Finally got laid - I didn't feel much - did she cum?
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  1. Finally got laid - I didn't feel much - did she cum?

    I finally got laid. It was on the 3rd date, and there was no LMR at all. I did it, guys!!!!!
    My first question is whether you think she enjoyed it, and how to tell if she came. We spent about 30-40 min in foreplay, and I slooowly moved down her body kissing and licking various parts. Then I licked her clitoris while trying to finger her g-spot and she was moaning and groaning and screaming my name within a few minutes. After she got quieter, we kissed, cuddled a bit, then I did it again. Same deal from her, moaning, groaning, yelling my name, and eventually she subtly moved my hand away from her vagina, which I took as an indication that she was done. The vagina felt wet inside, but it wasn't dripping onto my bed. The 2nd time I felt it really clench hard, but not the first. I don't think I felt any rhythmic pulsations either time, I dunno for sure though. Does it sound like she came, or at least enjoyed it hella much? Or could she have been putting on a show for me?
    Then we had sex. I was wearing an ultra-thin, but I basically felt nothing. We tried various positions and the only time I felt anything was her on top. However it took 45 min for me to cum and I only felt anything like the last minute. Toward the end I didn't even try to prolong the pleasure because I thought I might lose the feeling, so I just came as quick as I could. After some cuddling, I got hard again and we tried to fuck again, but I couldn't cum any more even from jacking off.
    This is my first time laying a girl in my entire 27 years, so I am thinking that either I built sex up too much, or maybe I am too used to the vice grip of my fist. Is sex supposed to be pleasurable for the whole time you are fucking? Does it get better with practice? Do you have any advice? BTW, her body totally turned me on and I felt kind of an emotional connection with her, so that wassnt a problem.

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    It was the condom.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by skelecy
    It was the condom.
    So, assuming I will be wearing a condom most times I have sex, what are my options?

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    Try different brands until you find one that allows you to feel something. It's never going to feel that great with a condom. You'll just have to live with it and get head first.

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    i agree, its probably the condom. i also think it could be ur nerves. i used to have the same problem until i learned to relax a bit and just enjoy it. i say dont focus so much on whether ur good or not, keep ur mind on the passion, the fun ur having, etc. ur nerves can make it very hard to get off. I understand where ur coming from tho, i used to have the same problem. u just gotta relax, and enjoy yourself.
    just learn to enjoy the experience. im sure she is too. it sounds like u have no worries.
    but all in all, congrats on losing your virginity, bro.

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    1) you'll get used to the feeling of the condom. especially since it was the first time that had a lot to do with not cumming
    2) Since you're so used to the kung-fu grip of your hand, that reduces pleasure as well. Try to beat off lses or use a weaker grip.

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    Consider becoming a switch hitter. On your lefty days, it even feels like someone else's hand as an added benefit.

  8. I have this exact same problem. Without a condom it's slightly better but still not great. I don't have a small penis, it's fine. The women are groaning with pleasure, and I'm there thinking "so... is this it?".
    I can "self-sex" fine (what a horrid phrase) but I swear I'm not getting the pleasure that 99% of the other guys are getting.
    It's actually caused problems in the bedroom because I can't cum. I can bang away for several hours, and still not feel anywhere close. I have to reassure whoever I'm with that it's "not them" and that "it's happened before", but it really has affected my sex drive.
    I'm not circumcised (which can cause loss of sensation) but really don't know what to do or where to turn :-/
    edit: yeah sounds like she came, so don't worry about it. If she didn't the first time she def did the second time by the sounds of it.

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    Thanks for the thread guys, I'm in the exact same "this is it?" situation as Replica... it's really getting me down. Have either of you gotten over whatever was holding you back?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Perfect Dark
    Thanks for the thread guys, I'm in the exact same "this is it?" situation as Replica... it's really getting me down. Have either of you gotten over whatever was holding you back?
    Yeah I have. I've done her on 8 different occasions now and it keeps getting better. I think I've found how to get myself off with a girl's body, which helps. Plus she is a lot more open and comfortable now that she knows me better, which makes it more fun. I screwed her last night. She was riding me and cumming so hard she was literally dripping sweat onto my chest. It was sooo hot. I blew it real fast, then we fucked some more and I couldn't blow again but it still felt really good. Then did it again this morning. Sex is funner and funner!


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