hello, Question about Routine Manual !!!
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  1. hello, Question about Routine Manual !!!

    I want to read paper version rather than Ebook, and I found it on ebay and bought both vol of routine manual.the seller looks like official Lovesystem seller. but I also found a negative feedback saying that you guys stop selling products on ebay, is that right? If it is the case, what should I do? and where else can i get a paper version?
    here is the link of the product

    thanks !!

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    Yes, I can confirm our Ebay store is definitely in business. From what I heard that one negative feedback was by a guy who gave us a bad shipping address.

    A suggestion which I like to do with some of my ebooks is take them into Kinkos or a similar type office store, have them print it out for a small fee and they'll even put it in a convenient binder.

    If you want to have the official paperbacks, they can also be found on Lulu:



    Or even easier if you'd like, I could arrange them to be sent out to you. Simply contact me through any of the below.

    All the best!

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