What to text her if she is mad at me?
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    What to text her if she is mad at me?

    Hey gentlemen,
    I'm having trouble with this girl that I've been talking to for the past week. We had a date last Friday. Yesterday I got her mad because I was awoken by her text LOL. I told her I'm sorry I got cranky when when waken up. To make the long story short... she texted me "ftr your crankyness was a moodkill, I'm semi pissed at you right now" so i replied with
    Me:"Im sorry bout that, I dont hav school tomorrow, what's ur schedule tomorro?"
    Her: I have ___
    Me: What about thurs and friday?
    Her: I told u im goin to b busy this month (finals, graduation, big bday party for next month)
    Her: Why waht r u planning?
    Me: Lets grab something to kool us off or watch a movie so I can alleviate ur mad feelings towards me.
    Her: Ok remember when u told...
    Me: Ya........
    Her: What about...
    Me: Ya....
    Her: K

    Today I texted her with:

    (HEr name), hope ur not pissed anymore

    what do u guys think?

  2. Dude, not trying to bring you down or anything, but you might as well delete this girl's number at this point. You invested WAY too much and you were completely AFC...you apologized for a bunch of purely trivial things. The thing about being cranky was a shit test and sounds like you failed pretty badly. I would ask what the sequence was, but since you already texted again seeking her approval...I'd say you're done for. You need to be more witty and care free with your text messages. What happened on the date? If you didn't make at least make out, you absolutely need to move on. If you made out and nothing else, you need to sit tight until she texts you. At best, you need to wait around a month until you text her something again. Again, not trying to be douchey or anything, just trying to drive some points home. I've fucked up a lot of text game in the past and I'm still not perfect.

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    You have weak game, not a single post-fix

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwejonathan View Post
    You have weak game, not a single post-fix
    You sound like a straight up hater but its kool, I'm not here to flaunt my text game..I'm here to ask for help. Simple as that.

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    I would cool it on the texting. Once you apologize (hopefully only once) you should not bring it up again. Wait for her to hyu or in a couple of days, if you genuinely have something cool going on, you can ask her to join you.

    You've apologized and she can either accept or be difficult. Whatever you do, don't apologize again!

  6. Frankly, if she's making that big of a deal over you getting cranky, you're better off forgetting her anyways that's pathetic unless you said anything rude.

    Even if it's just a game/hoop to jump through, you already blew that so leave her be if she texts you then carry on.

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    cease contact. u failed pretty horribly.

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