girl of my asshole coworker
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    girl of my asshole coworker

    hi all!

    There's this girl that I've been talking to, and things are going quite well. I'm currently out in a business trip to dc, and she asked if she could go to dc and stay with me for a couple days. The annoyIng thing is, I met her through my coworker, who's also my roommate, who is obsessed with her. She stays at his place sometimes, though I can tell that she's not that attracted to that guy. The question is, what should she tell my coworker about her trip? Should she tell him she's going to dc but won't see me? Or should she use some other script?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    IMO honesty is the best policy. You dont crap where you eat so dont make things more complicated than they are already going to be.

    Its best for him to know from the start. My friend asked me if he could go for one of my ex's, I said yes, they are now living together and having a kid. Had he not asked I'd have probably been p'd off.

    So since he is your room mate its only fair that something is said to save from having any other repercussions in the future.

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