Dear diary, today I became awesome.
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    Dear diary, today I became awesome.

    "Whenever I feel sad, I stop being sad and be Awesome instead"

    So yeah, this is going to be my FR journal, more for me than anyone else to keep track of my progress. I'm a 23 year old student living in Stockholm, moved up here about a year ago after a long term relationship went to shit. I've been with the same girl since my teens so when everyone else were going out learning to pick up chicks I was at home with what I thought would be my one true love. Well, that didn't work out and since I have next to no experience clubbing I thought I'd need a boost and read Mystery Method and Magic Bullets to make up for lost time. No point in reinventing the wheel, eh?

    Most of my friends are either in committed relationships or are too stuck in AFC thinking to do anything about it. I feel like there's a huge stigma of learning to pick up chicks here, too. To make matters worse Swedes aren't exactly world renowned for their openness which adds truckloads of approach anxiety. It's just not normal behavior to walk up to someone you don't know and start talking - unless you're complaining about the weather or the bus being late. Not exactly smooth openers in a night club. Anyway, to start off I'll be writing down a few memorable nights I've already had and keep adding em up along the way. SO WITHOUT FURTHER DUE:

    14/4 2012

    The Story
    A friend of mine from my old home town was visiting Stockholm for the weekend and I'd promised to take him and his sister and her friend out for drinks. We were going to start off by having a few beers at a local rock pub so we met up and got there at around 8 pm. By this point I had just finished reading magic bullets and a few beers in we got around to talking about it. Turns out he was into gaming too and when his sister and her friend flaked for the evening we decided to try out our new found knowledge together.

    The Opener
    I had half promised him to show him around to my favorite bars but an idea popped into my head for an opener which was as simple as it was effective - "Hey, my friend here is up visiting for the weekend and we're pub hopping - if you were us, where would you head next?". They answer. "Yeah, I've been there a few times already, liked the vibe but we're looking for whatever" and the convo was on. The false time constraint was built in to the opener and it really lowered the AA to have an easy out, "sounds great, we're off".
    We opened two or three sets at the venue, hooked one with some cute chicks but decided the night was young and kept on going, heading to next recommended venue - another rock pub in old town.

    The Set
    On our way there we spotted this cute goth chick and decided to ask directions to the place we were heading. She told us she was heading there too but had to wait for her friends (obvious disinterest) but we were like "oh cool, we'll get to meet them too" and kept chatting her. We both displayed great humor and non-neediness and after a few minutes she decided to take us there. The venue wasn't really packed but I told her we should find a table real quick before it gets crowded - she agreed and we were in. A few minutes later her friends arrived, one AFC and one GORGEOUS HB 8. Cant really remember all of the conversation since although I tried to embed DHVs in my stories I wasn't really working with canned material. We got the two chicks to qualify by asking stuff like "So which one of you are the tallest?" "Who does the best make-up?" and such and then beat boxing while they kinda competed with each other - worked great since they were obvious rock chicks and teasing with hiphop references usually works great for comic effect. We also threw in the opener from before to FTC. By now we where both feeling great and AMOGed with body language, presence and holding court. Since the night was young and my friend really DID want to check out the town we decided to keep going, number closed the HB, facebooked the goth chick and the AFC and headed out. Got a nice ego boost out if too since they we're begging us not to go. In retrospect, should we have stayed? Maybe. But as I said, we were also trying to see the town.

    The Tall Ones
    From here we just kinda drifted around, opened sets here and there but none were really hooking until we stumbled across this 6,2" chick with dreads, HB 7 maybe, and I was like "can't lay of the tall ones" Dont remember what we opened with but I teased the chick a bit about her height and she must really have been feeling it since she sexualised right of the bat and we made out which I know is a rookie mistake but hey, I'm allowed a couple of those. By now it was getting late so I facebook closed the chick and we went home to sleep it off. All in all, couldn't have asked for a better start at somewhat informed game.

    Since then
    I've been out a few times by myself with surprisingly smooth results but since this post is getting fucking long I'll leave that story for another day. Hope you liked the read, and as always

    Have nice day

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    Damn, and you pull all that off after reading a couple guides? Congrats man. I've been doing this a month and I'm not even close to that smooth, good luck out there in the jungle.

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    Stratum: Heh, thanks dude. I guess I've never really had much problems talking to people, it's the actual flirting and closing that I've struggled with. I've been able to build attraction before but qualifying and complementing has always been a mystery to me. Most of the flow from that night just came from the awesome mood we were in and a pretty sizable amount vodka though. I'm hoping to get more consistent and being drunk all the time simply won't do.

    27/4 2012

    So Lonesome I could Cry
    As explained in my first post I've no one to sarge with (my previous wing lives 50 metric miles away) so if I'm gonna keep my momentum I'll have to go at it alone. Needless to say, for a rookie like me this is a completely different sport, but I went gym-tan-laundry, played my get-psyched-mix, put on fresh-to-death clothes and some awesome perfume and dragged my ass over to my favorite pub. I was nervous as shit so I went straight to the bar to down a couple of cold ones to snap out of it. Overheard a conversation some older dudes were having and started chatting with them just to get in a talkative mood, teased a little with the bartender who's a drop dead gorgeous HB9 but way out of my game for now. Stopped thinking of them as out of my league, no such thing. After a while I got my shit together and decided to open.

    The Opener
    This was the day that the high school kids got to put on their graduation caps for the first time so there were tons of kids all over the city going out celebrating with them on. As I was heading out for a smoke I went past a HB7 and her friend HB5 and opened with something in the lines of "Are you also out celebrating your high school graduation?" even though they were clearly a few years past that age and had no caps. This could of course have been a bit insulting but I had the most sincere look on my face and were body-rocking like a baoss and more importantly, the first thing you say doesn't really matter. They got a little defensive but I recovered pretty smoothly with some light kino and they started qualifying just a tad. I was still not hooked though so when their friend HB6 arrived with their drinks I did the "don't be rude, introduce me"-routine which kind of stunned them. Still not completely hooked I pointed at the only open table around and told them to sit down with me. I must have come of just a bit too bossy cause I had to keep stacking openers but at least they complied. As we sat down I ran the "you must be best friends, you make the same faces"-routine which finally hooked the set and I was in. Phew!

    The Attraction
    Well, by now we were sitting down and having a nice, civil conversation so I decided to start dropping DHVs. Since none of the girls really interested me I kinda just threw em out and had a bit of a hassle keeping them all engaged. One thing I noticed though was that people kind of instinctively listen up when they hear DHVs as I could be talking to the one next to me, spike DHV and the next thing I knew have the attention of all three. Social dynamics are awesome. When one of the girls asked me about my life though I kinda lost a bit of momentum and went on a much to boring tale of my recent years and the spikes were just not hitting home, resulting in massive DLV. The set was getting a little colder but I stuck it out and just had a good time with them, not thinking game for a while. Turns out they all knew each other from work and had another colleague incoming. She turned up maybe a half an hour later and I was like a shark sensing bait since I would have a fresh start with her with the added social proof of her entertained friends.

    The Bait
    Right of the bat the new girl (HB6) asked me to buy her a drink and I was like "Why the fuck should I, I've known you for 30 seconds" with a big smile. Just this simple act got her attracted and she started IOI:ing like crazy. I kept dropping DHVs and they all caught which felt awesome to be honest. This was the first time I consistently and knowingly used the "rules of the game" - the night in my previous post was mostly improvisation and an awesome vibe - and seeing it in effect just solidified my commitment to this PUA shit. I also used kino on all four girls and was just smooth enough for it not to be weird in the slightest for anyone but me. I've had this belief that once I touch a girls skin she will automatically explode on me or something so I was real proud of myself that I kinoed this much. This also put me in the frame of just a touchy, friendly guy, which helped lots with this new chick. I still am a bit at loss on complimenting women for the exact same reason as the kino so I mainly used touch to qualify her. By now it was getting late and frankly the girls were boring me to death so I decided to head on home. I had opened a few other sets during the night and felt pretty proud of myself so I realized I could just go for a kiss close and call it a night. Said and done I simply told one of them to give me a goodnight kiss, got it, hugged them all and bailed.

    The Down-Low
    I could definitely have used this set as my "base of operations" and the chicks as pivots to open a whole lot more sets and the fact that I didn't almost borders on being a rookie mistake. OH WELL. Still felt pretty good about the night and the fact that I was able to overcome my HUGE approach anxiety. Don't hesitate to ask any questions or PM me about anything and as always -

    Have nice day

  4. Your story sounds similar to mine. I'm 21 and since I was maybe 15 1/2 I have been in relationships bar like a total of 6 months so while all my friends were remaining as AFC's or learning how to pick up chicks, I was left in my comfort zone.

    I realised that, despite having been in 3 serious relationships each one came along through sheer luck and so I needed to develop my game to stop me being an AFC now I'm single.

    I told my friends lat week about the all the books I had been reading and explained the method to them and they either laughed or were skeptical but I don't care. I merely said I will prove them wrong. One difference is that you have clearly been more successful than me on your first few sarges.

    I think that I'm quite smooth with women when it comes to the A2 phase onwards. But I really struggle to get to those stages because I lack the ability to generate F2M interest and attraction. This is also crippled by a huge Approach Anxiety.

    But from your post it would appear that you are a natural at this sort of thing. If that's what you can achieve in this short period of time, you will be an expert in no time.

    Good luck on your travels

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    Donquixote: I don't think our stories are in any way unique - this is probably one of the most common paths to get in the game. If I'd have to give my two cents why it would probably be because we're definitely used to having sex on a regular basis and are thus more motivated to go out and seek it again but this time with a more open mindset and shunning commitment. That gives us some of the edge of the guys that actually learned this stuff in their teens and we're probably a lot closer to the right mindset than the average AFC. Being stuck in the comfort zone and now moving to a new city leaves me with next to no social circle so I've kind of had to force myself out there and just talk to people and get to know them. This also gave me an edge as I have no problem socializing and talking anymore. This lead next to nowhere romance-wise for me though and I wasn't sure why until I got to reading some PUA stuff.

    Basically, there's been a lot of swinging and missing in the past for me and I only write about the sets that hooked properly. In the night of my last post I must have opened at least 6 sets but only this one kept my attention and vice versa. I've also tried some of this stuff out in social situations. For example I always practice my openers with unknowing friends first by just throwing them in conversations and making a mental note of how well they kind of hooked.

    Day-game incoming
    Anyway, I've been inspired to try my hand at day-gaming and I'm gonna try to go with direct openers for this. Here in Sweden I'd probably get enough attraction from that to just go directly into qualifying as you must be pretty damn confident just going up and talking to strangers like that. I look healthy and I'd check social intuition of the list pretty quickly just by not being a douche or over-qualifying. The times I've seen "day-game" here the guys crashed and burned hard after opening by coming off way too hard and demanding but I've always been amazed by the first seconds of flattery and attention the girls would give. A fine example of this would be:

    AFC - "Hey girl, you're so beautiful!"
    HB - "Oh thanks! Made my day." Reacting to DHV: this guy has balls!
    AFC - "Yeah! We should totally have dinner right now! Give me your number!"
    HB - "Uhh, no way." Reacting to DLV: no social intuition

    This is a pretty common occurrence and the few times I've had the guts to do something similar that's pretty close to how it's gone down. It's weird to think that my pub-game has too little M2F while my (extremely rare) attempts at day-game has had way too much - how have I not connected the dots before? Anyway, hopefully I'll be writing a new journal by the end of this weekend on how my day-game went and perhaps a little pub-game too. Either way the end game will be to score a bunch of phone numbers since phone and text-game is a complete blank for me. Right now I'm just too swamped with studies to do anything. Fuck, this turned our to be a long one so I'll just wrap this up. See you guys later and as always

    Have nice day

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    Building social circle, finding a wingman and going Direct

    Hey guys, long time no post. I've had a couple of hell weeks with idiotic amounts of school and work, so I've had to put gaming on the shelf but this weekend I picked things up again. Had a real breakthrough in my social circle, too. This Friday I finally caught up with an old friend who turned out to just have gotten single again for the first time in a few years and is living with some buddies who are all serious players. None of them seem to be doing text-book game but they all seem to get around quite a bit. Anyway, I was invited to party with them and had a great time starting the night of with a barbeque - admittedly under a gray, rainy, Stockholm sky with the temperature down to 14 c but still a barbeque haha. One of the guys owns a boat so when their chicks turned up (four or five HB 8 or up, gorgeous chicks) we hopped on it and took a trip through the beautiful canals of my new home town. Unfortunately my game was completely off since I had literally been up all night finishing a take-home exam, resulting in more than a few face-palm inducing moments... Still, took my time to try out a few qualification routines and just had a great time.

    A wild Wingman appears!
    As few of you have seen and all of you have ignored I've been searching for a wingman here in Stockholm by posting on this forum and the sweseduction forum, previously to no avail. Finally someone sent me a PM and we decided to meet this Saturday at my favorite rock pub. I was actually really nervous since we hadn't talked much on the net so I really had no idea what level of game he had or what he wanted out of a wingman. Actually felt kind of like a blind date haha. Anyway, the guy turned out to be a pretty cool dude and we hit it off within a few hours. We just talked game theory and visited a few of our favorite places but it really took a while before we got the ball rolling. It was raining like a motherfucker so most of the usual spots were pretty empty. To add to that I felt a bit rusty not having been out for a few weeks and really nervous since I still didn't know what my new wingman-to-be expected of me game-wise. The effect was massive AA and neither of us were really feeling it to begin with.

    Had a bit of a revelation too: I like switching venues a lot. It just gets me in a more comfortable state to know that I'm on the move. It helps my body language a lot, it helps with FTC, and above all, if I blow a set out I don't have to feel like being stared at for whatever time it takes for me to open a new set whether or not that's actually true or not. So after about an hour of this, not really hooking any sets (opening a few but not really hitting our stride), my wingman says "fuck it, I'm going in deep":

    Wingman uses Direct Approach, it's Super Effective!
    I've never gone direct. I know I was hyping daygame in my previous post but until now I've completely pussied out when push came to shove. So seeing my new found friend just collecting his shit and going over to some pretty girl and saying that he thought she was hot and he wanted to say hi flipped some kind of switch in me. I was in awe. The set just melted and he opened them very smoothly. Sadly, he kinda collapsed into interview style questions and bailed. Still, the effect was obvious on his confidence and he told me that even though he blew the set he felt like a boss. I couldn't wait to try it myself.

    Before long I had found my first Direct target - a real stylish looking hb 7 brunette. As this was a few nights ago now I don't really remember the full conversation but I opened with somewhere in the lines of "Hey, me and my friend was just leaving, but I think you're mad cute so I just had to say hi." My body-language, tonality and all that sweet jazz was for right on par and she shone up like a bonfire.

    Some points:
    I could tell I made her a bit nervous tho so I immediately slowed the conversation down a notch and asked for her name. There's two points I want to add to that: The first is that a lot of guys seem to be forgetting that chicks are just as human as we are. If an attractive chick walked up to you out of the blue and told you she thought you were hot - would you not get nervous? This is a completely natural reaction yet some guys seem to interpret this as an IOD and let it fuck with their state of mind and their frame. The second point is I've heard time and time again that you should never ask for her name or introduce yourself early on. I find this is bullshit. I'm not saying you always have to do it, but it's a perfectly normal thing to do in a conversation, it's really useful to slow things down a bit and let you transition from a strong opener into a normal convo and even if you forget her name chances are she's not gonna remember your name either so asking for it again later on is really no big deal. If she actually makes it into a big deal just treat it like any other shit-test and score a free point.

    Wrapping up
    Since my new wingman and I hadn't really laid out any ground rules and this being the first night sarging together we didn't use each other for disarming friends so before long they pulled her away. Not really used to the situation I kinda just bailed. Still, opening direct had me feeling like a fucking fighter-jet made out of biceps (POWERTHIRST!!!). From here on out we kinda just hopped from venue to venue looking for sets to open. As I mentioned earlier it was raining heavily so there weren't a lot of them, but we opened a few more. The last memorable one was this cute hb7 I went direct on and had a real short convo before her friend pulled her away (almost snapped at her Tyler Durden style) but I got her number. Hardly had time for DHVing and did next to no qualification so I'm betting this one will flake, but it still felt nice. My wing and I made plans to meet up later this week so I'll get back to you guys with a more 'effective' night.

    Fuck, this turned out to be a mammoth post. Hope you still enjoyed the read even though it's unlikely you read all of it Anyway, talk to you guys later and as always

    Have nice day

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    Friday night lights

    Gonna try and keep this post shorter as I dont have a lot of time and more importantly because my posts have been getting fucking long recently and nobody comes here to read books.

    In short:

    Last night was -ok-. I met up with my wing from the previous post (Gonna call him Mr. A) and some random dude he had sarged with before (Lets call him Mr. E). We shared a couple of cold ones and I got to know E a little better. We were all noobs and it took some time for us to get over the AA. I noticed I was the first to open which just goes to show I've made some progress at least regarding social freedom. Opened 5 sets. Few, I know, but we wasted a lot of time on this dead end group of chicks but more on that later. No #-close and no k-close tonight though. Oh well. As per usual we did a lot of venue changing to keep us going, literally and figuratively.

    The Sets

    First one was a two set with two older chicks, real high class broads. Went direct and got blown out pretty much immediately. Shouldn't have gone direct but we were leaving the place and I just wanted to open and couldn't think of anything better. She immediately told me she had a BF and wished me a good night. I could tell from how cool she was about it that she really meant it, so I wished her the same and bailed. My two wings were right behind me and I think we kinda blew out the room the moment we entered (went straight to the bar, said Nahh, and was heading out the door again.)

    Second one was a three set by the bar of another venue. Went direct on a cute blonde, struggled to get a conversation going though and collapsed into interview. Bailed.

    Third set was a real time killer. After another venue change I went direct again on this two set with a cute blonde, maybe a few years younger than me. By now I had my BL under control and opened like a boss. Their expressions are always priceless when you go direct A came in to wing the other chick perhaps a little too soon as he kinda stole the attention of both, but I regained the attention of my target while he kept chatting the friend, so that's a win. After a quick convo they invited us to their table to their 3 other friends, two acceptably cute chicks and one landwhale. I was getting a fuckload of IOI's from my target so I started going for qualification, asking her what she was up to this summer. Turns out she was visiting her boyfriend in fucking Canada... Tried powering through it but it's like she just realized they were still together and she shut down a bit on me. OH WELL. Mr. A was still going strong with his target so I stayed to wing him but I was quickly getting bored with the chicks and Mr. E was going nowhere fast. I decided to check out the room to see what I could find.

    A Wild Emma Watson Appears!

    Headed to the bar to get a glass of water and spotted this chick across the room giving me the "lets fuck"-eyes and I shit you not, she could have been the lost twin of Emma Watson. Fucking gorgeous! Three second rule be damned, I was going to chat her up. I quickly went back to our set to tell Mr. A and Mr. E that I was gonna be gone for a while and went back to the bar to find her. Must have walked around for 45 minutes looking for her, but she had disappeared into thin air. I was so fucking bummed out. If I ever see her again, she is fucking mine. This reminds me why I am in the game, to practice practice practice so that when chicks like this comes along, I'll know exactly how to act and talk to get my awesome personality across and ultimately land a high quality girlfriend.

    Fourth set was thee law-students (I think), real cute, petite blonde chick. Went direct, she really bought it and her friends really dropped their jaws by my balls Heavy kino right of the bat so I could have made out with her any second. That's not what I'm looking for though, I was just trying to build up a lot of sexual tension and not release it (Liam McRae stuff, natural lifestyles.) which worked like a charm, real fun too. The set blew when some of their friends came and literally dragged her out of my arms. I was so chocked I didn't act on it, just stood there like what the fuck just happened LOL

    Fifth set
    Real quick one. Two slightly older middle-eastern chicks. Pretty cute. Opened with "Do you want to buy a kitten?" (Outside a crowded bar at 01:45 lol) and joked and teased with them for a couple of minutes, getting shit-test after shit-test and dodging them like a boss. Good times. The conversation died out though and I blanked out so I bailed.

    Lessons learned
    I don't even know. Too tired. I feel this was just XP-grinding, no lvling Heading out again tonight so I'll talk to you guys tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed the read and as always ~

    Have nice day

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    Machine Fuckin' Head, HB8 blonde

    Me and a friend went to a concert this Thursday and after we chatted up a couple of guys and a hot blonde chick and took them back to his apartment for an after party. The guys were total chodes to her but one of them was actually a pretty cool guy and they were both sweet dudes to hang out with. Anyway, worked hard on dropping DHV stories, qualification and above all just building sexual tension with the chick which worked like a charm, could have had her right there on the spot but I had to go home and study for a hand-in exam that was due the next day. Fuck! She added me on facebook though and I'm working on a day two.

    I HATE that drinking gets you drunk, HB8 goth

    I love drinking, I love the taste of a good beer or a redbull/vodka, but now I've fucked up a potential SNL because of it.

    Last night I was out with Mr A. We had a slow start and decided to check out some new places, one of which was this metal spot that I hadn't visited yet. Met up with some friends and opened a real friendly HB8 goth-chick. We chatted on and of the entire night and I definitely built tension, text-book game. When I went for the close tho (which wasn't even a big move, been kinoing like a boss) she drops the BF line. I can't believe my ears, I've been talking to her and building attraction and tension for the better part of two hours and it's like she's suddenly remembering she's not available. Girls are crazy. Anyway, took it well and said "Don't worry, keep my number for a rainy day. I'm not one to get bitter but you know I want more than friendship, just being honest" which warmed her up a bit more and I can keep gaming her another day. I think what caused it was that I was too drunk to calibrate 100% and she got a little bit freaked. I think I did a sweet job minimizing the damage tho. Don't think I've seen the last of her.

    Still no sign of the Emma Wayson clone Hope you enjoyed the read and as always ~

    Have nice day

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    Oneitis hits you hard bro

    So I've spent most of the summer in love. Crippling, agonizing, blinding, buttfucking, heart breaking love. Haven't gamed for weeks and tbh I'm feeling pretty shitty about myself at the moment so I'm just gonna take some time now to fix what's refered to here as inner game by meditating, drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee and chatting up cute chicks for the sake of chatting and nothing else. I will be back tho. For some reason I've gotten alot of PMs and stuff since I've been away and I'm gonna try to answer them all tomorrow or something. Just letting you know for now that I'm alive and soon enough I'll be none the worse for wear

    Have nice day
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    Hey man! Just wanted to say that your FR is awesome!! I can relate to a lot of those situations you were describing, and it just made me LOL hahahhahaha
    Hope you get back in the game soon dude!

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