My POF 'About Me'. Does this look okay?

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  1. My POF 'About Me'. Does this look okay?

    I wanted to avoid the type of statement that makes no sense and makes me sound a bit crazy. Wasn't sure about adding the astronomy part but from previous experience, most girls are interested in this after seeing some of the pretty pictures. I might put a picture up of me looking through a telescope, but didn't know if that would be a bit much. I think it may be a bit too short, I might think of some more to add later. Anyway, here it is. Any suggestions/input are welcome.

    I'm 23 and currently working full time but studying a degree in physics part time. Love a bit of adventure and want to do some travelling. I've hiked up Mount Kinabalu to watch the sun rise from the top, am going to tour western America next year. Also learned to scuba dive so I can dive in Iceland and I want to dive with Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas. Then I like nerdy things too, like Astronomy.

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    My okcupid profile went with the "nutty" version of myself which you said you didn't want to go. Saying you studying physics gives off the potential of wealth but I don't know if it also gives the "nerdy" aspect to it. When you say Nerdy again...if they originally thought a possibility of nerdy then I would think the last sentence would solidify that statement.


    I'm 23 and currently working full time but studying a degree in physics part time. Love adventure and travelling. I've climbed to the top of Mount Kinabalu to watch the sun rise. Scuba diving in the warm waters of the Bahamas with tiger sharks or in the icy cool ocean around Iceland are in my future plans. My (insert your sign) sign keeps my passion for adventure growing.

    maybe something like that. I could be completely off. ::Shrug::

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    It's not bad, but it's a little boring. Basically looks like most other POF profiles I used to see every day. Not because of what you say, but HOW you say it. When writing a profile, you don't just want to list facts about yourself; you want the girl to be EMOTIONALLY involved in what you're reading. While your list sounds cool, it's just a list and most girls have no idea what scuba diving in Iceland is like, so they can't form an emotional connection to it. Here's an example of how you could change it to make it more interesting:

    "I'm 23 and currently working full time while pursuing my dream of one day getting a Nobel prize in physics (just like the guys in Big Bang Theory!) When I'm not splitting atoms, or gazing at the stars, you'll see me hiking to the top of Mount Kinabalu to watch the sunrise, scuba diving in the freezing waters of Iceland, feeding Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas, or taking a road trip across the Wild American West (cowboys included!). Looking for a partner in crime brave enough to join me on an adventure, and nerdy enough to understand my physics jokes "

    ^Now THAT's something I would totally click on

    You don't have to follow the exact format, but try to spice it up with some adjectives, and put some humor/emotion into it!

    Good luck,


  4. Agree with rogue!

    You don't want to give her too many facts and make it sound like interview questions have been asked!

  5. That's awesome, thanks Rogue!


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