect' her friend and is giving off shit/bitch test to push him out. I step in and start busting her game. Drunk Asian comes around a little when after telling us we should go to the strip club I respond with “I'm not looking for a place to work! I just want to have fun tonight!” We open the rest of the set and chat for a bit then move on.

    RP, AL and I push Dexter into a few openings as we walk down the street. One girl tells him to fuck off so we laugh telling him that's the worst that's ever going to happen and making bitch jokes. AL gets denied entrance at the W because there's a dress code after 9:00 and he has a T-shirt on. We head back up Hollywood and end up in the rocker bar with no name. AL opens a single with a male friend and I ask RP to open a two set with me from a group fffm. He agrees but bails as we approach so I eject before it even starts. Dammit. Not happy about that. We leave AL, who is ready to go home anyway with his set and head back to the W.

    The lounge at the W is very full, there is a band playing inside and a crowd of people standing stiffly watching it. We head for the patio and push our way to the bar where we each get a drink and I spot a tall woman I noticed at Cantina earlier, I make eye contact and smile but there is a sea of people between us and my confidence is a little shot because of my non-open at the Rocker bar. We talk amongst ourselves for a moment and I tell Dex and RP about the girl. A minute later RP tells me that she has moved over to us and is standing behind me so I open her “Hey. I love your flower.” Turns out she is from Switzerland and has just moved here. I speak German with her for a little bit, she comments on my interesting accent so I share some of my travels and definitely feel a some attraction and sexual tension between us. Maybe/probably I could have kissed her but I number closed her and moved on to open a couple more sets and get another number. I don't remember the conversation much, probably because of the alcohol, but everyone opened sets and had some good conversation at the W. Even Dex was getting some kino from one of the ladies. It was pretty awesome.

    Super Sunday was a resounding success and I definitely moved forward with closing! I texted Swiss girl on Tuesday and she responded positively. Maybe I will invite her out for Friday night, Adam Lyons says to always show up with a woman...

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    June fifth...a night of mixed results

    The following took place on Tuesday the 5th of June 2012 and was written the same night.

    Today was a pretty good day and a pretty bad day. Met up with Lucky around 1:30pm at the Brea Mall for some day game stuff. It was an OK session. I opened six sets only one of which went pretty well. The 6 Asian girl was 24 and here on vacation. Saw her in one of the stores and was mostly glad to see a decent looking woman in her 20's so I walked over and opened with “Hey.” Pause until she acknowledges me, then a slow smile. “I'm hoping you can help me out with something. I saw you from over there and like your style. I'm looking for a gift for a friend of mine but am not really sure what to get her. What would you like to get as a gift?” The problem with this opener is that it can be hard to transition out of if the girl is really into it like this girl was.
    I have found that a lot of Asian girls can be really shy when it comes to pick up and this girl was no exception. She really got into asking me a bunch of questions about what kind of gift and blah blah blah, all while I'm dropping increasingly less subtle hints that I'm really just flirting with her. Her subconscious at least understood the hints as she became more and more excited and gave off more and more IOIs with every hint. Eventually I said “Really I just thought you were cute and wanted to come talk to you. We should hang out sometime.”
    She blushes and giggles and says “Yeah, OK.” So I ask for her number but she starts making excuses, she's on vacation and only in town for a few days, blah blah blah.
    “What are you doing tonight?” I ask.
    “Nothing really, I don't know.” She stumbles
    “I'm going out with some friends in Down Town LA tonight. We're going to some bars and seeing a really cool band play. It's going to be fun, you should come.” I tell her about my plans for tonight.
    “OK. Sounds fun. I'll keep it in mind.” this girl is so nervous she is making me nervous but the IOIs keep coming, she plays with her hair, touches her mouth, breaks eye contact to look down for a second, giggles at everything I say.
    “Cool, give me your number and I'll text you.”
    She replies with a string of excuses. I figure she has a BF or something else wrong and eject, slightly frustrated.
    After the mall Lucky and I go to an NLP meetup in Anaheim Hills. There is an older two set I spot as we are looking for the meetup so I walk over and mistaken identity open. I tease them and we talk about the meetup. The two women end up joining us for the meetup which is fantastic. The instructor is a great teacher and obviously knows his subject well as he is able to huckleberry and then weave back into his original point. I end up networking with the instructor and may be providing the audio visual services for his future paid seminars.
    Home, dinner, watch some game video, head out to meet A in downtown. First thing that happens when I get there is a damned traffic ticket for accidently making and illegal left hand turn. Adrenaline spike in a pretty negative way. I try to talk my way out but the cop isn't having any of it. However I use the ticket to get the parking guy to not charge me, which was pretty cool.
    Walking over to SevenGrand I open a set on the street corner. Some Asian friends two guys three girls are trying to convince their other friend to go out for one drink. I chime in with an exaggerated peer pressure for her to go. Her friend says “It's just one drink.” So I throw this “And that's how every good story begins. You have to go, at least you will have a good story!” Everyone laughs and I see the girl decide to go (for the third time, she is one of those people that has to decision loop several times.) The light changes and I move on.
    After saying hi to J the bouncer I walk in the bar and just start opening sets. Guys and Girls, I am setting up social proof for later. A opens a few people too. The plan is to get to open a bunch of people so it's like we know the whole bar then go visit some other spots and instant date back to our social proof. As we're walking towards the exit I open a two set of 7 Asian girls but casual and eject right away. We have to wait for Easy, a guy A befriended while he was waiting for my late ass. So I walk over and reopen the two set. It's going OK but not amazing so I invite them to barhop with us, they just want to go sit down.
    We walk up the street and into an Irish style bar. There's a two set sitting at the end of the bar looking at us so I walk over and open “Hey girls. Is this seat taken?”
    “It is now.” I sit down and initiate small talk which is something I have sucked at all my life but am practicing a lot right now. The 7.5 blonde is playing it ditsy and the 6.75 brunette is being sassy and challenging. We argue about some sports guy saying he loved his wife more than his kid. She challenges me with “Oh yeah? How many wives do you have?”
    “Two. . .But it's cool, my girlfriend doesn't know about them.” This is my best line in the whole conversation. The blonde is an easy target and says stuff like “I don't believe in heaven...Except for dogs. All dogs go to heaven.” For real, she said this. I am laughing out loud and so is some random guy who just happened to overhear this comment.
    The girls are in law school and the blonde likes us but the brunette is throwing test after test and my game is not at that high of a level yet. Brunette throws out a challenge about how old we are, we don't pass but we don't fail it's kind of neutral so she says “I'm taking blah, and blah class this summer. What classes are you taking?” It's obvious we aren't in school so this is obviously another push away test. I answer with “Psychology and self improvement.”
    She sarcastically says “Is that what you're working on right now?” gesturing at the bar.
    “Everyday. The world is my classroom.” I reply.
    “Good thing we already mastered that.” She sasses.
    “So this is as good as you're going to get?” I shake my head sadly.
    “How does it feel to have peaked so early?”
    Eventually I get tired of the sass and eject us all from this train wreck. We head over to The Standard but it's closed for a private party. Turns out the E3 exposition is going on and I run into a bunch of people from the convention throughout the night. Hit the Library Bar but it's a sausage fest, there is only one set of three Latinas with two guys but the girls give me no love on eye contact so we bounce right away and head back to Seven Grand where it's hoppin'.
    Open a three set, a 6, a 7 and an 8 but fall flat right away. I open a few more sets of E3 ladies with a little rapport but I'm not attracted to any of them. They do, however, later lead to the best success of the night for me. As I'm mingling I open the only girl over an 8 I've seen tonight and her 6.75 friend. We chat (they're both opera singers and the eight wants to be an actor) and there is a little rapport but they both have boyfriends with them tonight. I see A chatting up a 6 E3 black woman (let's call her N) I opened earlier and then her friend a 6.5 brunette goes over, this girl I do find attractive. I give it a minute to remember that I like women, then eject from the opera girls and open the 6.5 brunette. Finally I get some real attraction and a bit of sexual tension. I don't say much just dance and make eye contact. We chat a bit and it's obvious we like each other. Best set of the night for me and we barely talk.
    After our little group splits up I go over to watch the band and the artist. Luckily I see another girl I find attractive and open her and her friend. We talk about the band, artist and club and I ask her about her passion. It's photography, she's a documentary photographer. “Awesome, I've always loved photography. I took a class once. My favorite thing to shoot was people, but when they're not looking. You know how it is, usually if they know you're taking a picture they pose and make faces but if you can get that candid shot, you can see who they are, right then in that moment, frozen.” She likes this, so I continue. “The same is true for R (the artist doing charcoal portraits on the floor while the band plays), when he draws somebody he is seeing them on a deeper level. There is a connection there between artist and subject. It's pretty awesome.” I vibe on the music, go hug another acquaintance, talk some more and generally enjoy a moment alone in the chaos.
    A walks by with N, the girl he was chatting up earlier. He thinks he can kiss close her tonight and wants advice. I try to tell him about breaking rapport to initiate the next phase of kino and then reconnecting to a higher level but it's too much for the bar and I'm not really feeling it right then. I tell him to not worry about all that and just be fun and normal. A bit later I see them and N is obviously saying goodbye so I hop in there and get her to agree to let us walk her down to find her friends. They are nowhere to be found, N again says goodbye but I tell her we should walk her to her hotel. We walk for a bit then I say “Hey, my cars over there.” pointing in the opposite direction. “Would it be alright if A walked you? He's a good guy. I vouch for him.” They agree and I leave them. I hope A got some action.
    Really there were a lot of good things going on but between the ticket, fatigue and a little frustration I'm not feeling very good about my game tonight. This shit is a bit of a roller coaster on the psyche and emotions. I know I'll feel better tomorrow. Time for sleep.

    A later told me he kiss closed N but wasn't feeling a one night stand with her. We'll get there!

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    Body Language and Downtown Fullerton!

    This took place on Thursday the 7th of June and was written on the same day.

    First I went to a body language seminar with a guy named TR. He is a self proclaimed “dating coach”. We talked about my posture and body language and he had some good advice, stuff I see from the masters. TR also gave me some pointers on kino from gesturing and we shared some lines and escalation techniques. Although TR seems like a cool and pretty knowledgeable guy I won't be using him as a dating coach but might invite him to guest speak a mini-workshop.

    I hit up some wings to see who was down to hit it tonight and LuckyGold hit me back with a plan for Fullerton. He suggested an all ages club called Club Rio at In Cahoots. I'm into girls over 21 but figured it would be ok for a warm up and we could head over to downtown Fullerton if it was a bust. As soon as I walked in the club I was ready to leave. There weren't many people and some of these kids looked like they were twelve years old. Lucky seemed into it so I stayed and opened a few sets, but didn't bother closing any of them. I tried a couple of opinion conversation pieces and settled on “You girls know who Mark Zuckerberg is right?” pause for answer “The dorky guy from facebook...well he managed to get a girlfriend and he has this relationship contract with her that says she has to do certain things like have sex a certain number of times a week.” Usually this was enough to get them talking about it but if they needed more prompting I would ask “If you had a relationship contract what would be in it?” Eventually we had talked to almost every 19 year old in the bar and I convinced Lucky to head over to downtown.

    Even just driving up to the parking I am feeling way more comfortable and the girls were far more attractive. We find parking and I open a three set as we are walking in the parking lot. “What! You girls are leaving already?!? I just got here!” They laugh and the big one says “I couldn't hang!” and they talk about shoes so I say “Yeah, I don't blame you, those look super uncomfortable to walk around in.”
    “Actually these are super comfortable!” the 7.5 black haired Latina to my left says. She is really pushing her cleavage and I can see her bra, it's an epic struggle to maintain eye contact but somehow I manage, without looking down to say “That's great. I like girls who wear comfortable shoes.” and give her a slow spreading smile. I turn back to the group and ask “Where are you girls going tonight? Which club is popping off?” They respond with some comments about a few of the clubs and Lucky teases them about being drunks and they claim to be sober but joke about not for long.
    At this point I throw in the relationship contract bit and that keeps conversation going and I throw the 7 blonde Latina to the right some high fives when she says stuff I agree with and bust on the black haired beauty when she says something dumb, but then give her a hug when she says something cool.
    We talk again about what club to go to and they challenge us about why we don't know. Lucky tells them he just moved to Fullerton and I tell them I usually go to Hollywood and haven't been to Fullerton in years. “In fact I was just there on Sunday, or was that Friday...we went to the W.”
    “I love Hollywood” the blonde coos.
    “Yeah, the W is the spot there, so many beautiful girls...but the guys are kinda ugly so it's even easier for me! What are you girls doing Friday night?”
    “Not sure yet.”
    “We should totally go to the W together!”
    “That would be cool.”
    “Oh, you know what, I'm going to Downtown Long Beach on Friday, but I'll be there on Saturday! Let's meet up.”
    “OK. We'll see you there.”
    “Give me your number so we can coordinate.”
    “If we see each other there it'll be fate!” the black haired beauty chimes in.
    “I don't like to rely on chance, go ahead and put your number in my phone and we'll meetup.”
    They don't share the contact info but we say we'll meet back later and go our separate ways.

    Lucky and I walk around and open a bunch more sets on the street, both guys, girls and mixed. The next set worth mentioning is a three set ffm, but my brain is scrambled on that right now. The important thing is that I had two pretty high quality sets with some attraction and even a little sexual tension. No closes but my sets are getting so much better that I feel really good with the night. Tomorrow should be another step forward and with the confidence I am gaining with building attraction should be pretty awesome.

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    The following took place Friday June 8th 2012 and was written the morning of Saturday June 9th

    Friday was my second mini-workshop. Five people had RSVPd and I was excited and a little nervous. Although I had had a general idea of what I wanted to do and even knew a little of the material I wanted to present I hadn't yet put together the order. What mattered was showing how to escalate and really generate attraction. Before I had focused on conversational skills but found that even with good technique having only conversation was boring and didn't create the spark of attraction or the excitement of sexual tension.
    I had been working all week to add those elements into my interactions but took my information input to a higher level today. Sifting through hours and hours of free material I found five pieces that I thought best illustrated how, what, when and why to tease, push-pull, initiate and escalate kinesthetic touching, and close! Eventually I found material that I liked from David D, Simple Pickup and the MPUA guys, and had an order of presentation.
    Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately two of the guys canceled their RSVPs and of the three remaining only two showed up. This left us with a more intimate situation so we could focus more pointedly at our individual challenges. BB showed up a little bit early and we talked about our histories. He mentioned some extreme approach anxiety so we watched simple pickup's fun video about the Bitch Butterflies. Every step of the way he identified himself in their caricature of typical AFC approach anxiety. He also seemed to get the points they made and we talked how we've got a brand new dance called we've got to overcome.

    Almost as if on cue RP arrived about this time. Introductions are made and we dive into the material, expounding upon it with our own experiences and giving each other advice when appropriate. After the material we practice our technique on each other pretending to open a set all the way through number closing. BB has a little trouble so we make up an opinion opener for his purple shirt that went something like this “Hey girls. I like your style.” Pause for response. “I'm hoping you would help me out with something real quick. My friend and I were arguing earlier, I really like this shirt on me but he said it made me look gay. What do you think, is this working for me?” We also gave him a couple of simpler openers and encouraged him to open everybody.

    We carpool to Downtown Long Beach and open two sets from the car before we even park. Neither goes particularly well but it is an awesome start. We walk around for a bit trying to find the high density environment and open sets as we walk. This is something I now really like to do. It's easier than in the club because I don't have to yell, can show off my personality and the situation lends itself to conversation. After a few sets RP and I both acknowledge our Hunger from not having eaten dinner before so we head to Congregation, a beer bar and kitchen.
    The line is atrocious but I have heard this place is fantastic and there are a lot of people here. RP opens an mf set in line and we make friends and learn about the hotspots in Hermosa Beach. Finally we order, get our beers and start searching for a table. A spot opens up against the wall and I climb over the table saying to the mf set on my right “Don't bother getting up. I got this.”
    The guy is immediately apologetic saying they would have gotten up for me and I respond with “Yeah, of course. I like to handle my business, that's the way I do it. Plus it was fun climbing over.” The girl giggles so I ask how long they've been dating. “Oh, we're best friends.” they tell me. It's so on! I bust on them about being BFF's and we talk for a minute. Then I pull RP in saying “Have you met my friend RP? RP these are my new friends C and A...They're Best Friends FOREVER!” really emphasizing the forever.
    An mpua might have called this breaking rapport but I just thought it was funny. Anyway it works great and A is obviously interested. We talk for a few and then they have to go. I get A's number.
    About halfway through our food a two set comes and wants to sit next to us. I immediately open the plain jane with “You girls can sit here but you're going to have to pay the toll.”
    “What's the toll?” the 7.5 blonde asks, eyes twinkling.
    “You have to give me a hug!” I smile. She smiles and although I wouldn't have thought it possible her eyes twinkle more. We friend hug and talk for a minute then I break saying I am going to finish my food. I go back to my portabello sandwich, sweet-potato fries and coconut porter. I eat and joke with the guys. After I finish I re-open asking about what beers they chose. They tell me Blondie's beer is the one with the really long unpronounceable name so I say “Oh, you mean the (bunch of non-sense syllables strung together to the point of absurdity)?”
    They laugh and say “Yeah, you know it? It's the stout.”
    “No, I've never had (non-sense) before, is it good?”
    “Try it!” Blondie hands me her beer.
    I smell it sensually and take a sip. “Yeah that's alright. I got the Coconut Porter. It's way better.”
    Blondie sips my beer and is excited about how tasty it is “I'm getting that next!”

    I break rapport and fluff with Plain Jane for a couple minutes. Blondie starts wiggling next to me and it's obvious she wants my attention back. I make her wait another minute then I turn back, start qualifying her and escalate the kinesthetic touching. A minute later our legs are touching under the table, my hand is on the small of her back and it's obvious we like each other. RP wings Plain Jane like boss.
    I feel like maybe I could kiss her but also feel like I would have to maneuver my body oddly to make it happen, so I just leave it alone. I future date her and we talk about us surfing together and going to a music festival together. She gives me her number and I call her up right then, get her to answer the phone and get her to tell me when she's available. Honestly this is the best interaction I've had yet and I am looking forward to seeing her again!

    BB, RP and I move on. We open a set through a window using gestures (no, not obscene gestures...what kind of guys do you think we are?) The clubs aren't really going off yet so we head down to the Irish Bar and the Piano Bar. We each open a couple sets at the Irish Pub but some guy hits me up for cocaine, like I'm a drug dealer or something. Whatever, I joke about it but kind of want to leave.
    At the piano bar I flop on a couple of sets but still get the social proof. Then I open a 7.5 (from the waist up) in a red shirt. “Hey, you look stunningly beautiful tonight.” I tell her with deep, intentional eye contact. She color shifts, her pupils dilate, she smiles and thanks me. I continue “I really like your red shirt, it looks great on you...I don't know about these earrings though.”
    “Is that your backhanded compliment to get me to like you?” She challenges.
    “Yeah, you found me out.” I reply, nonplussed.
    “I'm in (some type of) engineering.” She is showing her status.
    “Awesome, I like smart women.”
    “Yes it is.” She challenges me again but I don't remember exactly what she said.
    “Actually I'm an engineer.” I say without missing a beat
    “Really, what kind?” She asks and I tell her.
    By now I have escalated kino so far that our hips our touching and our noses are almost touching. The sexual tension is pretty thick but the conversation is languishing “We should talk about something else.” I say.
    “OK, like what?”
    “Let's talk about something a little more sexual.” I kiss her on her lower jaw. She likes it but is also a little uncomfortable so I don't push further. We talk for a minute and then she tells me she misses her beer and is going to go sit with her friends. I let it go but am still happy with this interaction because of the rapid escalation and sexual tension.
    We stay for a bit and I push BB into opening the blonde 9 who is ordering a drink. He does but bails right away so I re-open and we talk for a minute but there is no real attraction other than two beautiful confident people admiring each other...whatever, she knows us now and I was leaning back relaxed so it looked more like she was talking to us than we were talking to her, or at least I would like to think so.
    We're leaving and I open a four set fffm and quickly dial up the attraction factor with a brunette 6 and even get the nod from her male friend. My game hasn't been this good for a long time and in some ways is better than before, I feel like Hell Week is paying off already and I am looking forward to reaping the dividends!

    We walk around exploring and I open a bunch more sets, push BB into a few and generally just talk to everyone. To be honest all this extreme extroversion is pretty exhausting especially when coupled with the intense studying and lack of sleep that staying out until 3am nearly every night causes. It's totally worth it, I'm getting amazing results and I love it and know that my endurance and skills will be much higher when I settle down a little.

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    Wow! What an amazing week last week! Capped off with an epic weekend. I talked to hundreds of women. Now I'm taxt gaming 7's, 8's & 9's. Sunday was an epic finale for the Friday Night Life! workshop that somehow morphed into a weekend long bootcamp. Life is awesome and I hope to see you in Downtown LA tonight and hear your stories from last week! Message for details! Maximize yourself!

    Twitter [MENTION=35755]miik[/MENTION]usmaximus
    Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Attract-Women-...g-Beach-LA-OC/

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    The following took place on Saturday June 9th and was written on Saturday June 16th:

    Woke up and headed to Santa Monica promenade after watching a couple videos with RP. We arrive and walk towards the Creperie. I point out a 7.5 Asian to RP but he hesitates so I go open her. She has headphones in so I say hello and point to the headphones. She takes them out and I say “Do those things work?”
    “Yes, its not loud so I can still hear.”
    “Oh, well all these girls keep coming up and talking to me so I was thinking of getting some so they won't disturb me so much.” (Or something like this, it was a week ago.)
    She laughs and tells me she's meeting a friend to see a movie.
    “Where are you from, wait let me guess...You're from...Ethiopia!”
    “No” she giggles “I'm from China!”
    “Nice. I've been meeting a lot of cool people from China lately. I like it. What city are you from?”
    She tells me and we talk about China for a moment. “What movie are you seeing?” I ask, she says something unintelligible, several times. Whatever. “The only movie I even know about is Prometheus.” Blah blah blah. “Hey I have to get back to my friends. Enjoy your movie.” As I walk away her eyes and body plead for me not to go. That's all it took to make a new friend. Should have gotten her number.

    I Walk over to the Creperie where RP is chatting with the hostess, I ask for the bathroom and follow her instructions. When I get back I walk over and ask the hostess “So, have you two fallen hopelessly in love yet?” She laughs. I open the waitress, some women walking by and BB opens the Persian lady sitting next to us while teaching us to say “you're pretty” in Farsi. The point is to open everyone and build social proof. Pretty much everybody at the restaurant is watching us. After some veggie crepes, a dark-chocolate strawberry and bananas dessert crepe, a carafe of sangria and a lot of fun conversations we are all feeling pretty amazing.

    We walk around and talk to a bunch of women. I opened probably 20 sets. Some went well others not so much but non were so amazing that they stuck in my mind. We head up to the food court balcony area which has a view of the ocean and I open a two set sitting by the edge. They're pretty interesting and challenge me on a few statements. When the conversation starts getting bogged down in Religion (the bigger girl is Catholic) RP steps in and changes the subject. Thanks for the save RP.

    After this rather long but great conversational set BB and I head over to Project Hollywood for a free seminar with Tyler Durden. RP heads over to meet some friends of his at Cues. BB and I grab a slice for dinner and drive to Hollywood. We park and I see Lucky walking down the street with a couple guys. After introductions I head to the house with Lucky and his buds while BB changes into his fly threads. The seminar has already started and the speaker is mediocre. This guy is obviously not Tyler Durden but some recently transformed AFC working through his issues. Nothing he says sticks with me.

    Then a crazy Latin guy with strips of hair dyed red and 3000 pieces of flare pulls the AFC guy and takes over. This dude is funny and talks about his game. My favorite line of his “I was fucking this chick and she asked if we could take a break. I said 'The only thing that's gonna fucking break is your pussy!'” I liked his energy and attitude and realized his outrageous look was congruent with his personality and both overcame his looks. This guy obviously had game.

    Next was a guy named TechnoSlaughter or Art. This is when the seminar started getting really good. Art talked about NLP, Hypnosis and other tools to reprogram the subconscious as well as how and when to apply the tools. He recommended some references like hypnosis.edu. Everything he said was pretty much congruent with my ideas of NLP but still expanded my knowledge of how & why my mind is working. Perhaps his coolest thing is his photo analysis technique where he calls people out on being congruent with body language and can tell whether the girls are into it. Lastly I would like to share his wreck the room time. This is when you have anxiety or a getting destroyed. Do something you believe you can't do. The craziest thing you can think of. Based on what I know so far I would recommended his stuff but my knowledge is pretty limited.

    Finally it's time for Tyler Durden to come drop some knowledge and attitude on us. This is obviously not the same guy from The Game. He seems to have his shit together and bitch slaps us about will power, persistence and much more. My favorite quotes, well paraphrases at this point, “If you go out, you're going to get laid.”
    “I drive a hoopty because as soon as a woman finds out you have money she won't sleep with you.”
    I found Tyler to be pretty honest about how much hard work it is and his attitude to just do what you have to do was inspiring. There was a guy at the seminar who had a case of the I cant's and probably some severe psychological issues. I felt for him, was annoyed by him, wanted to help him and slap the shit out of him all at the same time. By the end there were a bunch of aspiring puas I had met previously there. JV, RY, Dex, Jdog and a few others.

    BB had guest list for us at a Persian club and people were waiting for us so RP, BB and I bounced to the club. We skip the line because the DJ gave BB guest list. As we walk in BB heads to the DJ, while RP and I walk to the middle of the dance floor and start busting our moves. The Persian girls start rubbing on us immediately which is awesome but as soon as one of us would turn towards one of them they would turn away and act like they hadn't just been pushing their tits against my back. It was hilarious and frustrating.

    The music was painfully loud and I have no real dance floor game so we head to the lounge area. This whole thing is still very outside my comfort zone and I have a little trouble talking at first when the lines I've been using all day just bomb tragically. It's time to do something outrageous. There is a gorgeous young lady reclining on the bed/couch by the fire so I just lie down next to her, bodies touching, and don't say anything. About a minute passes until I look at her and she's looking at me. I'm not sure what I said first but the conversation went something like this:
    Me: “Hey, blah blah blah.”
    Her: “blah blah blah.”
    Me: “This is awesome. I like the feeling of laying here in this moment of calm while the club rages around us.”
    Her: “Yeah, blah, blah, blah, what's your name?”
    Me: “Michael” but said the German way which sounds like 'Mee Ky El'
    Her: “her name blah blah”
    She puts her hand up so I use my left hand to reach up and give a slow prolonged High 5. Then I interlace my fingers in hers, all of this is super slow, but she doesn't put her fingers down so I let my hand slowly slide down hers until the last thing is my middle finger touching her palm.
    Her: “That was weird.”
    Me: “Really? Usually I'm pretty good at touching.”
    She laughs. A lot, but not in a bad way. She takes out her phone and shares the experience with her friend. Not really sure what to think but who cares. Social proof. The convo dies after that and I get up and talk to my wings again. I talk to a few more sets that don't really go anywhere.

    Then I see a gorgeous, mature (not old) sitting on the couch furiously tapping her iphone. I sit next to her and just stretch out. I let almost a minute go by then gently touch her upper arm with the back of my fingers. “Hey, I have been having an epic week and just wanted to sit for a moment, blah blah blah, you're adorable.”
    “Thanks but I'm married.” She shows me a diamond the size of a dime on her finger that I couldn't see before.
    “Does that mean you can't talk to anybody?” I ask.
    “My husband is not here tonight he is blah, blah blah.” She tells me.
    “Really, blah, blah blah.” I respond. “You're Persian right?”
    “Do you know this lady, I can't remember her name but she said something like 'I am Persian, I am just like you. There is more difference between you and your government and me and my government than there is between you and me.”
    “Oh yeah! That's soandso. She's great!”
    “I think so too. There's so much truth in that. What do you think of all the BS between our governments?”
    “It's just posturing.” She said a lot more but I don't remember much.
    The reason I brought up this conversation is that by the end she was very friendly and even gave me a hug. Since creating these relationships through conversations was a big sticking point for me earlier I am now finding I can do it with relative ease.

    A few conversations later I meet HY a half Caucasian - half middle eastern girl studying international relations in Cairo. This girl is sexy as hell, smart and a decent conversationalist. I got her number after a stimulating and protracted conversation about Egypt the Mid East, the US, Israel and the general situation over there. I decide to text her right away so a few minutes later I sent her the following text:
    Me: HY, you are totally my new personal mid east correspondent. We should totally hang out. What's your 1:13 looking like?
    Her: 1:13? Lol
    Me: That's right. At the lounge chair by the fire. Bring a nice co-correspondent for my friend.
    Me: My battery is DED. Reach me at (alternate number).

    She didn't come over, text or call. But it was my first text game. The next morning I thought it would have been funny to say something like “I can't make it. Let's reschedule.” or something along those lines.

    Next! I see this gorgeous girl standing with a three set so I walk over and open her friends, then turn to her. A couple more group lines and then I turn my back on her friends and kind of isolate her. I banter and she laughs. I say “I don't normally do this but my phone is about to die and I think we should talk more later. What's your number?” She gets her number from her friend (I see the name is right at least.) I talk for a minute more then say I'm going back to my friends. I catch her looking at me a few times more. My wings tell me she was the hottest girl in the club, the term eleven was thrown out, to me she was just another nine I was helping have a better night. She is horrible at texting. Not fun at all. Not sure I'll be able to convert this into a date but I am damn well going to try.

    Next! I talk with a few more sets and the club is winding down. RP and BB are both seemingly doing well and are locked in their sets. For a minute I'm feeling like a loser without a girl but push the feeling away and go open another set. By now I've been handed a few vodka red bulls and am a little fuzzy on any conversation. The set was going well, it was the two friends of BB's girl and one had a look I really like. She was giving me tons of kino, IOI's and laughed at everything I said. Her friends let us do our thing. We were all talking about leaving together and getting breakfast. Then they lost their jackets and went on a rampage trying to find them. We waited with one of the friends while the others tried to find the jackets but eventually it was time to go.

    BB, RP and I retired to a nearby diner where we compared notes and each opened a set. Really it was a tough environment and we all did well. BB kissed his lady, I number closed the hottest girl in the club and RP had a great locked in set. Felt really good about this!

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    The following took place on Sunday June 10th 2012 and was written on Thursday June 21st 2012

    Yeah, I'm a week and half behind on my journal but these take time and I have been raging non-stop.

    Sunday morning RP, BB and I grab breakfast at Zephyr in Long Beach. RP sees a set across the street and runs after her. He opens and she tells him she is having problems with her fiancee, starts crying and confides in him. Making the world a better place one approach at a time. After breakfast we head over to Hollywood to pick up RP's car where he left it then we head over to the Santa Monica Promenade. BB and I carpool and get there about 20 minutes before RP.
    As we're walking towards the main drag I spot a single sitting on a bench looking pensive and bored. After opening she tells me she is waiting for friends whom she lost as her cellphone is dead. We chat for a bit and establish some rapport and comfort. It's a good warm up. Don't remember if I got her number but I think I asked.

    Quick break from the narrative to say that from now on when I save these numbers I make notes so I can easily remember who she is, where we met and a code so I can group her. I have several numbers I don't know anything about, it's fun but kind of weird to text with a girl I don't remember.

    We move on, heading to Jamba Juice for some veggie juice. I open a set in line for practice even though I'm not interested this is about being social! As I'm heading from the line to the waiting area I see a two set of 8s and open with something like “What flavor did you get?” They beat me up for a few minutes. No love. Whatever.

    As we walk out of Jamba BB opens a 9 black girl with “Hey, I like your style.” How had I missed her, this is the type of girl I like, beautiful, stacked, well dressed, obviously ambitious but a little rough around the edges. She has a peace tattoo on her wrist. I stand by as they chat for a minute but when it's clearly going nowhere I step in and bring it back. At first I'm just trying to wing for BB but homegirl is totally vibing me and conversation flows naturally. BB sorry I sort of stole your set, I know you said you didn't like her and it was OK but I felt really bad.

    Note: We need signals to know if it's OK to swap.

    Homegirl is getting drinks for the office where she is temping. I get her number. Then her drinks come up and it's more than she can easily carry so I offer help. She accepts. The convo is going so well she gets lost, twice and we end up chatting for like 20 minutes walking her to her work. (We have been having a great time texting and I stood her up for a date last Tuesday. Now we're meeting up next Tuesday.)

    RP finally meets us and we all start opening a bunch of sets. One of us will lock in and the others go off to open more sets then meetup again later. RP and I have a great time at the hat kiosk with the gorgeous Russian girl whom I wish was over 18, yes I know how pervy that sounds but this girl is exotic, interesting and seems pretty mature for her 17 years, and the late 30ish Turkish lady who is not quite sure how to handle us. We open a couple sets who walk by while we're there talking about hats and what looks good on us.

    BB falls flat with some German girls then points them out to me. I open in German and we talk about mutual German and American interests. They don't have a phone number here (or so they claim) but I give them mine anyway. I tried way to hard with these girls and not only did they never call but kind of dissed me when we saw them later. An Asian two set RP and I had opened at the hat store were very glad to see us later and yelled for us across the street. So it goes.

    RP is texting with a Kuwaiti he met at the Persian club last night and she wants to meet up with him. She says something about being sorry it had taken her so long to agree to hang. RP asks me what to say back and we hit upon something like “You should be sorry. I'll meet you over there but you have to buy me something special. Nothing over $5.00 but it has to be thoughtful.” This works excellent and RP heads off to meet her at The Grove (in LA).

    Even though I'm dead tired, incredibly hungry and ready to go home and sleep BB is my ride. He kidnaps me and takes me back to Hollywood to meet his friend MK for dinner at Katsuya a posh Asian restaurant at Hollywood and Vine. We walk in and there is nothing but supermodels there. Awesomeness. I'm so hungry and tired I'm about to fall over. We meet MK, and steal a table next to him and his mistress, who takes a minute to warm up to me.

    While I'm mangeing some overpriced sushi and drink a sugar-free redbull a two set of 9s sits next to us. BB and MK obviously oogle them but I ignore them and concentrate on my much needed sustenance. After I eat I continue ignoring the Hbs but turn up the fun at our table. Then I get up and go to the bathroom, as I am sitting down again I open them. They're from Australia, on vacation and open to my witty banter. I show them the world through my blue blocker sun glasses, talk about the baby stealing dingo story, and make up a long joke about the guy with four beautiful women being the new Heidi Fleiss (I have to explain who Heidi Fleiss is). They are rapt and giving me good IOIs and a great vibe.

    I tell them that we're going to the W lounge and they should meet us there. They agree and MK, BB and I head over to the W. We walk in and over to the bar where I open a two set at the bar. They are being indecisive about what to drink so I choose for them. We banter and a random black guy joins me in the set. It's cool, I welcome him and we all make friends. The girls get their drinks and as I glance left I see the two Aussie 9s from Katsuya's chatting with BB and MK. I number close the two set and they agree but somehow never get the number...have to remember to pull out the phone!

    After ejecting I go back to BB, MK and our new Australian friends. We chat for a minute and then I steer us over to a reserved table in the front where the jazz band is about to start. A waitress tries to stop me so I tell her how I have been living large, am incredibly tired and just need to sit down for a minute. She likes it and now we have the hottest table in the lounge. The concierge comes to kick us out and the waitress intercedes on my behalf. So I'm sitting here a 9 on my left, a 9 on my right and BB and MK sitting to the right at a table reserved for some rich guy and his entourage. We stay for about 10 minutes while the band plays a couple songs and then head out to the patio so the waitress doesn't get in trouble.

    On the patio I go lay down on a couch while BB, MK and the girls chat. I spend about 10 minutes hypnotizing myself/meditating, relaxing my whole body and resetting my confidence. Feeling much better I get up and join the group. Half an hour later I'm way past ready to go home, encourage MK to go for a threeway with both girls and convince Bobby to leave. MK follows us but the girls want us to go to Drai's with them. I just want to go home and go to sleep, I have a 6am call time for work tomorrow and a 12 hour day after that.

    MK convinces BB to go to Drai's and offers to pay for my cab back to Long Beach. The cabbie I hail won't estimate the cost and I feel like he is trying to hustle me. MK says he'll pay for the club so we tip the hostess, skip the line and head upstairs. The place is kind of empty but the level of women is high...nothing under a 7.
    I open a couple light sets and am walking to the bar when I get an IOI from a Latina. BB and I head over and I open. Talking is kind of difficult for me and the girl who waved me over loses interest but her even hotter friend is vibing on me so I lock in and kick back next to her. MK walks by with the Aussies at some point. The Latinas, BB and I talk about making good conversation and other things. I'm getting bored and sleepy sitting so I eject and leave BB in the set.

    A pua we saw at RSD's Project Hollywood shows up and we talk briefly. I'm bust out a wreck the room by hopping up on the gogo dancer platform and dancing until she kicks me off. Get mad props from my new friends but dissed by some stranger. DGAF. RP shows up with the Kuwaiti and she is pretty damn cute. MK gets so drunk he starts speaking in tongues. Delirious, I end up doing push ups in the Hotel Lobby while talking about my mission. Long story short we rage until the club closes, BB and I kiss both girls, BB macking the tall one. Can't tell you how amazing this night felt. Even though we didn't sleep with the girls and I was dead tired and over-caffeinated all day at work the adrenaline and endorphins from this night had me happy and energetic all day. This is what maximizing means. Looking forward to the next adventure!

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    The following took place on Thursday the 14th of June 2012 and was written on Friday the 22nd

    An artist I know sent me an invite to Clades in LA where she was showing off her custom made jewelry for the monthly Art Walk in Downtown LA. Having never been to the Art Walk I immediately resolved to go so I posted it up on the meetup group and sent a text blast to the boys. Somehow we evolved this into a micro-workshop at my house first where AL, BB and I practiced some approach and conversational techniques. We had a special guest natural who shared some of his insights, advice and techniques.

    BB and I carpooled and I opened a set as soon as we got out of the car. A 5 and a 6 Latina, it was just warm up but made their night better as we left them with big smiles and boosted confidence. We made our way over to Clades opening sets on the way. We met AL there where he was chatting up a super confident and fairly attractive black 8, her looks were a 7 but her confidence and social status pushed her up to an 8. We talked about the music festivals in the region, fashion and other things. My artist friend came out and we chatted for a bit. She showed me a dope leather jacket that looked really good on me. I didn't buy it...but liked the lesson.

    I number close the black girl, but it's a bust number...whatever. We move on and meet JD who is rolling with a whole crew. DN I've met before but am pleased to meet IB and another guy who's name I don't remember, he bounced early. Now we're mobbing seven deep opening everything that moves or talks. DN tells us about a bar and we head in. A few guys split off to open sets. I see a three set of a 6, and two 7.5s at the bar and walk over. I'm feeling it and the girls are receptive. Picking out something special about each of them I compliment the 7.5 Blonde's '80's style, the 6's sultry voice and the 7.5 Brunette's adorableness.

    An opportunity opens so I lock in and kick back against the bar in the middle of their circle. We chat for a bit and I'm about to pull them over to the group when JD comes over and loudly says “Hey Girls! Is this guy bothering you?” I want to slap the shit out of him but just roll with it and introduce him to the girls and tell him we're going to join the group. The girls recover and follow me over to meet the guys not in set. We talk for a bit and then I tell them we are going to go to Association and they should meet us there, if they miss us we'll be at SevenGrand later.

    The girls leave with hugs but we're not ready yet as there are still a couple guys in set. I turn around and open two 7 black girls standing behind me. They melt right away, social proof and high confidence make this so easy. I number close the taller one but forget to text her right away.

    We move to association and I open a set right away. It's dark so everyone looks good. The set goes OK but dwindles as bathroom and bar trips take their toll until it's just me and one girl whom I don't find attractive. When the guys get back I eject. I push AL into a seated set wait a few minutes then go open the friends so he can isolate. At first the friend is into me but at some point I did something wrong and her attraction evaporates. WTF. I sit there suffering through a few more minutes and see that AL isn't doing much better so I eject.

    BB is in a three set with a large Latina in pink hanging all over him. I step in to wing and after introductions he isolates his girl. One of the friends is an 8 black girl, her looks are 7 but she is sexy as hell and pushing her ample breasts and curvy body against mine. Suddenly I remember why I am doing this and we share a couple minutes of sexual tension but I make the mistake of not escalating physically fast enough. I should have kissed her and touched her all over...Anyway around this time one of the other guys comes over and I switch to the other friend a 7.5 Latina.

    We chat for a bit then it's time to go to the next club. We head over to Silo a vodka bar but apparently it's a hang for gay black guys tonight so we head over to SevenGrand. As usual the place is full of decent sets. A two set of Asians is chilling at a table so I go over and make myself at home. They're not interested but they're nice and interesting so I stay in for a bit to build social proof. One of the guys joins me and that keeps things going a little longer then we leave them be.

    Outside on the patio I see a four set that looks like a bride's maid party so I go over and ask about the wedding. They weren't at a wedding. I tease them about their dresses and get beat up a bit by these girls who think they are way higher status than they are. Eventually I retreat and am chatting with the boys when DN opens the door for an adorable 7.5 Asian. Before she can get away I open her and she is very receptive, giving a bunch of IOIs and flirting back. Turns out she is the sister of the Asian set I enjoyed earlier. Pays to talk to everyone!

    After blowing it with her I head back inside to see the three set from the first bar getting mobbed by every guy in the place. I throw my hands in the air and give a loud “WOOT!” to make sure they see me but walk right by to the bar and get myself a much needed glass of water. Chat with some acquaintances and turn back to see the 7.5 brunette in set with a guy and the 7.5 blond chilling in the chair. She sees me as I walk over and smiles. Tells me they waited for us to go to association and blah, blah, blah. I'm getting good vibe so I tease and get close, pause, closer, pause, closer...

    No, I missed my chance to kiss her, but I don't realize this until later. All I know right then is that I did something wrong. She still likes me, we spend an hour chatting and I touch her pretty much all over. It was nice but I totally missed a great opportunity with a girl I found attractive that liked me.

    After the bar BB and I grab some tacos from the best taco truck in LA with a new acquaintance. This guy is a player and is texting with a girl going for the lay. She can't make up her mind but he shares the text convo and I get some ideas. He gives BB and I a ride over to BB's car. It's locked in the lot!!! BB and I are stranded in LA at 2:30 in the AM the night of the Art Walk and the LA film festival. There's not a hotel room anywhere near us. We call the Athletic Club who try to turn us away but our new acquaintance talks them into giving us their reserve room.

    As I'm laying down and reviewing the night in my head I see the opportunity I missed. It's painfully obvious now. I bitch slap myself and tell BB about it. He commiserates. Time to change my mind so I rewind back to that moment and imagine myself pulling the trigger at the opportune moment. Bam, my brain fills with dark images of disasters and monsters. Not often I get to see my subconscious at work like that. I calm myself and reset, run the image again this time deliberately picturing a lush green meadow, clear blue skies and a rainbow in place of the disaster image. Take that subconscious! Sometimes it's good to be the boss...

    Two nights later I five minute kiss close on the street in San Diego...but that's for the next journal.

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    The following took place on Saturday the 16th of June 2012 and was written on Friday the 22nd of June

    I'm working in San Diego every weekend for the next 11 weeks. I get off at 10:30pm. This is my first opportunity to sarge down here. I'm meeting V an aspiring PUA here in SD. After work I stop at It's a Taco Stop as I'm ravenous and they're open. The food is OK and I read a bunch of the PUA newsletters I subscribe to. This keeps me from getting to Gas Lamp until about midnight.

    First thing I notice is that I'm one of the best dressed guys out there. I'm supposed to meet V at McFadden's so I head over there, pay the $5.00 cover which is usually against my religion, and go upstairs. The place is packed, the music is incredibly loud and there is no way I'm going to find V in there. I dance a little and some guy tells me that I look like I own the club. Thanks!

    Feeling a little lost and out of place I head downstairs to find V. Turns out he is across the street at Whiskey Girls where I have guest list. We meet but decide to skip the club in favor of trolling the streets. He shares that he is having trouble opening by missing a bunch of sets in a row. I use the one NLP technique I know to break his reason and replace it with a new belief system. V turns into an opening machine! He just starts opening everyone with no fear. It's awesome to see.

    We talk to a bunch of sets but only lock into one three set which I number close, they don't text back. V opens a two set a 3 and a 5 Latina. He is on the 5 so I suck one up and wing the 3. This is probably the ugliest girl I've talked to since, ever. In fact I'm down grading her to a 2 because her personality was just about as charming as her looks. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Eventually V disentangles himself from the married 5 that's trying to rape him on the street and we move on.

    We find the posh clubs and get beat up by some high status 9s. Then the drama comes, we're walking down the street when this girl sees V and starts crying. She's his Ex girlfriend. This crying lasts for about 20 minutes. An unrelated fist fight breaks out across the street. I'm so over this right now. An epoch later V disentangles himself and we make another round for the club closing crowds then head towards the car.

    A tall guy has two women, they're laughing up a riot and having a good time. One of the girl's, a solid 7 white girl, cowboy hat gets knocked off. I recover it and return it.
    Me: Wait, let me crown you!
    Her: OK, You can crown me!
    I put the hat on her head slowly and ceremoniously while maintaining eye contact. She's smiling and we just eye gaze for a moment.
    Me: Wow. You're the most beautiful woman I've seen...in the last 30 seconds
    Her: Giggles, bows and comes back for more
    We fluff for a little bit to build comfort and rapport with non-stop eye contact
    Her Male Friend: Look at this Handsome Devil
    (I'm so in!)
    Me: You're walking this way? Pointing in the direction we are both headed.
    Her: Yes
    Me: Good, you're walking with me.
    I take her hand and we walk together chatting.
    Some black girl comes over and compliments her hat and try's to talk about the south and country but we are in our own world and the interruption goes away quickly.
    We come to a stop light, I turn towards her, put her hand around my neck and pull her hips against mine. Non-stop eye contact
    I mumble something about kissing and bend down towards her, stopping about an inch from her mouth. She turns towards me and we kiss. We start making out. She's a pretty mediocre kisser. I show her a new trick. She adopts it and the kiss improves. We break apart. I'm pretty high on endorphines and adrenaline.

    We walk on and make out again. She asks where I'm sleeping tonight. I'm not prepared for this question and blow it saying I have to give V a ride home. No recovery. She gives me her number.

    Yes, it was awesome. Yes it was incredibly painful to have blown the sleep over. Yes I have been bitch slapping myself since, well, when I'm not congratulating myself. Live and learn.

    Some advice I've gotten since is to push her away as soon as she starts tounging and then pull her back. Also to not give up the sleep over so easily. Any suggestions about how I could have handled it better are welcome.

    This is amazing. Amazingly painful. Amazingly fun. I've never put so much effort into any one thing before. I've never grown so much so fast. Loving it!

    Maximizing myself.


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