Stripper routine
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    Stripper routine

    Hi lads and ladies. Just a quick one for you. Now most of you who use this will essentially be lying (or is it flirting) but this was actual truth for me. You could modify it to make it more real-life.

    I go in to a strip club with the drummer from my band. We sit a few tables back from the pervert row and genuinely have a good laugh etc. We are dressed like rock stars.

    We're in a good spot for the girls to come and try to hustle us after they've had their turn on stage. They come up and ask for tips and all the usual bullshit. After some hardcore bantering, we apologise and tell them that we're not going to be buying anything. Some get pissed at this, most just make like they're going to leave.

    At this point we drop the bomb. The drummer Brad will turn to me or vice versa, and say something like "what do you think about her? Would she suit it?". They invariably go "what are you talking about?" or something similar. We then go on to explain that we are secretly scouting for a music video... our music video. We explain that it will be taking the piss out of hiphop, and we need some gorgeous girls to dance for a pool party. We sell it BIG TIME. Then we'll ask if she would be interested in being in it, while also doing qualification by saying we need friendly fun girls etc etc

    When I tried this I number closed 6 strippers, who all gave me their 'real' names too, and some had since added me on facebook. They were from a different city so I never got to really follow up the numbers, but with some solid phone game etc and stuff such as inviting them to a gig, I reckon I could close with it.

    I plan to give it another try soon (I don't often go to strip clubs), and then actually follow up. I also text them what to search on YouTube to watch our first music video, which features strippers, so that's helpful I imagine.

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    Well, try it out and see if you can F-close stripper on a consistent basis
    If underlying meaning is you are either have Famous Power or Money Power and you get number close, is less meaningful, even if they flirt with you

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