POF - Convo going well at beginning but then stalled. What went wrong?

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    POF - Convo going well at beginning but then stalled. What went wrong?

    This is on POF, HB-8, Toronto.

    She is into arts, movies, jazz, etc...

    She was invested from the beginning. Did I give her too much IOI in my last message? How would you have written the last message?

    ME:5/7/2012 10:43:12 PM
    Hi there, hope you are enjoying the nice weather

    I have a little fun question for you: if you decided you want to visit a foreign
    country, where would you visit next?

    HER:5/7/2012 10:49:48 PM
    Hey! Right back atcha RE enjoying the weather.
    I am going to Kenya for work in July, so I'm excited for that, but beyond exploring Africa, I would
    love to go to Brazil, or Haiti, or one of the Canadian territories (okay, not a country, but still callin'
    my name )
    How about you?
    Also, are you from Montreal? That's where I grew up!

    ME:5/8/2012 1:31:33 PM
    OMG, your are from Montreal too? You are like my best friend already!
    I moved here a year and half ago and I totally miss Montreal,
    especially skiing there. No more Mont-Tremblant season passes for me.

    I would like to visit east Asia: China and Japan. I will soon visit
    China on a business trip.
    As for Japan, ever since I watched Seven Samurai, I fell in love with
    the Samurai Japanese culture is different and interesting.

    Hummm, Brazil... good choice, very adventurous. Lots of interesting things to do there. I'd love to see the Amazon and celebrate the New Year on Copacabana beach

    HER:5/8/2012 4:51:48 PM
    East Asia would indeed be amazing. What kind of business trip brings you to China?
    And what are of Mtl are you from? I grew up in the West Island... in a little town called Kirkland, but went to high school in Dorval. I too miss skiing in the Laurentians, but have tried to make a trip to Whistler once a year to fill that void.

    ME:5/8/2012 8:34:30 PM
    We have a branch office in China. I'll have to go supervise our
    overseas projects, yada yada yada

    I was in Ile des Soeurs. Nice neighborhood.

    Hitchcock, musicals ... humm, you seem like an interesting person. I
    like people with a passion for arts My favorite directors are
    Woody Allen, Scorsese, Coen brothers and Tarantino. And of course I
    have a collection of Hitchcock movies.

    I love to explore new places in Toronto. What's the hottest jazz bar
    you've been to?

  2. Dude, girls who stop responding are not necessarily an indication that you're doing something wrong. It happens alllll the time, regardless of how well you craft your messages. The male-female dynamic on there is way too lopsided to worry about these things.

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    You also use alot of smiley faces but yea she coulda just stopped replying for a number of reasons. Just keep practicing but if you really want to talk to her, just send her another message saying something funny and short. Its a small chance of success but better then nothing.

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    Thanks guys. Appreciate the feedback.

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    Humm, that was easy. I just sent a follow up message: Are you emotionaly available for texting? and she goes: hah, totally (647)xxx-xxxx

    We'll see what happens next.

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    I can only suspect she got distracted by something since your followup actually worked.

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    Happens all the time. Usually nothing you do wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by nakanu View Post
    I can only suspect she got distracted by something since your followup actually worked.
    Well, I could see her online when she did not got back to me, apparently chatting to other guys. She is very attractive so I am gussing she gets tons of messages and has a lot of options and it's just hard to keep up with everyone! Lol

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