Caught GF Cheating

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    Caught GF Cheating

    Girlfriend of 2.5 years got a new bartending job about a month ago and had strange/suspicious behavior which started about a week ago.
    We would have sex at least 4-5 times a week and sometimes multiple times per day, so the first red flag was when I stayed at her house for a week and she refused to have sex the last three days I was there. On the third day when she refused I asked her if something was wrong, she said she was "stressed out."
    The day I was supposed to go home she came out of the shower and was shaved from head to toe. I thought that was weird since we had no plans to see each other for the next few days.
    My imagination (and gut feeling) got the best of me so I decided to wait near her house until she got home from work. Sure enough at 1:30am she pulled into her driveway and some random guy pulled in behind her. I drove up to the house and I heard her tell the guy "OMG there's my Ex-Boyfriend."
    I tried to get answers from her but all she kept saying was "I'm not getting into this with you right now."
    The next morning I texted the next door neighbor and she told me that the guy's car was still there, which killed me inside!!!
    The next day I went to T-Mobile and got a new number and my own cell phone plan (since we had a joint plan together). I didn't send her the new number and the old phone was still active so I would have known if she tried calling/texting.
    5 days went by with no contact and last night she sent me an email. Her email basically said "I heard you got a new number, I hope you're not trying to screw me over by leaving me with the bill for your old phone. I will authorize them to release your number and you can take over the contract for your phone. etc... Then at the very end she says "I'm sorry I hurt you, I have no excuse. let me know how you want to handle the phone situation."
    WTF?!?! Do I even respond to that??? I'm SO hurt and have so many questions as to why this transpired. Do I lay it all out in an email or just stick to no contact?

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    She probably is cheating. Either way, she doesn't like you. Move on.

  3. it's over bro, fix the thing with the phone and she is in the past. Move forward, do not look back.

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    Fuck her make her pay the bill. Funny how she said she doesn't want you to screw her over. Don't look for answers, you won't find them and will drive yourself crazy. I know since I've been in your place before.

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    It's over. She's basically admitted it.

    You need to cancel your old phone number and clear any bills it may have. Then delete and block her email.

    You need a new start and she should NOT have any part of that. She doesn't deserve it.

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    Holy fuck, how do you get this kind of bullshit after 2.5 years??
    This is going to fuck with you for a while. Read some posts on getting over your ex. BetterThan just wrote a great article on the subject somewhere on the forums.

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    The nerve! Fuck her, fuck the phone, and fuck contact! You never EVER contact her again. If you see her in person you give her the ice cold shoulder (I don't care how "beta" and reactive people might think it is), she deserves nothing but it. She doesn't exist. Fucking GHOST! This pisses me off. The nerve...the fucking nerve.

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    Sorry to hear about this...she's a real bitch

  10. She has just fucked a new asshole in you.
    The best revenge.... the worst thing you can do to her is tell her you did not love her, probably will have a similar effect on her as you cheating.

    So basically tell her in a text..
    "I will take care of the phone bill. Initially, it was a shock to realise you've just fucked some guy, but after that, all i ever wanted to do was get away from you, change everything.. After a while when I calmed down I felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I realised maybe the reason I felt relief and didn't want to contact you and try working it out was I was never really in love with you during this relationship. I kept on telling myself, you love her, she's a great person, but i was never really into it. I guess you must have pick it up.. I'm sorry for everything, good luck with everything, take care."

    Never message her again, if she messages you back do not reply or reply after a day or so, with i've been busy.
    That's going to fuck her up too!
    And importantly guaranteed pussy for those rain days if you play your cards right.
    Also read about the stages of grief.

    I would pay the bill after a while, you dont want her thinking you are still into her, but also you dont want her to think you're supplicating.
    "listen i'm paying the bill, whilst I was never in love with you, you're a great person no point in burning bridges"

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