How do I go from 0-60?
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    How do I go from 0-60?

    There's a girl that goes to my college that I would very much like to bang, I went out with her once and got some IOI'S, however I didn't kiss close. We text occasionally although I'm always the one to initiate. I commute from home so I couldn't bring her home to escalate. Any suggestion on how I can get her into bed from this predicament?

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    Why does your living situation matter? Take her back to your place, or go to hers. IOIs don't mean you're getting any tail, however. IOIs only mean that you can get tail if you play it right. Personally, if she sends IOIs and you're always initiating, then you could be misinterpreting something as an IOI, or she's kinda slow about the D.

    Regardless, for this to work, texting isn't the way. You need to get her in person.

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    We both live with our parents ( our campus is in the middle of a residential area). So it would have to be someplace else.

  4. Sneak her through your bedroom window one night. I always used to do that when I lived with my parents. If she wants you bad enough she'll go along with it. Just fuck her softly and quietly!


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