Gil Rio Mini-Seminar - Scottsdale, June 2012
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  1. Gil Rio Mini-Seminar - Scottsdale, June 2012

    Very inexpensive and worthwhile seminar presented by Gil Rio and associate instructor.
    The major thing I learned was that what I had learned so far is old school. I just read Magic Bullets but even that is dated material based on what Gil Rio presented. It was good to hear the other students questions and the associated answers. The next major thing I heard gave me hope, that teasing can be practiced. Finally, I have never qualified consciously. So there is a lot for me to learn and the seminar exposed that.

    Very inexpensive and return on investment is high. I'd suggest everyone take advantage of it when they can.

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    Gil Rio Scottsdale, Seminar

    Hey guys,

    I was invited over to attend the Gil Rio Mini-seminar in Scottsdale, and I immediately knew that this seminar would be a valuable source.

    For all you guys who haven't taken bootcamps or any live training with these guys, it's a real treat to see them in person. First, you get a sense of how the instructor thinks/operates/and how he carries himself not only around women, but to the world. Second, you're taught all the material you know and love (anyone on TAF has probably read through Magic Bullets multiple) in a different fashion. It's one thing to nod your head "yes" while reading advice from a book, and another thing entirely for an instructor to challenge you in a situation and give you the step-by-step guide to handling that situation with the advice the book gives. And thirdly, you become surrounded with students and people who are after the same goal. You become influenced by everyone's story and you see the multiple challenges and advantages they face, as well as uncovering and learning the strengths and weaknesses you possess.

    And this mini seminar was no different!

    Gil Rio is a really laid back, down to earth guy who has a real knack for explaining what he's teaching. He will get your mind to wrap around a certain subject and then root it in your head until you have a solid understanding of concepts such as attraction, qualification, and comfort. You also get to observe Gil's body language and facial expressions in the mini seminars which are extremely helpful since Gil has a knack for making a joke hilarious with a simple smirk on his face.

    There are barely any breaks in the information, so prepare yourself for a comprehensive lecture about how the Love System's techniques work, and prepare yourself as well to jump into a few exercises to train certain facets of your game.

    All in all, Gil's a terrific teacher who will not only point you in the right direction, but draw a path from where you are to where you want to go while on that path.


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    thanks guys!! This tour was a blast, glad to finally be in Scottsdale

    keep me posted on your progress!!

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