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    I recently met a guy online, we texted abt 2 weeks b4 meeting,we text every day after we met for about 1 week,2 nights ago, we talked abt our plans for the wkend, he was busy so we couldn't get together,I said I had plans for Sat nite but was free other than that night,he ask if i had a date before I could say no, he text me and said "sorry, it's none of my business".I didn't say what my plans were,he said it made things a little different knowing he wasn't the only fish in the barrel.I let him think I had a date for a few minutes,even said I'd had these plans b4 I met him, which was true,then I told him it wasn't a date just friends getting together to play cards he got mad because I let him think I had a date,I said..YOU assumed I had one, and you said it was none of your business so I thought it didn't matter either way,my problem is he has now stopped txting me and I want to go out with him again, he seems like a really nice guy..can this be fixed or should I just forget about it

  2. First, why us this in the relationships section? Have you had sex yet?

    Second, please try to organize your writing into paragraphs, and maybe spell out things a bit more.

    If I tell a girl it's none of my business then I stick to that. Frankly the guy sounds like a girl. You did not make a mistake, he did. You can encourage him when he texts, but watch his behavior and do not invest too much.

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    I didn't know what section to use so I just picked one.. We didn't have sex, we went for a walk then ate lunch, the date was about 4 hours.. we texted every day and night for a week, then he assumed I had a date with someone tonite, and got mad when I told him it wasn't a date..he said he didn't need to be stressed, and at this point all we were was potiental sex partners.. I texted him the next night, he wasn't too friendly..I haven't heard from him since then, that was two days ago.. the last time we talked, I apoligized for the misunderstanding..what should my next move be, or should I leave it alone..thanks for your help

  4. This should probably be in the general or newbie section.

    I'm going to take a moment to be judgmental. He is an ass.

    I'm going to give you the same advice the guys get. Go work out, go make friends, find a hobby, and then you will find other nicer men.

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    you can try to get another date with him and build some chemistry. If he is still insecure and doesnt move on, you might want to look for someone else. You can only do so much.

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    Oh man, this guy sounds insecure as hell. RUN! Seriously, if he gets that worked up over the possibility of you having a date after seeing you ONCE, imagine what he'll be like in a relationship. He'll probably accuse of you cheating on him every time you're out with the girls, check your phone, go through your messages, and otherwise act like an insecure creep. This is the kind of thing I try to screen out right away. If a guy can't handle the fact that I have a life and plans that don't always include him, he is out. Be glad he showed that side of him earlier rather than later.


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    He does sound insecure, but he has made me feel like it's my fault..I don't owe him an explanation, but I probably shouldn't have let him think I had a date..I'm not the type to chase guys or beg them to talk to me, but for some reason I really miss texting with him..we had great chemistry when we met and I thought we might be a match..thanks for the advice

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    That's right - you don't owe him an explanation - he's trying to control you - it's way too early in the dating stage for him to have any expectation about what you do when you are not with him - honestly, it sounds like he has issues - you probably have issues too given that you are at all attracted to a guy like this - that's not a judgment against you - we all have our insecurities - if I were you, I'd work on that in yourself - in any case, you can do better than this guy - I thinkhe would probably be abusive....

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    thanks for the advice. I know everyone that has replied are right..I just can't stop thinking about him, I had high hopes for this one..I think it's probably because I'm the one who messed it up trying to be mysterious..I won't try that again

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    There's nothing wrong with being mysterious. There is something wrong with being an insecure jerk. HE MESSED UP when he had that bitch fit over nothing, and his reaction to you not telling him you didn't have a date shows the side of him that would've made your life miserable. Like the wise girl said: be glad he showed you that side early.

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