POF Profile - No Success After Following Tips? (Link please critique)
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  1. POF Profile - No Success After Following Tips? (Link please critique)

    Hello Attraction Forums,

    I have re-created my profile, added some actual images of myself, intrests and text. I've run the Firefox iMacro yet I'm having really bad success?

    My Profile:

    Only about 2 messages to over a few thousand messaged, and the two messages were from very large ladies who I dont share any intrests.

    Looking for suggestions - I know I'm ugly but I cant really fix that meh.

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    It's not that. I'm reading your body language in your pics and it doesn't convey confidence imo. So yes, I would focus on your pics.

    I would change your main pic to the one where you have the camera. You might even want to just trim down your pics to only the camera one, the car one, and the two girls. I would trim down the interests list to only a few items. It's not necessary to have it that long.

    Can you give an example of the type of message you're sending? Are you getting any views from the meetme bomb?

  3. Updated the main photo and added another one (and removed a few) thanks for all your help so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrKaspersky View Post
    Updated the main photo and added another one (and removed a few) thanks for all your help so far
    MrKaspersky do you own a suit, you would easily pull it off fashion grey, your clothing is baggy/lazy get something that fits nicely, go to a store & ask for help, A lady working would love to help. Suits & dark jeans with a jacket also goes well, also photos with glasses off are better & on dates no glasses.

    1st date is hilarious, do not make the joking comment stay in character, do not say I would love to hear from you make a sarcastic comment like "if you prefer Subway please leave my profile unless you are muscular, butch, feminist & will spank me into going" stay in character.

    Confidence in your photos just think Chris Eubank spiffing sir when getting taken, also get photos with the girls it is a DHV.

    I viewed profile do not worry p.s. I am ugly & bald also what is your 1st message.

  5. Hey, you're not ugly at all, man. Your profile is funny, but personally, I would maybe omit the last serious sentences because it is obvious enough that you are just joking.

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    Hey big man, I've not posted here in FOREVER! Been using PoF quite a bit recently, there's nothing like increasing you're options. Here's my first impressions.

    Too honest about weight, there's nothing wrong with putting Average body type, Average is a broad spectrum.

    Edit! - Photos:
    Forgot to mention these. Keep first three, remove last three. The first three make you look COOL - women, fun, laughs, smiles, wealth(car). The last three look lonely and awkward.

    Too many, it's tldr. Pick 7-10 of the best ones. Get rid of the boring Movies, computers, cycling.
    Bad dancing, smell of petrol, Sarcasm are all possible negatives.
    Watching People = People Watching...(lol).
    Being polite, excellent manners and decent humans all together make it sound like you have some sort of complex concerning people being dick heads to you. (No offence just how it reads...)
    Italian Food, Eating out - too cliché, possible cringy. No girl really wants to go for a meal on the first date and these interests could spark those thoughts.

    Could go with:
    Dolphin wrestling, cheesy jokes, sunsets, travelling, people watching, stormy days, ENTHUSIASM, driving without a destination, red peppers, geeks.

    ENTHUSIASM is caps, funny.

    Might seem like I'm going into WAY too much detail but this profile is the only thing they have to know if they like you or not. The smallest negative and they click next. You want to minimize the negatives/possible negatives.

    You're write some funny stuff man, but remove "Just kidding... I didn't want to write a book about myself, send me a message if anything catches your eye see my interests for a general idea of who I am.

    Thank you for reading & happy fishing."
    Commit to the joke.

    First Date:
    Remove "On the second date I would expect sex, and lots of it." - THE... and I mean THE!!! golden rule of PoF is to never mention sex un till you've got another form of contact. Even if the girl has images of her pussy on the profile and the headline is "STICK IT IN HERE!", your message should still be, "Hi you seem like a cool and interesting girl." LOL! As comedy as that is.
    Every dick head and his dog on PoF is messaging everyone women with comments about their looks and sex. They are fed up with hearing that shit and will ignore you if you mention it.

    Remove "Okay, just kidding!" lack of confidence. Again, commit to your jokes, don't apologies for them. It's obviously you're kidding.

    I don't want to link my profile but I'll paste my words.

    Smurfs snuggling snow
    smiling smexeh summer
    SPOONING snowboarding pirates

    About Me:
    I occasionally like to pop some bomb-ass wheelies down the Asteroid Belt on my sick space scooter.

    When I'm not doing that though I'm playing video games and probably trying to be funny.

    Trust me though, I'm a doctor.

    First Date:

    Works for me providing the first message is emotionally stimulating enough. Then as long as I don't mention sex or any sexual innuendo, I get contact details and usually arrange a meet within a day to a week. Often have to cut them off for a few days after a days texting to prove you're not too desperate and then they start pushing you for a meet rather than the other way round.

  7. OP- your physical looks are absolutely something you can change.

    If I had before/after photos to show you how I looked before working out, dressing well, etc. and how I looked after I started doing all that, you wouldn't believe it's the same person.

    Tip 1:

    Go to the forums on Bodybuilding.com - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community!. There are a lot of great workout routines there, and as long as you do your research first the community is willing to help you.

    Tip 2:

    Do some research on fashion. What looks good, etc. Then go out and change your wardrobe.

    Speaking as a guy who used to be one awkward, nerdy, unconfident motherfucker... it works! You just need to actually do it

    You'll look better AND feel better

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