Best online resource for fashion?
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    Best online resource for fashion?

    Hey guys,

    So I have been working on updating my style for the last couple weeks. I have read the forums and other sites mentioned like GQ, Esquire, Mens Health but I have found their websites are kinda bare and contradict each other. I have looked at the magazines too and to be honest I would not be comfortable in those styles (Bright red pants really?). I was just wondering if anyone knew any other site that could be helpful?

  2. I get a lot of inspiration from popular tv shows. Most of the youngish men on most sitcoms are wearing something in style and is usually picked out by a professorial. Next time you watch your favorite show, pay attention to what the main male characters are wearing. I find most fashion sites are a little elitist, i go to But like i said, very elitist.

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    What wuballz said is sound advice! Watch programs like Made in Chelsea and just make note of what the guys are wearing. colour combo's, type of outfits etc etc. You don't have to go that extream but you will get a good idea of whats in!
    Also, browse the ASOS online shop and also Mr Porter is a good website! Theres plenty of pictures of the clothes being modeled and even cat walk vids. Mr Porter is high, high end stuff but it can be easily be replicated with cheaper brands. Once you get to know which brands you like then start looking at their own websites.
    Also read GQ magazine. Theres always interesting stuff hidden in there i.e new/unknown designer brands. I picked up some cracking shirts from a company called Far 5. Great quality, reasonable price and I haven't seen anyone else wearing them around here!

    As for the red pants thing.... you've got to grab the bull by the horns and just do it!
    The only thing you are worrying about is looking like a tit infront of your current friends as anyone new that you meet will just assume that that is how you dress anyway. Yes you will get mocked by your friends the first/second and third time they see the new image because its such a drastic change that will not go unoticed but then they will quickly forget that you've done it and it will become normal to see the new you.
    Don't be shy, Put a good budget together (500-1000), go shopping and go for the whole overhaul, top to bottom and start wearing it there and then! Don't try and phase it in, just do it.
    Remember footwear is key to a good outfit as well. If you go for the slim fit look then the chances are your current footware will not work with it.

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    Thanks for the tip guys. I checked out asos, mr porter, and that show. I could see myself in some of those styles when I find the less expensive version of them haha. I'm going to try to get this girl I know who works at burberry to help me as well

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    Guys, don't forget to check out www.||||||||.com. There are plenty of good advice there for free. Don't miss the post on sunglasses and the one on haircuts.

    Fashion related posts are blended with motivational stuff. I really enjoy. Hope you will to.

    This is my first contribution to this forum (if I may say that...) so let me know what you think about it.

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    A method I've found worked well for me was to pay attention to celebrity magazines (and tv shows / films, as already mentioned) and look for cool celebrities who resemble your build and hair / eye colour.

    For me it would be guys who are taller, black hair and a lean / medium build. So I looked at guys like Tom Cruise (yeah, I know he's short but hey), Will Smith and some of the UFC guys (when suited up at events).

    I looked for fashions / styles they were wearing, then went and found the cheapest alternative.

    Do a quick google search for celebrities or athletes that you resemble and see if you like thier style

  7. hi there, i usually get my inspiration from the latest social community dedicated to fashion and style. It's also a place to discover new trends, curate a collection of your fabulous finds and to visually share your inspiration. Check it out, am sure you will enjoy the experience

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