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    Who's Next?

    I think it's about time I started posting in this section since I've made my presence felt everywhere but here. I'll use this thread from time to time to post about my adventures in the real world. I'll start with last night, but since I haven't slept since Saturday night this motherfucker is going to have to wait.

    With that said...

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    YES!!! 8hrs of sleep is the shit! Let's get this show on the road...

    This past Saturday:

    I was nervous as hell to start my day, but it felt good to me. Maybe it's because I enjoy the challenge of overcoming that feeling and achieving something; I look forward to it. The feeling you get after pushing through the nervousness to do what you want in life is WAY better than the feeling of succumbing to it and not achieving anything.

    What had me so nervous was the fact that I had an interview with a talent agency. I got myself together, threw on my best outfit and game face, then I was on my way. (the album "Brothers" by The Black Keys is great for getting me in a "COOL motherfucker" mood) As you would imagine, the building was crawling with hotties. I was trying to save my charm and energy for the interview, but this strong 10 (imagine Sofia Vergara's younger sister) sat next to me and I couldn't contain myself any longer.

    The room is completely full with hot models, aspiring actors, parents with their kids, and that Selena Gomez look a like who I wish I would've noticed before I was called up. Anyway, I'm sitting next to this hottie; I look at her, she looks back, we're dressed the same except for her gold heels and my black boots.

    Me: we look like one of those couples who wear matching outfits everywhere we go.
    Her: (laughing) we have a great sense of style.
    Me: that, or you were standing outside my window as I got ready. You're not stalking me are you?
    Her: if I was I wouldn't tell you (nice smile)

    I knew right away she was an actor. The girl was quick...

    Me: let me guess, you're an actress, right?
    Her: right...
    Me: I can see you landing a guest spot on Modern Family as Sophia Vergara's annoying little sister...
    Her: (laughing) omg I love her!
    Me: don't we all.

    We talk about the show for a minute.

    Her: you're a model aren't you?
    Me: did you just call me gay? (exaggerating it)
    Her: no you just look like a model!
    The lady in front of me: and you're really tall.

    We have a fun conversation from there, but the thing I missed (which I never miss) is that she's wearing a huge fucking rock on her ring finger! Married to some rich guy...go figure. Now I really wish I would've taken a shot at the Selena Gomez double.

    I get called in for the interview, and Fuck Me! It's a guy doing the interview. I charm the interviewer the best I can (you can only charm a guy so much). He responds well, lists me as charismatic, out-going, well spoken, good looking, useable skills,etc. good interview.

    I'll type up some more shit from the weekend in a few hours. Right now, I gotta handle some things. With that said...

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    Inner game song at the moment: "Alive and Kicking" by Nonpoint

    I don't leave the house with the intentions of picking up girls. I leave to do what I want to do, and sometimes I pick up girls along the way...

    It was a beautiful day out, and I wanted to enjoy it. I started at Starbucks (every day game guy's favorite place) but, I wasn't there for the women, just a drink (there weren't any girls there anyway). I then walk around looking for a guitar shop so I could buy a new capo.

    *side note: a lot of people seem to shy away from talking to strangers. Don't be afraid to talk to people, and don't assume they're a going to be unresponsive to you because of how they look or their body language or whatever. There are some nice people out there just waiting to be spoken to.

    I started conversations with many people just by asking where the nearest guitar store was. I had a talk with this cool ass old guy playing the sax on the on a street corner. I met a couple of people in bands, a few hipsters, some very beautiful girls, some people in record stores (yes a record store with fucking vinyl records), I was just meeting new people.

    Then I met her...

    She blew me away: her arms covered in tats, her hair multi-colored, her boots complementing her amazing legs, beautiful exotic skin, raspy rockstar voice, and eyes that wouldn't break contact with mine; she was visually stunning in all her suicide-girl glory. I've never spoken to a girl who looks like this before. A cross between Ruby Renegade and Milan Kunis. A beautiful train wreck...sitting on a bench, texting...

    Me: hey, I'm looking for a guitar shop. Help me out...

    She starts giving me directions in her partied out rock star voice while never breaking eye contact with me, fucking outstanding. She was open, ready for me to make my next move, but all that came out was:

    Me: thanks, beautiful.

    I couldn't pull the trigger! We smiled at each other and I went on my way. The store was close by, so I got what I needed, then decided I couldn't go out like a passive pussy; so I went back to where she was...but, it was too late, she was gone. Fuck me, right?

    I made my way to the local hookah spot to pick up some supplies. There I decided to redeem my shit, and made my move on this sexy chick in head shop. The ass on this one was to die for. She had a bong in hand...

    Me: nice choice. Those are better on the lungs...
    Her: yeah and I like how smooth the smoke is.

    We go into talking about are favorite strains, which escalates into whose got the better weed, ultimately ending with:

    Her: what are you doing tomorrow?
    Me: putting your weed to shame...
    Her: take my number, I'll be free at...it's ###

    We part ways with a hug. Oh yeah, as it turned out she had the much better weed. Win/Win!

    It was a good day, where I met new people, got a new fuck buddy, and some great smoke. More on that later.

    By the way, that shit isn't over with the suicide-girl. I will see her again, and when that time comes I'll be ready...

    More weekend shit coming.

    And wait, it gets better...

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    Let's wrap this shit up:

    Me and my homie went to this concert. He's the cocky funny type, but sometimes his cocky funny game turns into full out ripping girls a new asshole. I just sit back, enjoy the fireworks, and let the girls look to me for comfort. He's toning it down now though. Anyway, we went and got extremely fucked up; talk about good times. He was planning on finding some girls for us, so I'm like cool shit. Really I was just looking to have fun.

    The first girl we see he opens with a situational just like I taught him. Made me proud. *this part of the day is kind of blurry to me, as I was extremely stoned and somewhat tipsy. He did his thing, but it didn't really take us anywhere as far as insuring some good fun.

    We get in line for some whiskey. Some girls are in front of us, so I tell him to make his move. He opens, then introduces me to the girls. He does his thing with the girl while I get the attention of her friend:

    Me: which song is REALLY gonna make your night? (or something like that) let me guess (then I say the lamest song I can think of).

    Her: (bursts out laughing) how'd you guess?
    Me: girls love that shit! I sang it at karaoke for a laugh one night and all the girls went ape shit!

    We talk about the music for a minute, then I notice my boy number closing his girl. I run some shit about how I feel like we've become such good friends already, I number close my girl, and hug them farewell as the girl says:

    Her: you better call us!

    We whiskey up then head in to the main concert area. We stand on the lawn for a minute to smoke up some more before going to sit down. As a stand there like the coolest guy in the world with my joint to my lips and my whiskey in my hand, these 3 cuties come and stand right in front of me, I mean RIGHT in front of me, facing me. I promise you this was like one of my coolest moments EVER: I just stood there, layed my eyes on the cutest one, and held my joint out. No words, no movement, nothing, I just held it up looking like a rockstar inviting a groupie into his world; and she bit.

    She smiled and grabbed the joint, took a hit. Then I Motioned for her to pass it to her friend who took a hit. Then she tries to pass it to the other friend who declines and says:

    Her: (laughing) I don't do that, drugs are bad ( or something like that).

    There's the mother hen... I say to the girls in my best Mickey Rourke from "Pope of Greenwich Village" impression:

    Me: good shit, yeah?

    The get all excited in agreement. The two girls who smoked park themselves by my side ready to chill with me, but true to character, mother hen starts pulling them away. I was too high and amused to put up a fight. Not like I worked to get their attention or anything.

    Me and my boy walk around to our seats. At this point we're in our own world, and what fun it is! We get to our seats and he's found his next target. They chat about something, I was too focused on how funny everyone looked to hear what they were saying. Her friends came from where ever, but I was blocking their way. The cute one looks at me with that get the fuck out of the way look, I smile at her and say:

    Me: password?

    I forget what happens next, but it didn't go anywhere. Later, after a great concert we're on our way out when I see this sexy short girl walking beside me:

    Me: have fun?
    Her: yes.
    Me: which was your favorite song performed?
    Her: its hard to say (or something like that)
    Me: It was...(the lame song again) cause all of you girls like that shit.
    Her: no! I hate that song! Blah blah

    We talk about something, I try to get her out but she came from some far way ass town and she has a long drive. I suggest a red bull to her then rejoin my friend. We're both getting tired, he calls it a night and I call up the girl from the head shop.

    She picks me up from his house. She is dressed in these sexy cut up short shorts, and I don't hesitate to tell her what they're doing to me. She's on about something that just happened with her friend getting in a car accident. We get to her house, and I lay out on the couch like I own that motherfucker. She walks by and I pull her on top of me, but she talks about her friend again.

    I'm trying to get her mind off of it being that her friend is okay and all. We talk for a minute before I invite her to the bedroom...that's right I invited her to her bedroom. We go in and I just start taking my clothes off, but she's still on about her friend. Fuck, I can't get her to stop thinking about it.

    A little later as we lay there her friends husband calls her to give her an update. They talk for what seems like forever. I'm trying to get shit started and she's still on the phone. They get off the phone, but she keeps talking about it until he calls back again. FUCK ME! No really, fuck me already!

    They're on the phone and I don't want to be the insensitive ass hole, but I came for a reason. So it's time to go CAVEMAN. While she's on the phone, I flip her the fuck over, yank her shorts and undies off, pull her shirt off, and undo the bra! Play time is over, baby. Moments later, I'm deep in and she's soaking wet.

    But here's the kicker: she breaks out the lube and starts going on about how we should try anal one day, as she's curious to see if she can take The Cock Of Zeus! She brings it up multiple times through out the sex, so I take it as her passive way of telling me to sodomize her. So fuck it, let's do it. I ended my weekend going in the back door! Fucking madness!

    That was my weekend...

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    Fuck those are some long posts!

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    What do you know... I'm at my cousins place, sitting on the balcony enjoying the late morning breeze, looking down on the pool, when out comes this hot brunette with her towel and her huge paperback book.

    I just got a tingle in my pants; I don't know if it's good or bad though.

    With that sad...I'm going in...

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    The hot brunette wasn't what I expected. Once I got closer to her I saw that she was just a fit old lady who looked like she was definitely a hottie back in the day. I had a friendly talk with her about interesting things going on in the city and some fluff talk.

    Her husband and grand kids joined soon after. He reminded me of the guy from those "most interesting man in the world" commercials. They shared some Pinot, and told me a few stories from their glory days. After an hour i said my goodbye and and joined my cousin at the gym. Good people.

    Don't be afraid of, or against just meeting new people; it helps the social skills.

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    The bus arrives at the train station and I see this very cute slim chick sitting on a bench with earphones on. I'm in a fun mood, so I decide to approach this one differently. I shit you not, I stand in front of her, she looks up with no expression on her face, then I just start tap dancing...really fucking tap dancing (like the WB frog).

    She starts laughing and pulls her earphones off.

    Her: what the hell was that?
    Me: you never just feel like dancing?
    Her: I'm always dancing...
    Me: like, artistically or exotically?

    She's got this cocky smile on her face.

    Her: is that even a word, exotically?
    Me: I said it didn't I?

    She laughs.

    Me: what's your name?

    We start talking about random shit and I soon find out that she's actually an "exotic dancer" (we joke about the exotic thing some more). She's from Vegas, I tease her about how strippers from Vegas are hardcore hustlers and how it would probably be in my best interest not to believe shit she says.

    She tells me she's mixed with white and Jamaican, so I speak in a Jamaican accent the tease her because she's to embarrassed to speak in hers.

    She notices I'm wearing one of those energy bands on my wrist...

    Her: do those things work?
    Me: yeah. My balance is amazing now. I can even have sex standing up while holding the girl up.
    Her: (laughing) you did not just say that!

    We talk for a minute before her bus arrives, I number close, hug, then message her with callback humor later. We speak over the phone, and set up a hang out for Tuesday night.

    I'm still feeling that tingle in my pants...WTF?

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    FUCK! ME!!!

    Be careful where you put your dicks, fellas! I fucked up and now I'm gonna be on meds for the next 10 days.

    No glove no love. No glove no love. No glove no love...I should write that shit 100 times.

    Moving on...Long post.

    NP: "Sound of Madness" by Shinedown

    Yesterday: I sent a text to the girl from the bus station...

    Me: Picking you up at 10:30...send directions.

    She sends the directions and I'm on my way to pick her up...I pull into the worst looking neighborhood I've ever been in: Trashy, homeless people walking around, some chick is screaming at her boyfriend, and I think I heard gun shots.

    I'm outside in the car with the doors locked! She comes running out to the car looking damn good, and I think to myself "Damn! How does a chick that looks like that, living in a neighborhood like this?". I unlock the door for her and quickly lock it when she gets in, and we're off.

    In the car we pickup where we left off with our phone conversation; talking about Greek mythology and conspiracy theories, and it's easy to see her stripper side coming out the way she can go from topic to topic effortlessly.

    It's so much easier to have a conversation when you're just being yourself, not trying to run routines, material, and canned topics. No need for negs, and forced DHV's...the DHV's just flow out when telling stories from past experiences: travels, hobbies, etc. all come naturally in the conversation.

    We arrive at some place she was telling me I need to see. She wouldn't tell me what it is, but my response was

    Me: hell, I'm always down to see the unknown...

    It was this small shed looking building. So at first I'm like

    Me: did you bring me here to kill me? Because I have a big family that loves the shit out of me, and they'd be pissed if I didn't at least say goodbye...

    She laughs and points out the cars parked behind the building (which I didn't notice).

    Her: we parked in the empty lot because it's free, and this lot costs $15.
    Me: saving me money? Keep it up and you might get lucky soon.
    Her: if I want it I'll take it.
    Me: damn it! I left my rape whistle at home...

    Once inside the door all there was is the stairs leading to a basement and I could hear the echoes of techno music coming from the room at the bottom of the staircase. We walk down the stairs and see a big dude with the whole Vietnam veteran look about him, eyepatch and all. He takes liberties in giving me a pretty fucking thorough pat down (pervey douche bag) and opens the giant door for us. As I go in he gives me this look like "fuck are you doing here?" I soon found out why.

    Loud dance music. Youthful faces. Fucking juice bar. SHE BROUGHT ME TO A RAVE...an 18 year olds wet dream! Sweaty fuckers jumping around, girls who haven't learned what sexy looks like yet, chicks who look like fucking Harry Potter! The fuck, man! I'm turning 24 soon, this is shit I did in high school!

    It hits me, I didn't ask her about her age! This chick is 18! This goes against my no chicks under 21 policy. I'll look past if the girl is mature and what not, but this girl brought me to an 18 year old Rave party! Where's the sophistication in that?

    I made the most of the night, since I'm not the type to sit and pout about shitty situations. And the fact that I started college when these people were still middle school shouldn't bother me, right?

    There was no alcohol, no smoking of the herb, just peopl sipping punch, and popping pills. Yes, I started noticing people taking pills, and then the girl I was with offered me one...no thanks. I have enough shit going on, I don't need to take anymore risks with my health.

    The thing gets shut down at like 1:00 am, which I wasn't pissed about AT ALL. My girl was high as shit on X. She got seriously touchy-feely with me, I'm talking kino'ing the hell out of me. The fact that she's 18 is no longer an issue...

    We get in the car and she goes for my pants. Hello! She starts giving me a tug, right there in the lot. Then she says

    Her: I'm not going to blow you, because you'd fall in love. And I can't have sex with you because it's that time of the month.
    Me: I don't fall in love that easily, but I'm willing to take that risk.
    Her: drive.

    I start driving, and she continues "shifting my stick", but she's yet to go down. After a few minutes of playing with it she finally goes down, but doesn't blow...she starts talking to it. Baby talk...then, she blows...literally, she starts to blow on my dick.

    Me: what is it, too hot for you?
    Her: it's beautiful! Can I take it with me? (not the first time of been asked that)

    She plays around with until we get back to her neighborhood (which looks like a fucking Cuban ghetto). I take her hand and start stroking myself with it, she enjoys the hell out of that. Then we start making out. We make out for a little while, like we're in fucking high school (SMH, this girl).

    I hear another gun shot! Now I'm thinking: "I can sit here while playing around with this chick and risk getting shot/stabbed/robbed at some point, or I can cut this thing off (as its not going anywhere) and save myself.

    Me: so...I have an early start tomorrow. I really need to get going. But, I had an interesting night.
    Her: (doing some whiny faced shit) you're gonna call me?
    Me: why wouldn't I?

    She smiles, we kiss some more, then she gets out. I lock the doors and bail.

    Good times...or not.

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    "I lay out on the couch like I own that motherfucker". Beauty. and I thought I was the only one doing this shit.

    Was this girl drunk when you called her?


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