This is not a field report, this is a Reality show.

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    This is not a field report, this is a Reality show.

    I decided to take action for my life and go out there and meet women. So instead of keyboard jocking and spending loads of time to write a field report, why wonít I go out there record whatever on my mp3 or video, I donít have a video camera or camera phone. so videos wonít be out yet.
    In the meantime, I plan to post recordings that have a content of 3 min max for any approach warm or cold and give you a little background if necessary. started on the weekend. It was pretty hectic, did some approaches didnít last long. Some took seconds, some took a minute and a half and some approaches, I wasnít having a recorder with me.
    There was this one hot girl I approached, I think was Friday. Before I could say the opener, she was already three steps ahead of me. I approached her late at night from the side, nobody was around so she was probably afraid that she would be butt raped by somebody. I perfectly understand the matter. I didnít enter into any conversation so I canít conclude anything yet but still I wished I could talk to her to see whatís up.
    However, I did a warm approach on a girl that day; I lost her number before she left to college, now sheís back. I want to use her for my social circle not until I have some preseletion first and my game has improved a bit. Hereís a bit of my 1 min 57 seconds. I decided to record for fun to see how the interaction will sound like, so Enjoy!

    Saturday-12-05-12 - 2 set cold approach
    2 set: I will call them Hb left and Hb right
    I saw two set talking to each other so I decided to step in, so I opened got good feedback, did a fake it to you make it just moved to this area line to make them feel comfortable very soon they started asking me questions like where do you live?( Hb right asked that particular one). Of course I didnít tell her straight away, I played hard to get telling her to slow down that I donít know her well yet, she kept asking so I pointed to the direction awkwardly probably because I was excited I managed to open the set. we kept talking, engaged hb right more than hb left because she was actively engaging in the convo.Found out they were friends who just came from church choir rehersals.Hbleft kept hinting that they are having a conversation, so I tried to hint at a number close early because I wanted them as friends but It didnít go too well since they were assuring they will meet me again, so I made an excuse and ejected because that was my first warm up set .walked to a store to look for a card to buy for motherís day.(I forgot to record at that time since the approach wasnít planned. so I turn my recorder on from my mp3)Then reopened the set with a motherís day opinion opener. The following here:

    Conclusion: I was shocked to find out Hb right was married, I wasnít too disappointed but annoyed that she doesnít want to tell me her real age.I was curious to her age because these set look like they were in their early twenties, I wish I could have taken a pic of them but I couldnít(like I said i don't have a camera phone), I saw the ring on her finger so I donít think she was bullshitting me.

    Sunday,I couldnít find a single girl to sarge on since my town is like a ghost town. Everybody was indoors.
    Monday, the same, came back from work straight to the house.
    Note: I wonít be updating all the time since Iím a busy person, so I would do by best to provide the best and worst of what I have in stored of those past weeks and make sure to provide their dates if possible. This field report is not based on a daily thing; anything that pops up .I will try and make its way through the post.

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    I don't really do technology. How does one play the audio?

  3. Its not in english is it?

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    mall game

    Bad news:my phone got spoilt,so no phone game for the weeek
    Good news:I can still go old school and get their numbers on paper

    or maybe ask for their e-mail as david deangelo adviced me. haha nah that's too lame,I can't believe i took his advices in the past. anyways...

    Today,I went to college to see my supervisor and to hit on girls i didn't find most of the girls attractive so I had to stick to my warm and warm-up approaches (girls i knew in college)

    Then i visited the mall to have a blast,didn't get what I was expecting,

    met hired gun eating something so started the interaction to set the ball rolling (warm up)-an HB7
    second person,i met was a church member of mine who was interested me back in the days she told me her onenitis is around.After finding out my love for my onenitis in church,her hatred from me grew stronger and stronger now she doesn't talk to me anymore.tells me my onenitis is around,i don't bother myself to look for her, because it was over between us a long time ago.

    I stumbled across a cognitive trainer,made friends with her wasn't aiming at pickup at the audio there was a lot of noise so the chunk of her stuff is from 10:22 onwrds,we shared stuff hoping that we connected on a friendly level,I'd be glad if she joins the pickup team to help me out,I tried converting her and so I hope that works .she keeps telling me daitng and relationship is not her field so i don't want to keep my hopes high.she is beautiful but I don't find her attractive and that is fortunate for me because I don't have the urge to pick her up so there would be no hidden agenda just me and her as friends . here is the audio. WARNING for the whole mall experiences WARNING:there are a lot of noises in there:

    I got rejected by this one girl so far during my first cold approch at the mall.i said the audio will be 3 min max but this 55 seconds rejection is so funny i had to post it.i call it the "I DONT SPEAK ENGLISH "rejection.check it out:

    thing was,i met her at the retail store pretty hot since i don't know her that well in terms of her personality so i would call her hb9,she was in the camera section looking at the cameras so i had to stand in a position for her to see me and find if she finds me attractive,she notices me and opens me if i'm working here,to my mind i'm thinking if i should go direct,so i did for a couple of minutes,she freaked out so i try to transition into a push telling her she is not my type but backfired,she was about to walk away so my AFC mode came in trying to open her again to get her back to the ineraction and then she drops the bomb on me "i don't speak english"

    open another 2 set at the mall cinema,went great hb1 seem to be interested hb2 was not. wanted to plough through but my indirect method got me stuck it took the set off since i was asking them what movies were showing after that i was stuck and said they had to go..its not bad sometimes i get results but my game needs to be consistent,didn't record though.

    lets see what happens next.

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    26-05-12 approach HB8 at the street in the night,number close.
    this was a bit noisy cos i was in the street,she was hot so i had to approach her.

    28-05-12 today another HB8 sitting with her friend at the mall.number close.

    I did some other approaches but couldn' t record them.On the road to victory. Now on to my own worst enemy phone gameit's time to conquer it once and for all.

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    Verdict on the number closes, I called both numbers they didn’t answer so I guess it’s a flake now I feel like shit (nope, not exactly)
    Today I went to the mall to practice one again. Now I’ve realize that I can approach and transition anywhere in the mall so I’m good to go, I decided to try something different try and try to game a hired gun whom I discovered while I was walking around hitting on random girls . So I went to a fashion store where she was playing loud music, I actually decided to put her into the friendzone because she looked snobbish. she looks like those typical girls who put a lot of makeup and think they are hot So me going direct will only make her think highly of herself so I had to go a little bit indirect and tell her I like her fashion sense since she was in a sexy dress and I started to put her in the friend zone telling her she will be such make such a good friend bla bla bla… I don’t think she took me seriously because in my head I’m thinking I would love to tap that ass and let her taste my dick because she has huge lips. So I do a little chit chat and I really found out that she is pretty awesome.
    She used to be a fashion designer. (but not anymore)
    She used to rap and sing (but not anymore)
    She can dance; she showed me some of her dance moves while she was sitting down. I was so turned on by it that I’m sure if she dances with her two feet I’d probably jizz in my pants.
    She has a nice ass.
    I discovered her geeky side when we started talking about avengers .recording starts from there:
    However there were things I hate about her
    -The fact that she gave up on those talents
    -sometimes she would ignore some of my questions when I ask
    At the end of recording ,I decided to take a break and check out those magazines in the shop. I didn’t want to show too much interest. I want her to invest a little bit in me however, when I told her I was about to leave she started to ask me a lot of questions, I didn’t know if it was IOI’s or she was being polite. We chatted bit and I walk off.Now,I’m confused whether to get rid of the friend zone and then get serious (she is not gf material yet based on what I’ve discovered but someone I can have a good time with In terms of going on dates ,having fun together and sex). My ultimate goal is to get her to follow her fashion and entertainment dreams cos that shit turns me on in a woman. Luckily enough, I have a girl who used to be in the same college working at the mall right now so I’m wondering if I can use her as a wing to get her crazy for me, let’s find out later in the next episode…

    I leave you with one of my recordings that happened on 30th may 2012(yesterday) .It is about a girl at my work whom we started off as friends and later is developing feelings for me however I don’t feel the same way. I’d like to have a good time with her as friends because she is cool to hang around with and nothing else. I don’t know if it is a curse but it seems that I’m subconsciously attracting unattractive people that’s why pickup is important to me because I want to attract the woman I want.Anyway,here is the recording of the phone conversation we had. Enjoy!

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    managed to number close hired gun at the mall female friend didn't want to help me because she didn't like the chic.(the chic looks snobbish and thinks she is the shit whenyou meet her so i understand where she is coming from)

    anyway,i met a pua by accident,i was walking around the supermarket and i saw a guy with a trolley facing the girl chatting the girl was giving him all the IOI's I'm like what who is the guy,nahh its too good to be true.pretend to look around the store while listening to them,so i walk away and then come back they are still chatting. I'm like wow i have to meet this guy and the most interesting part is that the girl was following him wherever he went.
    so when the girl left,i asked him if he knew the girl
    he said no.i told him congratulations,ask him what he does most of the time when he comes to the mall.he told me shopping,i told him i come to the mall to meet women his jaw thought he was a natural so i just told him i have problems talking to women and started to give me that bullshit advice that when you meet a girl tell her you like her bla bla,i nod as if i have no idea how the game works and then i tell him about pickup,we kept chatting and he introduced me to this android app he has been using on his phone called "seduction and pua"This is where he learnt most of his skills from, for those who don't know about it check it out.its awesome!

    I'll end by telling you a funny interaction i had today,i approached a mixed set,2 girls 1 guy
    i open the guy and ask him if the girl right in front of him is his girlfriend,he says no
    the girl says "he is my boo"
    i ignore the girl and then introduce myself to the other girl she then runs away with the girl.I didn't even start attraction yet.

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    Approached another hired gun in the mall today,she was in a machine that helps you to lose fat,you know that machine that makes you shake..don't know what the name i approached her and told her "are you aware that the machine is making your ass shake"then we went on from there,basically i was just having fun with it,so we kept bantering back and forth couldn't remember but most came on top of my head the only one i remember was telling that if i use the machine she shouldn't stare at my ass...flirted with her bla bla bla told her i had to go,she didn't want me to leave,i didn't know whether she wanted me to try the product or wants me to hit on l tell her i have to go I'll see her later(lets face it I'll get to see her again.She is a hired gun.

    so later,i meet her again while i was going around window shopping,she opened me.I use the classical "u again" statement that made her look like she is stalking me. she starts to plead with me to to try the product i politely decline and tell her i will try it later.I decided to use the oportunity to use qualification and comfort

    since i haven't mastered qualification and comfort yet,i mixed up the two during the interaction it was so uncalibrated that it started to trigger her IOD mechanism telling me "she has to work"i drop the routines and flirt with her which made her laugh,and then the mean time she still begs me to use the machine and that she will give me her no when i use the product
    i make a comeback telling her "I'm just being social I'm not making a business deal"she starts to laugh. i also some other cool lines during the process of our interaction like"your boss is around and you are flirting with me" etc basically she is attracted to me but i want to practice how to create a connection because this time i want to avoid flaky numbers as much as possible.I'd definitely meet her again and practice for fun to see where it goes.

    In the process during the pickup i realize i could get away with anything,i found it scary to use the word "ass"in front of a girl because i didn't want to sound like a pervert but knowing how to do it right way and with confidence you can say anything you want and get away with it.

    I didn't record it because i was in a noisy environment.if would be difficult to hear.

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    6-6-12 today

    just no closed a chic today at the street around 6pm:

    I am about 98% sure that this one won't flake,didn't make the full recording because i just noticed her and had to say something.

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    Called her today she picked up (woohoo) today interaction went well until i messed up in the last end and she told me she had to go.i dont want go much into details because it was sum this up, i was really nervous guess i have to get more nos

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