Fader Stripper & Hired Guns - Las Vegas, May 2012

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    Fader Stripper & Hired Guns - Las Vegas, May 2012

    Huh, seminar is over and it was as exciting as exhausting..
    If you do consider to do a workshop with Fader, you not only need to be in physical and mental top form no; from my point of view you made the right choice too.

    His seminar has a huge content, covering quite everything. Kind off 100% words = 200% content. Moreover, the infield never ends unless you give up, club closes or no more drinks and girls are available. This man is party and a living expample of persistence.
    However, this doesn't mean he doesn't take the time to answer your questions. On contrary, if you look confused for just a fraction of a second, he will stop to make sure you got it. For me, he knows how to ask the right questions to solve inner game issues.
    The only drawback from my point of view, is that the seminar is really packed if not overloaded. Less might be more. But rather this way than the other way round

    The stripper seminar's content gives the true insight what's going on in the dancer's minds as well as in the club itself. In the club you will be automatically in a set with hot girls for hours and hours. For me, approach anxiety got off the table. As the strippers have all pretty similar game, it's like in a video game. Do the same thing as long as it works and at the point you failed before, try something else. Using Fader's tacticts, I took a couple of numbers of super hot girls in one of the most popular strip clubs worldwide. Some spent up to an hour with me instead of competing for the millionaires money. Feels good... Therefore, this two nights haven't only improved my stripper game, but will positively affect my regular game too.
    Fader's time buying lines are money! ...not for the strippers, but for us, hehe

    Buddy, it was a huge pleasure to be your student. Really appreciate the extra time we hanged out together and you still giving tips and tricks. You really wanna help guys like us not only to get hotter women but in getting an amazing live too. Your action-plan, milestones and goal-setting is amazing (he already knows when and where he will do his future wife what kind of fake titts! compared to goals like "let's finish another working day...")

    Alright bro, keep in touch!
    ..and you miss 100% of the shots you don't take!


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    I give this workshop a 9.9 out of 10. The in-fields were great and awesome fun, but the lectures alone were worth the price tag. The good thing about Fader’s lectures is that he has a shitload of information and tactics – enough so that you’ll be busy trying new routines and tactics for months. Did I mention that his seminars for both days were extended by 1-2 hours.

    The last thing I’ll say is this, I certainly did feel like a student who was learning under an attentive, caring, and knowledgable teacher. However, Fader treated me like a great friend throughout the weekend. He was kind enough to hang out with me at a bar and invited me for dinner at a Vegas buffet, and we got to talking like just two dudes who’ve been friends for a long time. I still keep in touch with Fader today and have already number closed a stripper in my hometown this week thanks to Fader’sworkshop and guidance.

    I hope the best for him when he leaves to pursue his interests in Colombia…and I hope Colombia is still in one piece after Fader gets his hands on their women.

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    Amazing workshop and we had a great group. I actually ended up hanging out with one of the students all day Monday and we went to ANOTHER stripclub haha. What I have learned from doing these now for a couple of years is a) the infield never seems to end, I think we are averaging around 15 hours of infield per BC (in 2 days) and goodbyes always seem to be said at spearmint rhino at 6 or 7 am not because the person wants to leave but they literally have to. You would be surprised how many walk out at 7 am, to goto the hotel to goto the airport. Good times! I am still in touch with everyone from this workshop and one I plan to hang out again with when he swings through NYC. We got 2 on the schedule left (1 sold out, the other with 1 spot left), after that I am not sure if there will be another (there might be but no promises). Getting closer to Colombia kids. This week I continue to get my $$$ in order, work on my personal biz & I am hoping that in as little as 4 weeks I am applying for papers. #play2win #chaseurdreams suckas!
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