Nick Hoss Phone Consultation May 2nd 2012

I had an awesome phone consultation with Nick Hoss on Wednesday.

First of all before I dive into the nitty gritty of the call let me say that talking to Nick is like talking to your big brother. He has this awesome ability to make you feel at ease so you can ask your questions in an informal and open way that you would ask a big brother for advice.

No matter what your question and how simple it is, Nick would not judge you even if your questions are basic.

I have attended a few day game workshops and even helped out on a couple but I found that I was experiencing some conversational sticking points.

Nick had me email him my questions before so he could discuss them when I called. One of the questions I had was I really wanted to hear how an interaction goes from beginning to end. Nick role played (I was the girl) and it was amazing how easily and free flowing he conversed, never boring the conversation, yet showing his value and qualifying.

What struck me most is how easily he was able to move from topic to topic. My prior style was a bit intense but he showed me how to keep it light and fun and at the same time talking about things that showcases your value, leaving some of the more intense stuff for dates.

He also gave me tips on story telling and told me a story about NYC that was simply amazing. Using what he told me I can now craft my own stories in a more emotional way.

Nick was also generous in that he went over the allotted time.

I really like his style and I think even guys who are advanced could learn a ton from him.

Most importantly , Nick is a really cool and great guy. I had the pleasure of meeting him twice in NYC but this was the first time I did any work with him. He does feel like your best buddy and big brother rolled into one!

Thanks Nick,