Question: switching to not using alcohol
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    Question: switching to not using alcohol

    Hi all, has anyone had the experience of being from a dirnking culture and switching to not drinking when you go out at night? I've been doing that lately and found it rreally hard to get into the right energetic state... tips?

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    I had to give up drinking for nearly a year (health issues). I got very antisocial as a result. I went through what alcoholics call PAWS (Post Addiction Withdrawal Syndrome). Giving up booze and maintaining social anything is hard. Much of my issue was that I relied on alcohol to numb my dislike for certain people/events. I was in a relationship when I stopped drinking, and I was reliant on booze to put up with her friends who (once sober) I found incredibly annoying, and I was also reliant on booze to tolerate nightclubs/dancing (I loathe both).

    How does any of this relate to your question? You're going to want to hit more coffee shops and such. I recommend reading up on Daygame, because if you're off the booze for some reason, I don't know how anyone puts up with a nightclub/loud bar. Take up a sport. Workout more. Study more. You'll have to take the initiative and beat everyone to the punch in terms of suggesting activities- if everyone is into going to bars, you're going to have to try to get them into day time activities before night time plans are made (night=alcohol).

    If you must go out at night, I recommend Kava, it comes in an eyedropper, you can buy it at any vitamin shop. It eases anxiety. make sure it's only from the root/rhizome, stem/leaf/whole plant sources are hepatotoxic.

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    Good advice bro, coincidentally I have started day gaming (check out my journal under FR's). You're right, nightclubs are pretty abrasive sober. However I want to have alround night and day game, so I'll have to learn to tolerate it at some point

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    I went off booze for about 2 months and went to clubs about 6 times during that period. It's a bit weird at first cause everything that people find funny and interesting will be stupid/boring to you.

    By the third time, I told myself the goal was to not give a fuck and simply have fun. If I saw a bunch of drunk people, I'd go hang with 'em and try to see the humour in what they did (watching drunk people when you're sober can be ridiculously fun). I've closed at a club sober and some of the best moments I've had at clubs happened when I was sober.

    I think better and react to situations better when sober. Also, my friend and I did a night game challenge and were sober so that kinda got us used to the whole experience.

    That said, being drunk at night IS fun and I highly encourage it!

    p.s no I'm not underage. Thank you Lord for Alberta.

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    i am a strong believing that you can drink as long as your not drinking for the wrong reasons, all depends on your mindset.... drinking or using alcohol to hit on girls=not good, drinking to have fun and not give a shit on who you talk to= good

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    Solution found: 2x redbull as your first drinks. Talkative state achieved

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    I was just going to say that. I rarely drink at all. Drunk so much when I was between 15 - 19 that I am off put by it now. However redbull all night and 200mg caffein tablets from holland and barret keep me going when I am out at night.

  8. maybe try just drinking one or two instead of the usual 6-12?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ParadoxEnigmatic View Post
    maybe try just drinking one or two instead of the usual 6-12?
    if only I had that discipline haha, and its not 6-12, its 15-???!?.

    I've been 3 weeks without a drink, noticed health improvement and more drive to do daygame, which I am so all about right now

    The 3 or 4 times I have gone out I've applied the redbull theory. good upside is that I can drive when i'm out so if the bar is not target rich my mates can get fucked cos I'm cruising somewhere else haha

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    very nice.

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