How into me do you think this girl is- if at all?
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  1. How into me do you think this girl is- if at all?

    Hi there.
    New to the forum.

    feel a bit old to be asking for advice but at my age I still need all the tips it would seem. I met this girl at the gym and we had been doing the eye contact thing for a few weeks. Shes a trainer there so last week i struck up a convo with her, lots of close deep eye contact, direct body language,smiling,touching ,asked her to be my personal trainer.

    So we get our sessions going last weekend , there s a lot of touching , joking , pushing , teasing , her giggling at my crap jokes and impressions. The other day i took my watch along to train and its a big gold number so i gave it to her to hold and she insisted on wearing it on her tiny wrist and then didnt want to give it back, i got a slap on my ass from her at one point. So im like " i think i could be in there"- she is pretty damn hot but cos she is quite a few steps above me in the attractiveness stakes i kind of let myself think that i wont be able to get her so i tend to be quite reaxed with her, this has happpened before and i end up laughing the women into bed.Somehow. Anyway i ask her out after we exchange a few text messages that evening. She didnt reply to that one til the next day- her reply was - "Are you asking me on a date?"( i think i made it perfectly clear i was!) and she "cant date a client at the gym" .

    Im thinking it looks to a lot of people like we may already be dating because of the amount of outrageous flirting going on- and it is pretty outrageous from both of us- but is she using the client thing as an excuse- is she just a total flirt/actress (if she is she is the best one i have ever seen) i keep up the flirting or do i give her the cold shoulder for a bit? how do i play it? im training with her again tomorrow

  2. With what you have told, its obvious she is interested in you -perhaps moreso because of your inner game doesnt allow you to be too flirtatious and alpha right now.
    Ur humor seems to work perfectly. Keep that going.
    She LIKES the fact that you asked her out - and she is shit testing you on your text (asking her out).
    She is simply looking for an excuse that will allow her to go out "with a customer". Its classic cognitive dissonance (The art of lying to yourself).
    So, you simply need to find that excuse to pass that barrier.

    E.g.; "Fine, you just quit your job, and then go out with me " or
    "No problem, Ill cancel my membership while we go out...hows that sound? " or..
    "Thats not a problem - we just have to get married immediately!"

    Something along those lines.

    She is into you. Go for it!!!!!

  3. thanks for your reply mate. we were supposed to train on saturday , but she blew it out cos of an injury and we chatted on the phone for about 30 mins. last night trained again, usual banter and flirting and jokes, i turned something back on her and she became quite defensive- i basically said she was a bit of a tomboy (i guessed that she had at least one older brother and i guessed right) and she became really defensive , about how she can be feminine and wear dresses and heels and stuff. anyway i hope i didnt piss her off too much, afterwards though she said she would miss me as im away for a bit and that she has fun with me. I am still trying to seal the deal though- we both totally avoided the "date" question that i asked her last time. i dont know how to move to that stage..

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    Instead of asking her out on a date, just go do something with her after she finishes training you.

    "I am going to go get a shake, want to join me"

    Its not a date... You just happen to be doing something and she is going

    basically said she was a bit of a tomboy (i guessed that she had at least one older brother and i guessed right) and she became really defensive , about how she can be feminine and wear dresses and heels and stuff. anyway i hope i didnt piss her off too much
    You didnt piss her off... She is qualifying herself to you - this is an IOI.
    Also I think inadvertintly you gave yourself a false disqualifier as girls would think you are not that interested in them if you are calling them a tomboy... Good stuff.

    The stuff she said about not dating members is just a shit test.

    I bet she doesnt ring all members and say she is injured, and then spend half an hour on the phone chatting to them.

    She is clearly interested in you... it will only take 1 time for you to get her out of the office for it to progresss to a relationship of two people, rather than a trainer-member relationship

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    She likes you so keep doing what you're doing cause it's working. [MENTION=220920]VUDO[/MENTION] is spot on about the tomboy statement and stuff and the idea of a spontaneous activity removes the pressure of a date from her mind and will allow her to go out with you while convincing herself that it's not a date with a client.

    Good luck!

  6. Thanks so much guys....OK so if i get her outside for a shake this evening, she may only have 15-30 mins before her next appt shows up- the shake place is downstairs, should i try anything on with her when im down there? in fact what should i do when im down there (ie downstairs , not down "there" yet lol)!!

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    Just be fun and keep her entertained. Keep up the flirting and touching but in a friendly manner. You don't want to push it too far while she's in a work environment.

    Basically, do what the two of you do when you're working out but this time, while having a shake.

  8. so after the usual workout and flirting poking , joking teasing , telling me she would miss me a lot next week when im away,liked my eyes and my smile and my shoulders yadayada, she made a point of telling me her next client canclelled, so we overran by a fair bit and sat down talking. so i invited her downstairs for a shake. she joined me, before she left the gym she took off her top so she is basically in her tank top. her rack is amazing, possibly enhanced. so im hanging out in the mall with the hottest woman ive ever met- and ive taken her out of her comfort zone. i grab a shake but she doesnt want one. i start talking to her about her family and her body language changed dramatically. she kind of started dancing round me like a nervous shy little girl but with puppy dog eyes. so i took her round the corner to go look at some candles in the candle shop, but it was shut. so many people around there know her/ recognise her so its not possible to make a move on her. i take her back upstairs and leave. later i sms her about bending the rules. She has agreed to go out with me "in a group" so its not "so obvious" wtf? i can only assume she wants to run a social proof test on me AND make sure im not married, i can sense she is scared of something. i reckon i should just ignore her til she comes round to my way of thinking and lets 2 adults go out and enjoy themsleves privately . her last sms was "i will be watching you from afar" or something like that. She is less complex than i thought and not as emotionally tough as i though but at the same time plays her cards close to her chest , maybe it s all a huge commitment/enthusiasm test?

  9. another thing- she wants to add me on facebook- she keeps her profile hidden because she doesnt want people to see her modelling shots- but basically she can be found if you just look at any comment she made over the past few months- but ive noticed she has changed all her pics over the past few days, all the racy bikini shots are gone. ive been tidying up my profile as well in anticipation. its like she is preapred but something is stopping her from getting on with it

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    The group date is a date. She has to be careful as she can't be seen casually dating customers. Tact is important. When I got my instructor out I had to get her in a rebellious mood to ignore the rules. Too bad I was too rough for her... Though later I figured out how to talk to her it was just not my style.

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