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    Horny Baristas

    Hey guys, I'm Sonador. I haven't posted in awhile. I'm 29 and entering a new phase of my life. I've recently gotten into better shape and girls have been taking notice. It's like they expect me to have flawless game. However, I still have things to learn.

    I went to a new cafe and there were a few people in line ahead of me. The female barista went to her register, looked at me and said, "I'll take the next customer in line." But since I wasn't actually next, I waited for the next person to go. You should've seen her face, omg. Then I was next and she was staring directly in my eyes smiling like crazy, seemingly expecting me to do something. I started talking to the other cashier, a guy, while she made my coffee. Then when she delivered it, she did the same thing.

    I have no idea what she wanted. I mean, she probably wanted to fuck me but... Asking her if she liked mustaches didn't seem like the right move. I was thinking I should've just asked for her number. It was shocking to me, though. I didn't even say anything. Maybe this happens to hot guys all the time but, like I said, I've only recently begun to have girls notice me for my looks. (It must be my looks because nothing else has changed and guys I work out with are constantly asking me how I lost weight, etc).

    I just wanted to share this experience. Ideally, one of you will have had a similar experience and can chime in.

    Thanks and I look forward to being a valuable part of the community.


  2. Hi man,
    I have read your post and I can verify your hypothese because livin' the same situation since last weeks lol
    Everyone on the forum can say :
    'Look is not important'
    But I think that look is not %100 unimportant. Look is important. You don't have to be perfect but you should be clean and take care of your body.
    To be honest, if you work out than your chances will increase. I am workin' 3 days a week and swimming 2km. each Sunday. I am doin' this since a litttle bit more than 2 months.
    Before I have an athletic body but the last 3 years I haven't worked on this side of my game and just ignored my body. So I have started to become better but there is always smt. missin'. Yes, I have changed the wardrobe, take nice clothes which fits me. They have all worked while combined with game. But I have never noticed all girls looking at me.
    So for 2,5 months I have been out of the field and start to work on my body. (Btw, my field is night game, clubs, bars etc...) So work out session started. Also I have changed my eating habits a little bit. To be honest I was lucky cause I wasn't trying to create a nice body from nothing, I was just trying to catch my performance again.

    At the end of the period I have started to see nice results when I look into the mirror. So than I have decided to see what it gonna bring in the field.

    At the begining I wasn't hoped so much. But the results was amazing. Combining your worked body with nice suited clothes, you can start to have a more solid game. I have been tested this last week Friday. It was incredible. I have never seen so many girls who are lookin' at me, smilin' , givin' all IOI to make me approach them. Some of them even approached to me by findin' similar colours on their clothes to mine lol It was just the begining. Even 2 girls tried to take photo with me. I have never met them before and didn't talked before. They were there and are usin' my old canned material on me haha It was really interesting and funny to see that a girl tries to use your own material on you to get you lol

    The things have also changed on the dance floor. You know on the dance floor you can not talk too much and you have to use your body more. I remember that couple of month ago, when I approach a girl on the dance floor, sometimes I see the bitch shield. Some just ignore me, some don't act as I want. But this time, there is no shield, nothing.
    Every time I try to pick up a girl from the floor, it just realizes like it is an habitude. The only couple that night that I haven't take was a lesbian one lol In fact I was goin' quite good. One of the girls was started to get interested to me (mean while there was around 6 other men around this hot les. couple lol) and started to approach me. We were closer and closer. (it happens just in seconds) But at the kiss close, her girlsfriend take her away and started to make out with her lol Ok, this case was a hard one and I have to work on my skills to get lesbian couple for a 3some.

    I have tried it on Saturday too and it is really working. Now I feel like a superstar when I get in club cause I know that I can get what I want and everygirl is lookin' at me and beggin' to approach them.

    So am I continue to work out now, the answer is YES. Do I have incredibly big muscles? NO. But I have enough muscle and a decent body and nice sense of fashion. So smt. to appreciate by girls.

    So I really get what you have posted. Keep working on your body and combine it with your game (DG, NG whatever game you are playing) . You will see that your body will improuve, your game will improuve, your health and life will improuve. So WIN WIN WIN

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    I remember when I had ABS the girls would get googly eyed. Thing is my game sucked so I did not capitalize on it. Now that I'm older getting back to that shape is so freaking hard. Looks are the easiest attraction switch to work on for most.

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    Livin the Dream

    Hey guys. Yes, looks matter. I used to think they didn't as well but they help. This
    idea fits into the triad model under Attraction. Women are attracted to
    Health. A good body represents Health and Strength.

    I've had Japanese girls just randomly ask me to take photos with them. It is
    a different type of experience. Like they're going to brag to their friends,
    "Look at this hot guy we met. He fucked the shit out of us!" and you didn't
    even talk.
    Haha lesbian cock blocked. Cunt stunted lol
    Sounds like you're doing good. Where are you from? I'm in Los Angeles workin this stuff.

    Love Monkey -
    It's good to hear that you're still in the fight. I saw a dude near 50 get into a set last week. That really lit the fire under my ass. It also shows that you don't need to be a 19 year old stud to meet women. I don't know if you're trying to lose weight but if you are, weight watchers is a dream come true for fat loss. I've lost over 70lbs, 30 of which were on WW.

    Thanks for the replies guys. I've been out there every day trying to crack this nut so a girl will help me bust mine haha. See you in the field.

  5. Thanks man, I am livin' in France now.
    You are really lucky Sonador, LA, good field I think. Next year I am planing to move to a bigger city if everything goes well. So it will be good for my carriere and also for my gaming carriere hehe
    Btw, u seem like goin' good too. Haven't you noticed yet the girls who are staring at you in the middle of the day ion the street or at the market?? It has started to realize in my life. When I walk in the street many girl are lookin' at me like they want smt. lol Of course not all the girls but many. To be honest, it is not a situation that I really use to have.Do I like it, YES, f*ck I love this situation.
    So I keep on working and also continue to swim each week (lest record non stop 2,5km swimming yesterday). At the begining it was just for fun but now it motivates me and becomes a part of me.
    It is nice to use the body and your game skills together. I believe that human should improve himself in many directions to get results.
    Have fun out there and keep working

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    I want to add that I haven't been back to that cafe. Back in the day I would talk to girls behind the counter mercilessly. Every girl, every store every time. Now, I've felt bad. It's like trying to shoot fish in a barrel. They can't escape! It doesn't seem fair. But, times have changed. It seems to be worth the shot. A quick suggestion, a number request. Better than just walking away without having tried, imo.

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