Might be time to end things
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    Might be time to end things

    Last thursday (4/26) I had a fight with my gf about what I do not even know. She had called me up an I was kinda tired so not talking much an this bothered her. She told me that I was replacable. I responded by saying I know I am, this pissed her off an she hung up on me. I texted her an told it her was rude of her to say that to me. She claims she was joking.
    I played along with her little game of apology just not to deal with her shit at the moment. She claims I hurt her so bad an nothing is the same anymore. I dont even know wtf shes talking about keep in mind this broad is 26.
    She texts me yesterday an tells me that things arent the same an it feels wierd. I told her well do you want me or someone else. Her response was idk. She then told me she will probally cool down by this thursday. I have never had a gf take two weeks to cool down. I decided to test a little bit, an said to her i think things are going to work work, she responded by telling me if you say so.
    Idk if this is some immature test of hers to see if ill stick around through her shit or if she really out contemplating somebody else. Im unsure if I should end it now, or wait till she is calm an sit her down an end things calmly. Iv been cheated on before an w.e but this immaturaty iv never really dealt with before.

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    Tell her she can take as long as she wants to cool down but you can't guarantee that you'll be available when she's ready.

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    sounds like she's PMSing - u need to learn how to get through these episodes with dignity

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    PMS doesn't take 2 weeks. When you ask your gf if she wants you or someone else and her answer is "idk", something's wrong.

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