Nick Hoss Mini Seminar - Houston, May 2012
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    Nick Hoss Mini Seminar - Houston, May 2012

    I attended Nick mini seminar last Thursday, and I can say it was an excellent introduction to day game and dates.

    After been reading books and blogs for a good time, I started looking for some in person training, and this mini seminar seemed like the perfect way to start. I was beyond satisfied after it.

    The seminar had two main sections: day game and dates. In day game we covered mindsets, approach, attraction, and other cool stuff. In dates, we went over some frames, locations, conversations, date’s templates and other awesome tips. Then we had a Q&A session.

    For every topic, there were fundamentals, for which beginners will get the most, and some more advanced aspects, for guys who have been doing this for a while.

    Nick is an amazing teacher. Not only he has a deep understanding about every aspect of game, but he’s also really good at explaining it. For me, it was surprising how he could talk about the most basic topic, and still he will reveal some details that would make a complete difference.

    There is a huge difference between reading something, and seen how it’s done, and learning from Nick’s demonstrations (he would pick up one of us lol) was really amazing. Not matter how much you read about it; it is not until you see it and do it that you start understanding it.

    My only complaint would be that we started a bit late. This wasn’t much of a problem, since we were a small group we were able to go tru the whole thing and still have a good time for the Q&A session.

    This Q&A was also really helpful. Nick was able to go over very different topics, always with the same level of mastery and quality of explanations.

    How to get the most out of this seminar?
    - TAKE NOTES LIKE CRAZY! Every word that comes from Nick’s mouth is valuable. Again, little details in basic concepts make a huge difference.
    - Come prepared to the Q&A session. Nick is one of the most knowledgeable guys out there, and you have the opportunity to get advice from virtually any topic. It is wise to go over the basic stuff at home and be prepared with some awesome questions.

    My progress?
    You know Nick has an infield video, and at some point the girl gets in this very feminine position crossing her legs… well, I went out the day after the seminar, and in one approach the two girls got in that same position! It does happen (: lol

    This seminar was awesome. It was a refresher of basic stuff, a learning of advanced aspects, and an inspiration to get out there and practice!

    Mike TX

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    Thanks Mike!

    Ya, we had to start a little later. (Always happens in cities with bad traffic.) But made up for it with those extra exercises and practice approaches! Keep in touch!


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