Missing something?
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    Missing something?

    So I have some quick questions on how to play old connections?

    There are three girls that I have known for about two or three years. At most I talk to one of them once or twice a week. At the least I talk to one once every two weeks.

    They are all single.

    Anyway, each one writes on my facebook about once every couple weeks saying they miss me, we should hang out, they miss me etc etc. They also like my statuses very frequently on facebook.

    However, when I text two of them, they don't seem very interested in hanging out. They'll be entertained by the idea of hanging out, but they stop responding or send very short texts very quickly.

    I'm wondering what I might be doing wrong? Or if they are just not interested?

    But if they aren't interested why do they persistently flirt on facebook?


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    they are probably just using you for validation. Talking to someone once to even twice a week is a lot. I know ppl i won't talk to in months.

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    What do you mean validation?

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    You talk to them once every two week? you ask her out on that conversation, no over text, you don't have that value yet

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    That's the problem, I never see them anymore. And by talk to them, I usually mean they write on my wall or do flirty stuff on Facebook without instigation.

    I was around them years ago, but since then I have different jobs and go to a new school, however I still live in the same city as them.

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