Nick Hoss Day Game Workshop Las Vegas, April 2012 (w/ Darwin)
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    Nick Hoss Day Game Workshop Las Vegas, April 2012 (w/ Darwin)

    This is a review for Nick Hoss's Las Vegas day game seminar, and wow, what an experience! There were 5 students but 2 students were taking the seminar portion only so we only had 3 students for the infield. We had 2 instructors total so we all got to spend a lot of time with the instructors, which I really appreciated.
    I will breakdown my review into: what we covered in each day, review of the instructors, things that can be improved, and the ways to get most out of this workshop.

    Day 1
    Today we went over the inner game, how brain work, triad model, opening and transitioning. Having read magic bullets, day time dating, Nick Hoss's blog posts, and listening to the interview series on the inner game, Day 1 was mostly review for me. That said, it was still nice to go over the fundamentals and I highly recommend you all to read all the products I mentioned. I really liked the trigger words exercise at the end which was something that can be improved by practicing it over and over

    Day 2 Infield
    Today was the first infield day. I was really excited to finally do approaches with the instructors, but nervous as well. Another instructor Darwin joined us for our infield.
    However, there's something about being with the instructors. Darwin pointed to a girl walking past and my feet already started moving to her. I wanted to do my best in front of the instructors so there was no time for the approach anxiety. I guess i opened her fairly well, because she talked with me for the next few minutes. After the initial approach, I started doing all my approaches without the instructors telling me to do so. I had a pretty crazy day considering that it was my first day of approaching. I opened a 60 years old grandma by accident (she was smoking hot from behind though!), I opened a girl and her mom showed up out of nowhere (I freaked out for a bit), and got a number for the first time doing cold approaches. We were all surprised that no one had issues with approach anxiety, considering that we were all beginners. I was very tired at the end of the day but it was all worth it.

    Day 2 Seminar
    Day 2 of the seminar involved attraction, qualification, and comfort. I think today was the most important part of the workshop because no one had trouble approaching and transitioning, but attraction and qualification needed some work.
    All the advice that Nick gave to us were money. They are not something that you can read from the book and understand. Nick broke down attraction, qualification, and comfort into pieces and explained why things work and why they don’t. We spent about 45 minutes on storytelling exercises which I thought it was the most invaluable lesson that Nick taught us. If you have a problem regarding storytelling, CONSULT WITH NICK! He heard stories from each of us and was able to change our stories into more interesting and attractive stories without any hesitation. I was so impressed by his storytelling skills that I will definitely do a follow up phone consult with him just regarding the storytelling. He was so amazing at storytelling.

    Day 3 Infield

    I was actually more nervous than the previous day because I felt pressured to do better than yesterday. Nick told me that it’s normal and don’t worry about it. Day 2 of the infield was not as good as the day 1 because a lot of girls were with their boyfriends. After walking around for so long without doing any approaches, I decided to approach 4’s 5’s and 6’s as well just for the sake of the experience. The most unforgettable approach I did was a 2 set. I did not have any problem approaching a girl walking herself, but I felt so nervous when I saw girls in groups. Nick pointed out to a 2 set who were walking past, and I felt so nervous but I said fuck it and went for it. It turned out, this happened to be my best approach I have ever done. Not because I did a perfect pick up or anything, but she was so flattered and surprised to be called as gorgeous and she gave me a hug. At this point I have done probably around 20 approaches and I have never seen a girl seemed that happy. Her genuine smile and happiness just made my day and I kind of backed out when she said she is leaving Vegas the day after but I should have asked for her number regardless.

    Day 3 seminar
    I was soooooo tired at the last day. I tried so hard to pay attention to Nick but I kept losing focus. Today’s seminar involved dates, phone/text game, sexualization, and a little bit of social circle mastery. To understand better, Nick read us his old journal and his text messages to show the real life examples of how to apply all the concepts.
    After the seminar, we all headed to a restaurant and got something to eat.

    Instructor Reviews
    I have to say that Nick is an amazing teacher. We bombarded him with so many questions and he had answers for all of them. Nick's voice was very clear and loud, he never rushed on any topics, and he showed confident body language the whole time.

    Darwin was another instructor for infield and he was a great help. He was always encouraging about what we did right, and he was also able to point out what could we have done better. He is a master of indirect approaches and he was able to talk to anyone in a very interesting way.

    Thing that can be improved
    I think the instructors could have pushed us into more sets. Maybe they were not pushing us as much because we were doing approaches on our own, but I could have done several more approaches if I was pushed. I let past so many girls because sometimes I kinda felt lazy, and sometimes I was nervous, especially with 2 sets. Instead of suggesting that there is a girl there, it would have been better if they said there is a girl there, so go get her right now.

    I think it would have been better if Nick covered the storytelling portion on both day 1 and 2, instead of just day 2. I think Nick should require all the students to read the day time dating (at least the opening and transitioning part) so he can cut the day 1 of the seminar a bit and go over more on storytelling.

    Ways to get most out of this workshop
    - Read daytime dating, magic bullets, Nick Hoss’s blog, and listen to the interview series on the inner game and conversation techniques.
    - Do some approaches on your own if you can, but if your approach anxiety is too high, at least try to fix your body language before the workshop. Always be conscious about your body language so that it becomes a habit.
    - When you are talking to your friends or whatnot, try making lots of statements. Making statements is crucial in daygame!

    I highly recommend Nick’s workshop so definitely go for it! Even if you don’t have time and money, you should still do it! I am a full-time college student, but I was able to finance myself by working part time, living in a cheaper apartment, eating less (lol), eating cheaper food (lots of cereal!!) and not eating out as much (I tried to cook most of my meals)
    I was really sad to say good bye to everyone at the end, but we will be meeting at the Superconference, so hurray for reunion!
    Lastly, shout out to all the students. You guys were all so awesome and I can’t wait to see all of us killing it in field!

  2. I just got back from an incredible weekend with Nick doing daygame in Vegas. Nick has an excellent way of teaching and connecting to people in general. Although I’ve done some previous training with Love Systems, I was brand new to daygame.

    Some things quickly become apparent when approaching girls during the day – you can’t hide behind the alcohol, loud music, and dim lighting of a club. Almost all of the women you see are moving, and most of them are not expecting to be approached (although a lot of them were open to it when it happened). It’s really your personality on the line, no tricks or gimmicks, just real conversation.

    This is why Nick teaches this – he is a master of creating conversations that bring two people together in a unique and exciting way. Nick’s background is in English composition, and it really pays off in seminar when he breaks down the specifics of how to create an interesting conversation and how to really connect with a woman you’re interested in. Hearing the story of how he got good was quite motivating, and he shared a ton of other personal stories and techniques with us.

    Infield, Nick and Darwin were able to watch my first approaches and quickly make some adjustments to what I was doing. There are some subtle differences from night game. Darwin is really encouraging to work with, he asks his students questions and gets them prepped before they get in set. Darwin is one of my favorite instructors, he winged me to a full close on a nightgame bootcamp I took with him last year. If you see him out at the club after seminar, he’ll come say hi and check in with you. The guy has literally been out every weekend for the last 2 years… he’s put so much time in and it shows.

    Infield proved to be an exciting and challenging experience for all of us, but by the end of the first day all of the students had gotten phone numbers from attractive women.

    One of the highlights of the first day was watching Nick approach two models and get an extremely positive response from them during the entire interaction. I’m not talking about “oh those girls look like models” either; these girls were actually working the catwalk in a fashion show in Vegas. They walked by us during their break and Nick was on it right away. He had them laughing in seconds and you could tell the attraction was there. Both of these women were over 5’10 and gorgeous.

    Now, because I was only in Vegas for the weekend I went out and partied my face off the second night of the daygame bootcamp, which was another learning experience for me haha I learned daygame goes a lot better for me when I’m NOT hungover, dehydrated, tired, and unshaven (surprise, surprise). Motivation levels started to sink a bit in the afternoon portion of the second day, and my mind was finding excuses not to approach. Nevertheless, we did get a good volume of approaches in overall and despite everything I managed to number close an extremely attractive Israeli girl on the second day of infield. The number was solid and I got a text chain going with her – she suggested a meetup but I couldn’t make it happen logistically. The practice was a great learning experience though.

    I stuck around Vegas until the following day and managed to number close an attractive blonde downtown – it just goes to show that what you take from a weekend with these guys can easily be applied to your everyday situation.

    I thought the instruction and infield advice over the course of the weekend was phenomenal and I would strongly encourage anyone considering doing a bootcamp to do it with Nick. Sign up and get it done. You’ll notice that your conversational flow with women gets 100x better. I have to admit - I’m really excited for what the future holds after taking this training. Thanks Nick

  3. hey what up guys! Amazing day game workshop right!

    I learned more in 30 minutes with Nick Hoss then I ever did in 3 years of reading and guessing how to do it in field. I seriously wish I didnt waste so much time trying to read, learn and apply it in field without the help of a pro. Hanging out with Darwin was fun and his night game is uncanny. I have never seen so many women eye fuck someone so quickly in my life. Literally one after another, night after night. Bullshit really does baffle brains!

    The seminar was great stuff and learned so much that is not even in the books or training material. Its really a great way to get the insider tips that are being used today and not yesterday. I learned so much about myself that weekend, including how logical I am and how hard it is for me to separate that in conversation. But I also know how to fix it now. I also realized that the opener and transition don't mean a thing, its all about what comes after the transition. You can literally say anything during the opener and transition, its crazy. The most important part is attraction and qualification which is really the bulk of the conversation and for me the most difficult part to do because I never knew how to speak emotionally and paint a story with my words. I can open all day but could never carry the conversation beyond a few minutes, however the tips Hoss gave us has made all the difference.

    I really look forward to my new found skills and look forward to taking some more bootcamps in the upcoming months with everyone else. See you guys at superconference!

    Also, Thanks Hoss!

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    This was a truly awesome workshop, guys! I'm glad you all enjoyed it and got so much out of it. Make sure to keep in touch!


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