A few shit tests..
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    A few shit tests..

    I think my GF put me through a few shit tests recently and I want you guys to let me know if I handled them the correct way.

    I introduced her to one of my friends and when he met her he said, "yea your BF always talks about how you are out of his league." And when he said that I laughed sarcastically and said "yea, ok" in a very sarcastic manner. Afterwards when me and her were by ourselves she asked, "do you really think I'm out of your league?" and I answered "no definitely not, but if you wanna think that then by all means" all while smiling and maintaining humor.

    Also we were talking about weight loss and stuff and I jokingly told her, "I don't want you to lose weight.. I want you to get fat.. I like heffers!". And she asked me, "why do you want me to get fat? Is it so that I don't end up leaving you?" And I replied, "no, I wasn't even thinking about that... that's not really a concern of mine, but ok"

    Any thoughts? Criticism?

  2. I would be kinda pissed at my friend for making such a statement in the first place! It really served no purpose other than to make this situation come up.

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    It did piss me off but I figured that he was just trying to be playful/joking and didn't mean anything by it. However, I did notice that he was subtly negging me while she was there and talking to her while I was talking to my other friends. I'm just not gonna bring her around him anymore for the fear of him saying something else stupid to make me look like a retard.

  4. Some friend! Sounds like he might have a thing for your lady if he's devaluing you in front of her and then making an effort to talk with her alone. Sounds like a good plan to stay away from him, but also don't allow your gf to know that the actions and words of your "friend" are a problem. Continue to exude confidence and go about your business.

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    The thing that irked me was that she mentioned, "I like him - he's funny" quite a few times after the meeting. I didn't let her know that it bothered me though obviously. I'm just gonna go do what you said and keep away from him so this situation doesn't happen again all while exuding confidence.

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    what a dickhead your friend is, what an immature bimbo (sorry, but she deserves it for dwelling on it!) your girlfriend is! you should OOZE confidence, even try looking towards other people when you're out with her, talking to others, etc, to show her you're confident. don't try to make her jealous and give her your attention when the situation warrants it- if you two are closely talking, etc. don't jump on her in public just because she's talking to this dude. and for cryin' out loud, don't go out with him anymore!

    is this a shit test?? designed by who, a shit master? really now...wtf is wrong with these people??

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