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  1. POF Profile Critique

    Ok. just critiqued another profile. To be honest, now I want another evaluation of my own. Recommends appreciated.


    I'm Brad.
    I'm a 28 yr old Taurus.
    I'm looking for a girl with high legs and low morals. lol jk

    I'm looking to meet fun and interesting people, and have fun!
    I'm fun, outgoing, with a sense of humour.
    Love having good conversations with good company.

    I play Hockey regularly. Love it! Helps keep me active
    Recently discovered snowboarding. Changed my life! I think snowboard took over hockey as my #1 sport.
    I also like MMA, and Kickboxing.
    Love spicy food, and sour candies. and Toaster strudels!

    My hobbies include: Hanging out with friends, Music, Snowboarding and Helping my uncle, whose hell-bent on world domination, assemble dooms day devices. Usually I'm the one holding the flashlight. Laugh all you want. I got that flashlight handling skill down!
    I have an interest in psychology and social dynamics. (I know you think that's boring...) I enjoy meeting new people and learning about how they view the world. Sometimes you can learn new things, from new perspectives, and use this to grow into a better person.
    ...that's all you get for free. The rest is gonna cost you!

    Food for thought: There's Success, and then there's Experience. lol and I got a lot of experience.

    Send me a msg. Let's chat and find some trouble to get into.

    I've been trying different approaches. This is what I've settled on lately.

  2. Sorry.
    Meant to put this is the Online Gaming and Im section.

  3. #3

    Ok. If this were my profile, I'd make the following changes:

    Get rid of:
    Hi Im Brad (beta)
    28 year old Taurus (POF puts it up top anyway, but women arbitrarily reject men based on that astrological bullshit so why give them another opportunity to do so?)
    High legs/lol j/k is questionable. It might turn off women who are in "I won't have a ONS" mode. lol j/k comes off as (beta)

    Rewrite paragraph 3. Sentences 1 and 2 have the same format. (Sentence. Sentence! Sentence)

    Take out the uncle thing. Most women aren't smart enough to understand that's a joke.

    Kill the success/experience line, it makes you sound like a constant failure.

    Get rid of the "send me a msg" bit.


    I'm a fan of "I don't take this site too seriously, I just moved to the area and want to find out what's good in (city)." I also try to write my lines like this:

    line line line

    line line line

    instead of like this:

    line line line line >
    line line line.

    It improves readability, and few people can read so you have to help them along.

  4. *nod*

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