How do you guys manage not to get anyone pregnant?
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  1. How do you guys manage not to get anyone pregnant?

    Seriously. If a PUA is constantly getting it in with many women, possibly multiple times, how is it that so many avoid making a baby. I understand that there's always the condom (and the pill for the lady, but you can't always trust them), but condoms have a failure rate. So are there any other tips and tricks PUA's use to lessen the chance of being in a living hell the next 18+ years?

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    Condoms, luck, and pulling out...

  3. Definitely combining all possible methods of contraception, whenever you can.

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    I had the snip snip done for $490.

    When i want to be rewired, it's $4900... which is still cheaper than five years of condoms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boston_019 View Post
    I had the snip snip done for $490.

    When i want to be rewired, it's $4900... which is still cheaper than five years of condoms.
    and way cheaper than 18 years of child support...

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    Apart from the snip there is no 100% way of not getting pregnant apart from not having sex. If you're that worried don't sleep with anyone, but condoms still have a high success rate n I've had sex a few hundred times (long term relationships) and I'm not a farther.

  7. The condom itself will almost never fail, but there can be "user issues". After all you are basically fighting biology, and biology always wins in the end. I don't much like using condoms, they interrupt the flow, but I have to use them because my gf is allergic to the Pill. Here are five tips to use a condom correctly. They should put this useful information on the leaflet in the pack!

    1. Before you put the condom on, be very careful not to get any of your pre-cum inside her (if you are fingering her, or if she's masturbating you then she fingers herself) or onto the outside of the condom. Your pre-cum has some sperm in it: not billions of them, but one is enough to make her pregnant. This x100 if you came already from a blowjob or whatever.

    2. If you start to put the condom on and find you have it upside-down (if it's upside-down, it won't roll on properly - a condom only unrolls in one direction) then bin it. Or if it's your last condom, find a way to keep it on that way around: do not take it off and turn it over or else you will get some pre-cum on the outside of it, you'll have to stretch it out and unroll it with your fingers to get it on properly. It's definitely best to bin it, especially if it's a condom with lubricants or gels those won't work right if you have it inside-out. You should always carry one or two spare condoms for this reason.

    3. When you come, you must pull out of your girl, even if you feel that you will get hard again if you stay inside her. Do not keep fucking a girl with a condom after you came inside it, there's a big risk of it bursting. Pull out and change condoms. Changing condoms can be quite a messy business after you came already, I find it difficult to do it neatly without a full clean-up operation.

    4. If your dick went soft quickly after coming, then you may need to hold the rim of the condom onto your dick with your hand as you pull out - if you don't do this, there's a risk of your dick sliding out of the condom and the condom staying inside her, which would be an epic fail. (Happened to me twice in my life so far.)

    5. If your girl is passionately in love with you or has a borderline personality disorder or you're just a very rich guy and you don't plan on marrying her, you might want to take that used condom home with you, in case after you've gone she gets it into her head to turkey-baste herself.

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    Even with a condom on I've pulled out, and even when I was married I kept using it but not as much. I've always taken a quick look to see if the condom was on, and if it felt like it broke, I'd pull it out for a sec and do a quick check. I always had and have more than one with me.

    When it's casual with multiple partners and her quality of life is good, odds of her being on birth control are really high. If she's living with her parents or in a bad neighborhood - she's going to be looking to you as a way out.

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    very simple pull out and blow your load on her or throw it in her moulth

  10. Anything not so good about going with the snip?

    I'm curious but not so sure if had it.

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