Girls seem to get buyer's remorse after being physical, what do I do?

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    Girls seem to get buyer's remorse after being physical, what do I do?

    I've gone on several first dates which end in a make out session but many of them go cold. What are some quick tips that I can use to make girls more comfortable and not experience buyer's remorse.

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    You're probably not validating them enough before the deed. You need to let them know their qualities you think are special (without being lame about it or doing it too soon -- you have to guide them to prove to you that they have these qualities). Otherwise, afterwards, unless they're very sexually open, they can sometimes feel a rush of guilt and hear negative statements about themselves over their sexual desires .

    At the same time, if you're just making out and not completing the deed, they may wonder why you didn't guide them toward what they wanted -- to be taken. They could wonder if you don't like them or subconciously doubt your skills as a dude who can lead a woman to mutual happiness...

    Immediately after the deed, you also want to spend the time to cuddle, chat, etc. (without saying anything lame or needy), or they could feel trashy. If they get that feeling, they won't like it and won't want to come back.

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