Direct openers work 10 times better than indirect
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    Direct openers work 10 times better than indirect

    Ive been going out for a year with 2 wings of mine and have been using opinion openers so far. I have got my delivery almost spot on with pauses and tone. They seem to work by getting a response. How ever i have found it hard towards the end of the nite when it gets loud and busy. This is mainly due to the fact that most girls are in the peak of there state and just want to have fun at this point onwards.
    Coming in with a indirect opener seems to bring there mood down and they wonder why the hell you are asking such a question at that time of nite.

    So ive tried going a little more direct and was suprized how well they actually respond.
    I saw a cute girl at the bar and was standing a good 1o feet away with other girls near by. So i went up and tapped her arm and with a smile said from where i was standing you looked very attractive, i had to come and tell you.
    She instantly smiled and thanked me and stated talking. I made a cold read which she answered and teased her answer. This was my first proper direct approach on a single girl standing with friends so i did`nt take it any further.
    What i found out is that its actually easier because u have`nt got to use a time constraint or tell a 3 hr story of why u are asking. And also u can walk past every other girl in front of her and she won`t wonder why u have asked her instead of all the surrounding girls like she would an opinion opener. Because u are coming from a seductive frame its easier to move from there because there is no hidden agender.

    It just takes a bit more bottle to do so because of the risk/reward.
    It does`nt mean u have to keep changing opener so that u don`t reopen the same sets a few weeks later if u live in a small town. I have done this and it comes across super weird.
    I will try this out from now on and see.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ferrari360 View Post
    It just takes a bit more bottle to do so because of the risk/reward.
    It's interesting because it shouldn't. The important thing about direct openers is not to tell her what you want from her ("Hey mama, wanna get a drink with me?"). There is no risk in telling a girl that she looks attractive if you think she looks attractive. All it shows is you are confident enough to tell her something positive about her, with no strings attached. People love to hear about themselves in a positive way.

    The real risk in using a direct opener like that is in not looking confident in telling her. If you act afraid, then she will assume there is something to be afraid about. If you look confident, then you won't have a problem. Just smile and breathe.

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    I think it all depends on what stage of the nite u r at and how much time u have. Both work well. If u go direct late in the nite then it will hit better and she will respond better.
    If u go indirect early in the nite she will respond well but if u use it late at nite in a loud club for example asking her a opinion with false time constraints and rooting the question she mite think u r very strange for asking. And this makes it harder for u to recover.

    I found that direct openers are higher risk because they force the girl to make a decission on the spot about u.

    Using both at suitable times will increase ur chances. Im generally a indirect person but have found that later in the nite where girls are expecting to be seduced direct works better.

  4. I'm not really into direct openers. I think that your personality has a lot to do with the success.

    I dont like direct openers because I decided long ago to not make a habit of giving compliments for free. I like for my compliments to be earned. I do agree with you though. There are times where you just have to go direct.

    When you have a moment where you make eye contact as you approach eachother and you know the attraction is very strong...going indirect is a game killer. When you open in that situation, you both know exactly why you are doing it.

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    dDirect and Indirect are both as good as each other. Ferrari what youre saying can be seen as correct in a way. Later on at night most people are in a high paced environment and long indirect opener would kill the mood. But if you read any of the routine manuals you will see that there are actually indirect openers that have been created for high energy venues like night clubs that are short and do what they need to do open. Long drawn out openers are best for bars etc not clubs.

    I have watched in field use a direct open. Its like gold for him. But on the same night I watched as some of the students used short indirect openers and it was working well for them.

    The rule here is that you have to match high energy with high energy and low with low. Thats why direct is so good by the end of the night. Not to mention theyre most probably drunk so you get away with more. But a short indirect opener can work just aswell.

    But yes if you have the balls go direct, it is all about high risk high reward.

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    The older I get, the less I care about what anyone thinks, thus making direct openers more appealing... but all openers have their place in one's bag of tricks.

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    Yes i agree that indirect is just as good as direct. I think it all depends on the situation. Delivery should be matched anyway whether its indirect or direct.
    Ive just heard too many guys say that direct is lowering your value because you are giving a compliment. People are overlooking this and forgeting that if u r transitioning well and stacking forward DHV the girl will not be making a mental note to herself that u r low value because u opened direct with a comlpliment. Its the overall confidence that makes her decide not a 5 sec direct opener saying shes beautiful.
    Think about it. If a guy has strong body language and social proof and is having fun and he turns to a girl and says your beautiful i wanted to say hello. The girl would have to be more convinced by words than delivery. Which does`nt make sense. They aways say its more of how u say it than what u say. The words are only situational.

  8. If I'm going direct, I never compliment them on their beauty. I will always compliment them on something they're wearing or their hair style, shoes, a piece of jewerly, etc. Even though hot girls are just as insecure as fuglies, they hear the same "you're hot" all night. Be different when being direct. One important element to this whole PUA thing is that we're using different approaches than the AFC, so when going direct, go direct with subtle, yet important differences than an afc.

    When you compliment something she specifically chose (jewerly, hair style, shoes, etc), it's better than a "looks" compliment. It says that you've noticed something other than what she's been complemented on all night and something she chose, and she'll take immediate notice to that. It also opens the door for an easier transition to build rapport by asking her where she got it, or your best friend (who is a girl, helps w/Social proof) has similar good taste, etc. You can always throw in a neg once she's opened to regain he upper hand from a direct open.

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    All openers have both advantages and disadvantages.
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  10. Think Fader has summed up this thread in about 7 words...

    so let me just say:

    "Try Walking In My Shoes
    You'll Stumble In My Footsteps"

    --only because I have short legs

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