?!Don't know where to go from here?!

Hey guys,

So just wondering what you make of this situation and my chances:

So I have known this girl for about 5 months now where I met her at a club, kissed, texted etc for a while last December. I then took her out on a date around january/ feb time and t went quite well but none of us really followed up on it. I liked her but I didn't really text her for a few weeks afterwards and she didn't seem blown away at that stage. Fast forward a few months and in the mean time I have met her quite a few times since on nights out with intermittent texting.

Any time I see her we always end up staying in each others company and having drunken banter and I have been back to her house a few times. I haven't actually got the buck out of her though, as any time I go back to her house she resists that. In fact, she has only ever had sex with one other guy, (her ex-bf) of 4 1/2 yrs, so I am not too worried that I haven't got into her pants just yet.

I just don't know what she thinks of me and it's very frustrating. To be honest she sometimes tells me that she doesn't think of me like that, but I don't know if that is a gameplay or if she genuinely doesn't like me. Last week for ex, I took her to the cinema and one of the remarks she made at the end is that she thinks that I have a circle of girls that I just text and call when I feel like it, pretty much calling me a player. That would make me think she likes me but she is weary that I might mess her around, but then other times I don't think shes interested as by and large I put most work into our relationship/ friendship. For ex,4/5 times I will text her first, but she always responds and we get great banter going. I also have a habit of calling her when I am drunk and she almosts expects that I do that now.

However my social proof is really good- she knows who I am and we have common friends etc. She said she gets the impression of me that I am a complete 'lad', which I think is a good thing to make her think. I also tell her nice things from time to time, for ex, on Saturday morning I texted her and told her that she was one of my favourite ppl that I know, and she said that it made her smile, brightened her gloomy day etc.

I'm not sure how to progress though. I might cut contact and she if she pursues me, but the other side of me wants to just persist until she gives in.

The other flip of the coin says that she could still be caught up with her ex bf, as he is the only person she has ever had sex with.