Help with a russian girl...

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  1. Help with a russian girl...

    Hi Everyone,

    Saw this site on google and thought it seemed a good starting point to ask about my current situation!

    There was a russian girl that joined my workplace around 2 months ago, we seemed to hit it off straight away chatting and joking around and then we got talking on facebook too after work.

    Soon after that she asked for my number and then we started chatting on the phone too after work for around 2 hours a night, i even ended up reading a bed time story..

    Since then we also met for coffee before work and she has suggested we do other things like breakfast or going out etc..

    Problem is i still havnt really sensed any type of attraction there and its getting me a bit annoyed now. I wish i knew where i stood! one minute im speaking on the phone for hours next day i dont hear anything at all...

    Are russian girls any different to normal english girls in that sense?

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    whats up, hope its not to late!
    Im russian, living long time in Europe though!
    yet I know what it take to get a russian chick!
    first fatal mistake you did...from what I could read you catapulted yourself into that very
    "best friend"-zone, nobody wants to be in! You did so by chatting on the phone TELEGRAPHING
    interest and stating that you have to much time aka you have nothing better te do then to talk to her (so long)!
    it fatal! especially with russian chicks: they want to be conquered and feel wanted! Though it is a major trap if
    you start to do what ever it takes to please her! she'll starts pushing you with her demands and you'll end up
    servicing her needs without getting any taste of fresh and wet pussy!
    So kill it! go straight and ask her out! Have sex with her first and the put yourself in that position where she has to fight for you!
    It is very fine thing, cuz she will never dump you after that. If her friends will know somebody had sex with her and then dumped her, she'll look cheap!!
    This is exactly what she will want to avoid, so she'll give you opportunities to redeem her value...use it to build the "relationship" the way you like it!

    As to how getting her into bed 101:
    if its a classy chick, go for a theatre or movie, go eat out, if she tries to play a LJBF card, tell her to pay for your part, since you're buddies and you'll grab the next round, cuz this is what buddies do! If she looks weird about it laugh! discourage her LJBF attitude...discombobulate your target entirely!
    Go for a drink, when the time's right, escalate!
    Then, since you know each other, invite her to your place for a bottle of "great wine" and close the deal!
    Thats it my friend!


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