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  1. HB9 iois?

    So this HB9 I used to work with broke up with her bf about 3 weeks ago. They dated for 4 years. She started texting me and sometimes I'll respond and sometimes I won't but now she's initiating texts with me every day or every other day.

    Her favorite TV show is friends and yesterday she initiated text and said:

    Her: "You remind me of Ross from Friends"
    Me: "How?"
    Her: "geeky and awkward"
    Me: "If I wasn't I'd be boring"
    Her: "I agree"

    I didn't respond after this. So question, is this an ioi? I've wanted to f-close this girl for a while.

    After a few hours she texted me again and said:

    Her: "What are you up to?"
    Me: "Traveling back from city"
    Her: "What was going on in city ?"
    Me: "Very big important meetings."
    Her: "You're quite the over-achiever"
    Me: "Man you're all about taking shots at me today"
    Her: "Yeah I know and I really don't know why"

    I didn't respond after this. Another question, is this an ioi?

    She then texted me again later asking if I still liked redbull.

    My main thought is she just got out of a 4 year relationship and any girl there's always a chance at a moments notice will get back with their bf of 4 years. So I'm really low-key about it until we escalate to more sexual stuff and I have a good shot at f-closing. Anyone have any experiences like this?

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    First thing is not an ioi, it's a test, they do this all the time, especially hb9's. you actually fell for it by agreeing, which made you look easy.
    it seems to me she is kinda bored but does have interest for you, but you really need to work it up if you want to f-close anytime soon.

    the second part actually is an ioi, she's openly admitting she's asking for your attention. if you gave her good reason why, she wouldn't be like "I don't know why", instead she'd continue great conversation with you.

    don't dhv in a way like you're going to important meetings, anyone could say this, instead let it come with unqiue and fun details.

    improve your teasing game and see how far you can go, don't overdo it. this will give you more insight in what she's on about.
    it's no problem if she gets back with her bf, even if she does, you can fclose her anytime, don't worry about these things, especially not if she's the one pulling you in.

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