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    Hi Guys,

    So I had been talking to this HB9 for about a month now; she's a friend of a friend, and interest had been built. Then on St. Pattys, I got a little too wasted and shit went on the rocks for a bit but I kept it going and then it seemed back to normal. She moved out of town and we remained in contact, texting (I always initiated it, but she almost always responded and we were able to have a convo). Now that she's done school here, she said shes not coming back, and this past weekend, I texted her and she texted me back saying 'I have to be honest, but Ive started seeing my ex again'. Kinda took it as a confirmation that she was into me for a bit, but I think I've developed a case of one-itis with this one. I am leaning towards just moving on and keeping her on the backburner, but I guess I just need confirmation on what to do? thoughts? The last text I sent her after she sent me hers were sent at :

    Me: Lol so what does that mean?
    Me: I'll call you later.

    *After calling her a couple hrs later*
    Me: What's up?

    Her: With my ex

    Me: well thats your first mistake
    Me: Hope you had a good night and we'll talk at a later date...just don't drunk dial me
    Me: Hey woman

    No answer.

    Another HB9 and I have been talking for a couple months now, and shit has been going up and down. She's been moving from a short/medium to long fuse. Telling me that she wants to hang out and using a lot of emoticons and complements and shit, and then not answering for days or not even replying. It almost as if she is afraid to hang out, because I've tried about 3-4 times over these couple months and she's confirmed it and then the day of or the day before she wont answer my BBM. I don't have her phone number and when I ask for it she doesnt answer. So Ive gone back and forth between saying fuck it, and trying to re-engage her; shifting her from a long to a medium fuse, but still have been unsuccessful in the meet-up. The last text I sent her said 'whats your phone number' and 'if we dont hang out soon, I'm going to start seeing other people' with a day in between, and no answer to both.

    Thanks guys! Im new to this forum and any advice you can provide would be sick!

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    Start gaming over girls bro...

    Stop messaging her and calling her... It is coming off as a little bit needy.

    If she brings up her ex again just ignore it. Make some cocky funny joke and move on.

    TBH It doesnt sound like she is interested...

    Just forget these girls, go no contact and go out and sarge. Work on your inner game and try not to get so hung up on girls.

    Having more women in your life with make you a more scarce comodity, and therefor being more attractive to women.


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