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  1. Auckland Newbie

    Anyone willing to take on the challenge of mentoring a complete newbie? I have no experience with this stuff whatsoever. Prove your PUA prowess by helping me with mine.
    Please PM me if interested.

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    Yeah bro, if you're keen to daygame

  3. Hey guys,

    I will come to Auckland soon and I can't wait to do daygame with you. Please PM me if you are interested !

  4. Aussie guy in auckland, looking for some people to hang with. I don't actively game anymore but willing to wing. I hold my own and critique if wanted. Been in pua for 5 years now, but switched to a holistic approach. Still prefer night game but all my friends are married, engaged, partnered up or just plain old

    Hit me up, 0223632108

  5. Hey Im coming over to Auckland for a few days next month from Adelaide, and am keen to meet any of you guys who are interested Send me a pm if so and we can sort it out

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