Any helpful DVD seduction material?
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  1. Any helpful DVD seduction material?


    I need help with learning seduction material. I'm a good-looking (according to numerous women) man, however I am 27 and still not had sex, pathetic I know despite the many opportunities I am given.

    I have opportunities all the time, but I rarely advance them as I want to avoid any social anxiety and potential sexual performance anxieties. I asked a beautiful girl out the other week, a 10/10 in my opinion but mistakes were made as I got stupid drunk one night (which I usually don't do) and didn't realize she was out and acted an idiot.

    I've just finished University after doing a degree in Psychology and have a background in Accountancy. I will be doing my last year of accountancy this year at college as I did not complete it before going University. I have a new job, have booked an induction at the gym and have a good amount of friends who are decent with women so I don't have to sarge solo and I have people to speak to about the process.

    I'm brave enough to approach women sober, it's a bit uncomfortable but no big deal and I am prepared to suffer if need be. I'm going to suffer anyway not doing anything so might as well suffer constructively. I don't think I need to learn how to be funny, how to open (a simple 'hi' is more than enough imo) or how to build comfort etc. I naturally can do this when I am relaxed but I have issues with low-self esteem and social anxiety.

    Can anyone recommend any good DVD courses that teach strong mental mindsets, how females minds work and proper ways of conducting yourself?

    Thank you

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    Don't go the DVD route. Trust me on this one books are WAY better. When I first started PUA I found all the DVD's I could get my hands on, trying to cut corners. It just wasn't working too well...

    Do yourself a favor, read the following:
    - The Game by Niel Strauss. You can get the audio book on for like $10 and will get through listening to it in about four hours. This will give you a good introduction to the pickup community
    - Magic Bullets : this is a great first read to learn the game. Can be found on this web site
    - Jugglers book. I think it's called becoming charismatic. This really contradicts the philosophy of Magic Bullets and the Mystery Method. But Juggler's stuff has some strengths as well.
    - Lovesystems phone and text game book. It's invaluable and you'll need it when you get good at number closing.

    And read the forums as much as possible.

    Lastly, get out there and practice as much as possible.

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